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IS YOUR CITY, REGION OR COUNTRY A MEDICAL TOURISM DESTINATION OF DISTINCTION? Apply now to be featured in Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction. The new lifestyle and health travel magazine, Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction, will feature 3 destinations in each quarterly issue. Medical tourism destinations around the world are beginning to realize that establishment of a health and wellness tourism destination brand directly contributes to increased effectiveness and efficiency in how health and wellness tourism destinations compete and present themselves. Health and wellness destinations focus their messages to targeted audiences from referral markets about their differentiating strengths and leverage the combined power of health and wellness destination stakeholder resources to establish their competitive identities. Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction featured cities are those that break through the clutter and noise of “me too” marketing to become well known and easily recognized because they stand for something of special significance to the targeted audience. They project exceptional and irresistible reasons that the consumer should think of them first and only, and as being worthy of their consideration for being different and representing greater health and wellness tourism value than other choices. While not a city, Disney World destinations are an excellent model for a health and wellness tourism destination seeking to distinguish itself. Disney has one overarching message, “family freedom” that guides everything the do to give life essence to the Disney World brand. This message is embedded in everything from theme park to restaurant, to hotels, to shopping outlets, and begins prior to arrival at the theme park destination. It shapes their staff grooming and conduct, security services, and services to the disabled guests, ground transfers from the parks to the hotels and other outlets and even to consideration for family pets. A featured “place” in Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction will have a similarly organized brand platform. It can be a city, a region, a state, or a whole country. Eligibility: A featured Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction can be one that is focused on a distinctive reputation in one or more of the following areas of concentration: surgery, dentistry, diagnostic evaluation, clinical trials, thermal springs, thalassotherapy, dialysis tourism, rehabilitation treatments, transplants, stem cell therapies, new procedures and new ways of using medical technology implemented there, spa and wellness concentrations, or a particular specialty in health or wellness tourism. A Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction is not an individual clinic or hospital. Our editorial team will consider a candidate destination where there is only one clinic or hospital involved in medical tourism if the destination or hospital has a globally-renowned brand reputation for treating and attracting health and wellness tourism patients.

Application Criteria: You must submit your application letter of interest to our editorial team along with a packet of background information that includes the following Attachments and Exhibit documents: 1. A letter signed by the mayor, governor or senior regional or national elected official who has endorsed and provided support for an organized market entry to become or maintain a position as a Medical Tourism Destination of Distinction. Let’s face facts: If your key elected officials are not invested in and committed to your development and growth as a medical tourism destination of distinction, it is highly unlikely that you are one. From this top-down leadership, all other public officials and private sector stakeholders take their roles and responsibilities and set aside resources to make it happen. 2. A list of public sector and private sector stakeholders that have committed support for the medical tourism destination and are willing to be interviewed. The list shall include name, title, organization name, and full telephone and electronic and postal address contact information. The list can include hospital and clinic executives, physicians and dentists, facilitators, destination management companies, tour operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs, attraction owners and managers, bankers, urban and regional planning officials, education officials, tourism officials, health and safety officials, airport managers, airline executives, public transit officials, and/or marketing consultants that have assisted in the planning and execution of your destination development strategy. Each has a story to tell from their perspective and we will interview as many as possible and include highlights from each in the 12-page feature spread. 3. A comprehensive list of distinctive tangible benefits, strengths, attractions and assets of the destination that are valued by customers. Your list should include a brief summary description of the strengths that describe that which the destination has or does best. These may include things like interesting permanent exhibits at museums, ski resorts, spas, thalasso and balneotherapy resorts, wineries, gastronomy, religious tourism attractions, gardens, paths, and other assets that give health and wellness tourism visitors a unique destination core experience of the medical tourism destination’s authentic character. 4. A summary statement that indicates the emotional essence or theme of a destination, such as enrichment, well-being, health, romance, escape or adventure, among others. 5. A summary statement of the medical tourism destination’s belief about its significance, cache, prestige and bragging rights that people claim

associated with their visit. These are relative to visitors’ self esteem and positive recognition that visitors take home which are associated with the medical tourism destination. 6. A summary statement of the health and wellness tourism destination’s personality traits and how it is categorized as glamorous, industrious, creative, artsy, healthful, sporty, fun, historic, conservative, or something else. 7. A summary of the destination’s value principles. These are the principles that local residents and businesses and government have committed to uphold. These are the values by which locals want their visitors to identify with and support, such as environmental stewardship and sustainability, public safety and CPTED, forward thinking, smart city development, walkability, and other similar principles. 8. A list and summary of medical tourism destination credentials. Credentials evolve from association with events, celebrities, of even favorable media reviews that give visitors a peace of mind and level of trust that make the choice of your destination more compelling to fulfill their needs and objectives. These might include, but are not limited to achievements, media acknowledgments, historical facts, celebrity or industry expert endorsements, or sites of important events each year. These reasons to believe indicate authenticity, and offer a defensible point of differentiation and distinction. These credentials are at the heart of what health and wellness tourism visitors really think about your destination. 9. A statement that describes the health and wellness tourism destination’s essence. The essence is the DNA code from which the health and wellness tourism destination’s narrative in our featured spread will evolve. This is the basic building block that the destination has used to glue its overarching health and wellness destination of distinction theme together and holds all destination experiences and messages. We will use this essence in our feature article in order to maintain consistency with your existing marketing and promotional campaigns. This statement should encapsulate what Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction are about. 10. A cover letter that describes the health and wellness tourism destination’s assurances that are embedded in

the destination’s behavior as a whole. It articulates what your medical tourism destination of distinction wants to be known for, and what visitors can expect. The cover letter will focus on describing the destination’s customer-centric thinking rather than self-interest and parochialism. It will instead focus on how the destination maintains relevance, competitiveness, and positions itself as a compelling health and wellness tourism choice for its targeted audience of consumers. The premier issue will be published in March 2017. Future issues will be published in July, October and December 2017. We anticipate readership will grow to about 30,000 in the first year and continue year-over-year growth thereafter. All issues in 2017 will be digital and subscriptions will be free of charge for the inaugural year. Subsequent year subscriber and print distribution strategies will be fine tuned after the first two issues have been published. Each quarterly issue will feature 3 destinations that have been selected by our editorial team. There is no fee associated with being chosen for the publication. A total of 12 destinations will be featured in 2017. Your cover letter should include an invitation for a fullyhosted site visit to conduct interviews with stakeholders and to make site visits and take photographs for the 12page featured spread. The invitation should cover hosting for our reporter, photographer and one editorial assistant. The invitation should give full contact information for the person appointed to make travel arrangements for our team. Required travel arrangements include international business class airfare and accommodations, and appoint a local project coordinator that accompanies the team and coordinates ground transfers, appointments, and interpretation (as necessary) for the entourage. The duration of the field mission depends on the area(s) to be covered. Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction will cover the compensation of the team members and health insurance and meals not hosted by the destination. Many destination arrange these flights and accommodations through stakeholder partners at little to no cost. Sometimes this requires the entourage to change hotels during their stay to have a chance to visit more than one stakeholder accommodation. These sponsorships are encourage and will be duly noted in the feature story with a statement that says “Promotional consideration was furnished by the following destination stakeholders...” and includes a hyperlink to their website.

Submit your application packet and cover letter via email to: Editorial Team Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction


IS YOUR CITY, REGION OR COUNTRY A MEDICAL TOURISM DESTINATION OF DISTINCTION? Apply now to be featured in Medical Tourism Destinations of...

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