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The rise of Fashion blogs in the UAE

Blogs are more like a daily fashion newspaper that constantly provide advice on the latest trends, and their ideas and opinions about them. The online fashion bloggers are here to provide and deliver fashion topics to the online viewers in the Middle East, whether they posted runway pictures of the latest shows in Paris or how people are dying to get the Chanel maxi caviar bag. Fashion blogs have become an important part of the fashion industry in the Middle utterhotshoes, Myshoes&I, East and it is the new inuence style Myfashdiary,Fashiongossip10, for the next generation. Fashion-hermit, and Fustany those are the most famous fashion blogs in the UAE according to Harpers Bazaar Arabia. Over the past year, then number of fashion bloggers in the UAE has grown and gained a huge audience throughout the Middle East. Fashion bloggers are constantly updating their blogs with entries of different fashion clothing, events, celebrities, runway trends, fashion items, accessories and many more fashion related topics to bring the most recent fashion news to their viewers. Fashion blogs is a type of websites that is maintained by a person who updates the blog with different entries that cover the fashion industry, clothing and


personal style.

Fashion bloggers are making a success all over the world; companies around the UAE are advertising all over fashion blogs after the great achievement of blogs throughout the gulf region. Fashion blogs are becoming the newest way to get your information and advice on the latest fashion trends around the world. Fashion blogs in the UAE have already proven their success from the number of followers they have gained because of their passion for the fashion industry. Many Fashion bloggers are normal people who live normal lives and they are not necessarily fashion editors, or fashion writers.

Fashion bloggers can range from any age, and can have any occupancy from a student, to a worker, and they can have the passion to blog about the fashion industry. Myshoes&I blogger is an engineering student at the American University of Sharjah, aged 19 who had started blogging about her favorite shoes and then she moved onwards to blog about different aspects in the fashion industry. Another blogger Butterhotshoes who is a Dental surgery student at the University of Sharjah aged 21, who started blogging about fashion because she felt that her passion for fashion was trapped since she started studying Dentistry. So Fashion Bloggers don’t necessarily have to be professional fashion editors or writers, they can freely write their thoughts about the fashion industry Fashion bloggers in the UAE want to introduce the fashion world of the Middle East to many people around the world, so many people are curious about the way the Arabs dress in the Middle East, so the blogs are here to educate people of how fashion advanced the Middle East is. The UAE fashion industry is growing rapidly and evolving, and the fashion bloggers are determined to educate people about the trendy fashion styles.


This is a magazine assignment done for a web class.

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