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Individual consumers are responsible for the largest part of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care as Polluttants contained in drinkable water, most of which comes from medical waste and personal care products. Along with animal manure, this causes a dangerous amount of hormones in the water, which can cause infertility and sexual mutations in both animals and humans.

Day #6: focus on water : save and do not pollute it with toxins.

Feedback from previous participants

World population is growing extremely fast, particularly in developping countries. This means increasing need for food, infrastructures, services, water, and therefore higher Co2 emissions.

Day #7: focus on community. Reflect on how personal actions affect others. Share the experience, strenghten the social network.

People who have previously tried the experiment have come forward on the No Impact Blog to express positive experiences. They proudly share results and call themselves happy to have gained something and partially prevented harm to the environment. The experiment is a chance to see what a difference one person can have in his own quality of life. By giving up certain modern conveniences, society could be happier and save time and money. One participant, Joe Kissel, wrote this after using a self-propelled lawn mower: “when I got done and looked back over my lawn I was overcome with a feeling of happiness. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it was because I had gotten some exercise while not sucking in fumes. Or maybe because I was doing something good while not having to do any measurable amount of extra work�. n