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Zayed U niver sity

F inal Pr oject – Altr uism in the Shopping M all Psy 212 – Psychology in Ever yday L ife M ar iam – H amda – H ind - M ouza


Introduction Helping others is not an obligation that we humans are forced to do, but it is a way for individuals in a society to relate to each other. Replying to someone with a question, emergency or request is a way to express politeness, care and responsibility. A normal scenario when asking for help, is when people ask about directions in public places. How people react to other people will be the important aspect of our experiment. Hypothesis As a local Emirati’s, we wanted to see how people will react toward us when we ask foreigners about directions, and how Emirati’s will react when being asked about direction from foreigners. So we selected Mariam and Hind from our group to represent the Emirati part of our experiment and an Indonesian Female to represent the foreigner part that has been done in Mirdiff City Center in Dubai. We expected that Emirati’s will be helpful and polite to foreigners, and foreigners will be helpful toward Emirati’s, because there is no reason for not helping each other since we are living in one society. Result s

All foreigners reactions were very helpful towards the locals. They were answering and giving directions with a smile. One of the foreign women we asked, offered her help to take us to the exact place we asked her about, and she was trying to speak in Arabic so we could understand her. In contrast, the Indonesian Female who was asking local people for directions faced the opposite. The local people were not helpful at all; most of their reaction was ignoring her and passing beside her with out any kind of communication. Some of the local answered her, but none was helpful to her. What shocked us about the result that we as local, we were respected by the foreigners, and every one was trying to help us even if they were not sure about the correct directions. But the foreign female “Indonesian female” was disrespected and not appreciated by any of the locals, and she was not asking for much. From our observation we notices that people ignored her because she was wearing a maid clothes, and the local could guess that she was a maid. Conclusion In conclusion after the study that we did in Mirdiff city center. We noticed that foreigners respected us , and answered our questions even if the answer was wrong, but unfortunately when the “Indonesian female” asked for direction locals simply ignored her. Us as psychology students were very disappointed with locals ignoring the “Indonesian female”. As a modern society, we should treat other the way we want to be treated, it doesn’t mean if the Indonesian female is just a maid and that she is poor we ignore her..! Still she is a human being, she has feelings…but the confusing question why did not the foreigners ignore the local girl when they were asking for direction…??

Altruism in the Shopping Mall  

experiment in the shooping mall