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How to Submit: Please email your submission to

Remember... By Marguerite Whitten


We are learning that producing a timely and

Although not required, we would love to have

valuable newsletter is a labor of love, planning,

your picture and name, so we can properly


and strategy. These guidelines are intended to

credit you with a byline. Club pictures are

What’s happening in your lives

help streamline that process.

most welcome too.

Salvation available

Submit What? We want to publish anything

Submission Deadlines: Sooner is better!

that is fun, helpful, educational, and inspiration-

We are currently accepting submissions for

Loving communication

al for our members and guests. Because we are

the April-May newsletter, which will go into

Educating & enlightening

limited to four pages, your submission may be

production at the end of March. We will pub-

Toastmasters training

edited for style, grammar, and length. Our

lish submissions on a first-come, first-served

editorial staff will always work hard to preserve

basis. Depending on the number of submis-

the heart and unique voice of your writing.

sions we receive, we may include some in a later issue if the piece is not time sensitive.

Telling forth Entertaining Rich & relational Submit your praises and prayer requests to

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* We Want Your Words * Contest Time * Facebook Connected * Creative Minds Among Us * Meet Deb Bertram * Member News & Nods * And Much More!

TalkoftheClub a bimonthly look at Toastmasters@SDCC

Encouragement from the President

We Need Your Words... It’s Contest Time! By Kent Gerhan

By Editorial Staff

By Sam Keckler

Our newsletter is young but growing. The editorial

“I don’t really want to be a great public

staff needs Toastmasters@SDCC club members to

speaker.” Have you ever used this excuse

contribute articles, personals, interesting facts,

WHAT: The Writer Connection: "Learning

WHERE: San Diego Christian Col-

to keep you from Toastmasters? Think

success stories, prayer requests and answers to

& Trusting the Process" is an interactive workshop in which Leeana Tankersley, author of Found Art: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places, will walk you through the heart, soul, and craft of the writer—from blank page to publication. The workshop will be focused on non-fiction, memoir writing, but all writers and speakers will benefit from her creative writing strategies.

lege/ Shadow Community Church Campus, Room 7

again. We all have to communicate on a

prayer. Let’s make this a great newsletter! We’re

daily basis, respond extemporaneously, or

streaming the process to be more timely and

address an audience from time to time. If

efficient, so read the submission guidelines and

you have ever walked away from one of

get published in our next issue…

WHEN: Saturday, April 16th, 9:00 AM - Noon.

RSVP: Reserve your spot today on the web at or contact Maria Keckler at for more information — space is limited.

Join us Mondays 5:30 – 7:00 PM San Diego Christian College, RM 12 2100 Greenfield Drive El Cajon, CA 92019 619-590-2175

those scenarios feeling like you could have communicated better, that’s reason enough to hone your skills. It’s true that focus and wisdom will help us express our thoughts coherently; however, nothing can replace practice and a proven system for


continual improvement.

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People join Toastmasters for different reasons: overcoming the fear of public speak-





A challenge: speaking in front of unfamiliar faces grows us!

5) Learning from other clubs makes us better. 6) Sharing our wisdom with others—helps make others better.

ing, learning to communicate ideas intelligently, and being able to think on their feet, among others. Whatever the reason,

Networking: directly & indirectly increases our influence and knowledge.

7) Fun, food, and prizes! Who couldn’t use more of that?

Toastmasters@SDCC is a friendly club

Discovering new resources—always a plus.

I didn’t know what I was missing until I went! So, come-on-down and join the party; don’t you miss out either. we’ll see you there!

where you can grow as a communicator and leader. Come visit and see for yourself!

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Connected! Toastmasters@sdcc is on Facebook! Why is this important? We can connect with each other, stay informed about upcoming events, meeting agendas, and more. It is our club page, so stop by and share about your club experience and how Toastmasters@sdcc is making a growing you as a speaker and leader. What an easier way for potential visitors to get to know our amazing group.

I used to think there was no good reason for going to speech contests (visiting or competing). One contest season, though, my club “appointed” me as the representative. I grudgingly went… Wow! It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my Toastmasters career. How? Let me count the ways… Continues on page 4

Write it Down! Speech, Story, Book... By Maria Keckler Whether you are writing down your next speech, the story of your life, or the book you always wanted to publish, words have power to inspire and change lives—if you know how to get them from your brain to the page with power and eloquence. And that’s exactly why The Ezra Center for Excellence is bringing author and speaker Leeana Tankersley. Continues on page 4

Member News & Nods

Creativity >>>

By Marguerite Whitten

Creative Minds Among Us “Name our Newsletter,” we put out the challenge to our Toastmasters, enticing them with the prize of a gift card. Although you voted Linda Blackburn’s title the winner (featured on this is-

From Linda

The Toastmasters@SDCC Tattler

The Communicator

Toastmasters@SDCC Tidings

Toastmasters’ Communicator of SDCC

From Jack

Toastmasters@SDCC Tales

Talk of the Club (our Winner)

Toastmaster Times

Toastmasters International listed our

From Wanda

The Toast Post

“Toastmasters@sdcc” Club as one of the new

Toasties Posties

Corporate Clubs chartered in the last quarter.

Toastmaster Postmaster

You can get a copy on the web at

Toastmasters@SDCC “Talk Treats”

Crème de la Crème

From Lynn

Burnt Toast

Tantalizing Toasts: a Toastmasters' periodical

Lion Lights

Crumbs from the Toastmaster

Toastmasters@SDCC’s “Ta Da”

Light ‘n Bold Light Talk

Calendar March 28 Toastmasters@SDCC qualifying contest April 9 TI Contest, SDCC, Room #7 Area 4, 9:30- 11:30 AM; Area 15 (us) noon – 2:00 PM April 16th Writing Workshop 9:00-noon (see more information in the “Write it Down” article below)


Anonymous Submission SDCC’s “A Toast To Us Toastmasters”

It’s Official!

Treasurer Report Toastmasters@sdcc had a January balance of $106.49. These funds come from donations and are used for ribbons, brochures, club so-

Special Focus >>>

written message, but every moment I spend in

Your club newsletter is a must!

the presence of God I am standing on holy

The fun is never draining

Meet Deb Bertram Tell us about your family: My 2 sons were born in different countries. My son & grandsons (almost 6 and 3) live with us. I never thought I would be going to

with a beautifully inspiring message about the Anonymously submitted by a poet among us.

Laugh Lines

April 18th Food and Fellowship,

is a very fun way to explore your roots. I also enjoy finding old friends through Facebook and con-

led an electrifying Table Topics session, and Di-

name for our newsletter. He then suggested

ane gave a thought provoking closing about be-

that it might be better for our obituaries!

ing “A Breath of Fresh Air,” echoing our theme for the evening! When I left that meeting, I was built up and encouraged in my spiritual direction for the whole week! I am certain these members spent time with God.

basket available on the back counter at each

club meeting if you want to contribute to our

Club Officers

club fund. ~ Linda Blackburn

Submit your Laugh Lines at

Linda Blackburn, Treasurer

Q: A:

Lynn Bleyle, Sergeant of Arms

Why should I help “Talk of the Club”? Editorial staff get project credit!

Share Toastmasters

District 5 will give us one ticket for each new

timing light. Wow, that would be fun to win,

next try hard to reach others, talk to them

or re-instated member for a drawing at the

about the club, invite them, and share the per-

May 21 Spring Conference. The drawing is

sonal benefits you derive from being part of

for an official Toastmasters International


Sharon Paavola, VP of Membership

Did you know? >>>

credit in your Competent Leadership Manual (project 6, Organization and Delegation)? and it is worth $65! During this month and

Sam Keckler, President Marguerite Whitten, VP of Public Relations

Did you know that if you join the editorial staff of “Talk of the Club” you will receive

with your friends!

had in her life, and Peggy fondly spoke of four

thought that “Post Toasties” might be a good

necting with them. Of course, the grandsons keep me busy as well.

Submit calendar items to

about the powerful ministry her grandmother special friends for the four seasons of life. Lynn

Why did you become a Toastmaster? Nearly 3 years ago I joined Toastmasters after thyroid cancer

College of Business; I’m also the Toastmasters Area 15 Governor.

God’s Team! Dave spoke on being considerate

Jack Higgins, who is always humor-ready,

What do you do? I work at San Diego State University as the database & survey analyst for the

Super Bowl. She reminded us that we are on and inclusive of workmates. Amanda shared

What are some of your life goals? An empty nest at some point would be nice;

had affected my voice & self confidence.

ing in the Sacred Now

members! For example, on Feb 7, Ann opened

to World Headquarters. We have a donation

"daycare" on my way to work at this point in my life.

Earning my DTM designation, I would also love to travel to Great Britain.

begins to come into focus.” Kim Thomas, Liv-

I’m sure all of it you can use!

$27.00 dues paid every six months go directly

place. I graduated high school in Colorado.

fire on me. And an impression of direction

I so enjoy hearing focused speeches from our

does not collect local additional club dues. The

Where are you from? My dad was in the Army & my husband in the Navy – pick a

ground, and it leaves the sweet smell of God-

So welcome the news

cial events, special awards, etc. Our local club

What do you do for fun? I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution – genealogy

Think about Leadership.

A Toast to Us

Toastmaster Training

From Marguerite

Newsletter Par Excellence

“There isn’t always an audible voice or a sky-

What a way our lives will brighten!

From Julie…

Light Toasters

A Toast to Us

Educate and Enlighten

sue’s masthead) the creative submissions deserve an honorable mention here:

The Toastmasters@SDCC Scoop

The Editor’s Lens

The editorial staff needs all Toastmasters@SDCC club members to contribute articles,

David Jones, Secretary Kent Gerhan, Club Mentor Learn about these leadership positions in your Competent Leadership Manual.

New Members Welcome! Gail Bones Amanda Graham Kellye Laughery

personals, interesting facts, prayer requests and answers. Read the submission guide-

Newsletter Editorial Staff

lines for more information.

Marguerite Whitten Peggy Leslie Maria Keckler


Talk of the Club (Feb-Mar 2011)  

A bimonthly lood at Toastmasters@sdcc, the Toastmasters club at San Diego Christian College

Talk of the Club (Feb-Mar 2011)  

A bimonthly lood at Toastmasters@sdcc, the Toastmasters club at San Diego Christian College