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Studio: 941.362.1957


Owner & Photographer Maria considers herself a lucky person because each day she gets to do the job she loves. She embraces a challenge whenever it presents itself, either in the field or in the studio. Often times you may see her moving about, rearranging furniture or adjusting the lighting just to make an image that much more satisfying to her clients. Her love and passion for photography are evident the moment you meet Maria. You will find her work in many professional contexts, including websites, brochures and business cards, as well as in social media.


Photo Restoration Digital Services We are based in Sarasota, Florida and we welcome clients from anywhere. Although we do recommend you stop by so that we can determine what we need to do. You can also ship your precious photos via FEDEX. Be sure to wrap your photographs very carefully, and tell us what we can do for you. We can give you a free estimate. Digital photo restoration uses digital image editing techniques to remove visible damage or aging effects from photographs. It can also be used to remove blemishes, fix colorcasts, or even change the photo entirely. Every photo has its limits, but we try to adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels to bring out the greatest amount of detail in your photo. We can also work from photos from your cell phone, iPad, or your digital files from your camera. If you have photographic memories that you want to pass on to future generations, bring the photo(s) to us so that we can ensure it’s longevity. We will restore or manipulate your photo(s) and have it printed on highquality photographic paper. We can also create Holiday Cards, Greeting Cards, Albums from your own photographs. Here are some samples of the work that we can do for you and or a friend. We look forward to bringing life to your memories.

Studio: 941.362.1957


PHOTO RESTORATION This original ambrotype photograph had faded and had mild damage. Client wanted to make a 16 x 20� print. After cleaning the image, we extended the background and made it to fill the frame.


Studio: 941.362.1957


COLOR CORRECTION This image was taken in 1960 or so. The photograph faded from the original tones. Client wanted to bring the color back to the image. Using Lightroom and Photoshop various techniques were able to do just that, bring color back to life.


Studio: 941.362.1957


WATER DAMAGE REPAIR This image was in a photo album, and unfortunately had water damage and pages were stuck together. Client brought the photo, and we were able to retouch the extensive damage. We were able to bring detail to the white dress. As well as recreate parts of the car.


Studio: 941.362.1957



REMOVAL OF SUBJECT(S) The original image had one too many. We were asked to remove the little girl in the center. We did just that.

Studio: 941.362.1957


DAMAGED PHOTOGRAPH The emulsion had cracked and parts of this photo were just missing entirely. We were able to repair the damage, keep the sepia tone, and make prints for our client.


Studio: 941.362.1957



PHOTO RESTORATION We love working on old photos from the 1800’s. This particular photograph was faded and had cracks and details were lost. We were able to bring some of the detail and restore the image so that one could see the faces.

“My History, My Life” Photo Restoration Distinguished Award Florida Professional Photographers

Association 2016

Studio: 941.362.1957


IMAGE CREATION Every client has a different need. In this case, the original did not have enough information on their beloved pet. As you can see here, we were able to make something out of nothing. Client was extremely happy to be able to make a larger print to keep as a cherished memory.


Studio: 941.362.1957


REMOVAL OF SUBJECT(S) This job was special to us. Someone important in my client’s life had passed away. They only had one photo of this gentleman, and it was in a family group. We were able to photograph the original portrait and remove the others to make a 11x14� print. The print was on display during the funeral services.


Studio: 941.362.1957


CUSTOM COLLAGE FROM CLIENT IMAGES We always enjoy making something special for others. This job, the client had both iPhone photos and files from a digital camera. After matching the colors, white balance and retouching some of the images we were able to make the requested 11x14� collage.


Studio: 941.362.1957


PRINTS FROM A VIDEO This client set the camera in video mode inadvertently while on vacation. He needed to have prints of his vacation in Alaska. We were able to accomplish this task by using our technical skills.


Studio: 941.362.1957


Commonly Asked Questions


Q: I have a photo from the

1800’s, can you make a large print from it?

A: Yes, we usally can make a larger

print from your original photo. We recommend that you bring us your photograph to see what you have in mind.

Q: I have a very small photo, can you make it bigger?

A: Yes, we certainly can. However, it

is best for us to see it to determine how large we can realistically go. Sometimes we take a photograph of a wallet size print, and make it to a 16x20 print. It all depends of the quality of the original print.

Q: Do you work with my

A: Yes, we can. We use the latest in

digital software and techniques in order to bring your photo back to life.

Q: I have several photos and I want to make a collage.

A: W e can photograph each of your

photographs, (sometimes people have original digital files), and we can then design a custom size collage.

Q: How long does it take? A: D epending on the amount of images and the amount of damage, it can take 1 to 2 weeks.

Q: I have a memory card with photos that are blue.

A: This sounds like you had your camera

original photo(s)?

A: N o, we do not. We typically

photograph you original(s) and work from a digital file. This gives us more control to repair the image and therefore, provide you with a high quality result.

Q: I have a photograph that

the color is faded. Can you make it so that it looks more natural?

set incorrectly. You can bring us your files, and we can color correct them for you.

Q: I took videos on my vacation

and I thought I had taken photos. Can you make prints from my videos?

A: A bsolutely we can make prints from

your videos. Bring us your camera, memory card or cd. We will take care of the rest.

Studio: 941.362.1957


DIRECTIONS TO OUR STUDIO Studio : 941.362.1957 1055 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 110A, Sarasota, FL 34236 Please note that Google Maps puts our studio at another location. Please use the directions below.

We are located in the back of SABA PLAZA (see green camera on map), at the northeast corner of U.S. 41 and Bahia Vista Street. We recommend parking in the back of the building. Please enter via Bahia Vista Street Entrance (see blue bus on map) next to the Circus Conservatory tent. Driveway directly accross from Panera’s. Drive toward the building with the green awning and rooftop. When facing the building, look to your left for #1055. We are immediately to the right once inside.




Brewer Pl.

Dr .

Irving St.

S. Tamiami Trail

Brewer Pl.

Sarasota Conservancy Bahia Vista St.

Bahia Vista St.


Studio: 941.362.1957

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