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Program Goals l


 2.7% of RDT&E  11 participating DoD agencies

g  Stimulate technological  innovation  Use small business to meet  Federal R&D needs  Foster and encourage  participation by minorities and  disadvantaged persons in  technological innovation h l i li i  Increase private‐sector  commercialization innovations  d i d f derived from federal R&D  f d l R&D


 0.35% of RDT&E  6 participating ti i ti DoD agencies

p  Funds cooperative R&D between  small businesses and research  Institutions  Create vehicles to move ideas  from research institutions to  market  Enable researchers to pursue  commercial application of  l l f technologies  Bridge funding gap between basic  research and commercial product h  d  i l  d t

DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A – Unclassified, Unlimited Distribution

2014_04-11 Department of Defense, Air Force (DoD-AF)  

2014 KY SBIR/STTR Annual Conference, Session 5, David Sikora (DoD-AF)

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