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Press kit 2013

It’s an outlaw holiday, it’s mardi gras, it’s a masquerade, it’s a pagan orgy, a street festival in a Latin city where the angels and demons are as drunk as the gods... That, or it’s just the spirit of youth: playing games, going for rides, and cramming as much junk food as you can into a carefree evening, overawed and excited. Our advice: ignore the puppet booth, head straight for the laser tag. Carnival is this, and much more. Keep reading to find out.

The name Carnival offers the imagery of a duality in which the borderline is often unclear. Similar to the ‘s’ curve of the yin and yang which implies motion; a non static recognition of difference within a single entity. That entity is life. Celebrating life is Carnival. Carnival is an electro-hiphop band consisting of four members: Shane Christensen of the USA (raps), Federico Maladrino of Italy (keyboards, mix), Anton Stoeger of Germany (drums), and Jack Boyd of England (vocals). With beats that bump the heart awake, basslines that vibrate the body-rock, and lyrics that teleport the listener to a conscious dimension, Carnival takes you on a musical ride that you can slump, head knock, make love to, or run around raving.

Federico has been in the music industry for more than 10 years and has gained knowledgeable insight by working for Italian production studio ‘Bliss’, the record label behind 90’s sensation Eiffel 65. He is responsible for the discovery and success of Italian pop band dARI. Based in Italy, he is now an established independent producer.

Coming from very different musical backgrounds, but sharing professionalism, a great deal of experience in the music scene, and a love for new musical adventures, the four members have decided to embark on a ride that will mix West Coast hip hop with Europop, in a new medium that brings together traditional pop songs, remixes, rap and memorable choruses. In the world of social struggle, rocking parties bring people together. Four international musicians combine their talent and passion to create a sound with a fresh vibe and conscious content. From relationships to political opinions, Carnival not only reflects the world around us, it changes it one song and one party at a time. Energizing club nights and arthouse gigs with live shows punctuated by fourth wall beakthroughs, electrifying performances, pounding beats, and bouncing crowds.

Shane is a California native, Helsinki resident, and has been performing for the past 6 years in California, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, and Italy.

Thanks to Federico’s experience and contacts in the Italian music market, although the band has

been officially together for just a few months, they have already played a headline gig for international brand ‘Tiger’ - whose footage and media you can check out on our YouTube channel. Equally, due to the project’s international nature, Carnival is already in conversation with significant contacts in the Chinese and US market to organise future tours in Summer and Autumn 2013. The Beta versions of the songs of the ‘Summer/ Spring 2013 Collection’ are the vanguard of Carnival music production, and the band is already working on an album that will be released in September 2013. At the moment the band is looking for contacts and support in the UK, in order to take the Carnival to the streets of London, as well as the rest of the world.

Jack has been the lead singer of Folk-Rock band Francis & Boyd for the past two years, creating three EPs, playing at London’s most reputable indie venues and gaining the respect of the British folk scene.

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Anton is a classically trained drummer and has toured several countries with various bands and orchestras. His playing is full of energy, dynamic and able to connect different music styles: electro-dance beats with funky hip hop beats. He collaborated with Fede for ten years in Alt-Rock band The Mainstream and produced two albums.

And download our songs from the Party Crew Area:

Stage Plan

Bookings UK and US Marialia / mob. 00-44-7899-077117 Northern Europe Maiju / mob. 00-35-8405711702 Southern Europe Dave / mob. 00-39-3930665415 China Ady / mob. 00-86-13585715952

Carnival press kit 2013  
Carnival press kit 2013  

Carnival is a four-piece electronic outfit from the US, Italy, Germany and the UK. If you wanna find out more about this growing music proje...