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A Coruña Coruña is bigger than Ferrol but it’s smaller than Vigo. It’s in the northwest of Spain. When tourist visit Coruña, they want to go to Hercules tower, San Pedro´s park, Milenium and Riazor stadium. The Hercules tower is smaller than Big Ben. My family and I live in Coruña. My house is opposite San Diego park. San Diego park is smaller than La Alameda park in Santiago. By Mateo.

La Coru単a La Coru単a is a city and council in Galicia,Spain. It has many monuments, the most famous is, the Tower of Hercules It has many shopping centres,restaurants etc... Marineda City is the most famous shopping centre . Marineda City is in the TOP 10 of biggest shopping centres of Europe. By Sergio

ABEGONDO Abegondo is the smallest town in Galicia.It is smaller than Santiago. It is a town in the mountain. Abegondo is a council of Spain in the province of Coru単a. Abegondo has got two parks, one school and one stadium. A very famous river in Abegondo is Barces. Abegondo is next to the council of Cambre. It has one very famous church called San Marti単o and a training camp of Deportivo. In Abegondo there is a waterfall, it is very beautiful there. By Benedicto

CARRAL Carral is smaller than Santiago but it's very beautiful. It`s got lots of supermarkets. My grandmother and my grandfhater live in a house in Carral. Carral is a county in the northwest of Spain, in the province of A Coru単a. Ans de Tellado is a village of Carral. Carral is very famous because of bread. By Anxo Sobrido Fero

Cee Cee is a small town in the northwest of Galicia. It's got a church, a hospital, two schools, a police station, a post office... It's got a party in August. It's near Fisterra , Ezaro and Pindo. The Xallas ends in this coast. The central square’ s got a church, a police station and a post office. My house is in the central square. I play football games called “german” and “catalonian” with friends in a school. I go fishing in Cee light house, whale factory and Pindo... By Jorge

Ferrol The city is spanish and it’s in the nort of the A Coruña, in Galicia. The cathedral of Ferrol is bigger than the cathedral of Mondoñedo in Lugo. Ferrol’s churches are Iglesia Castrense of San Francisco, Parroquia de Pilar,San Fernando and much more.It’s a very important town in the history of Spain. Ferrol have many supermarkets,restaurants,bars, shops and beaches.There is a Naval Museum,too. By Asia.

LUGO Lugo is a city in the northwest of Spain. It’s in Galicia. It’s smaller than A Coruña. It’s the capital of the province of Lugo. It has got a Roman wall, a cathedral,an old roman bridge, An Art Museum ,two statues in Plaza Maior, a tower with a clock in Casa do Concello and a Rosalia the Castro´s park.Tourist visit these monuments. By Malena.

Monforte de Lemos Monforte de Lemos is between river Miño and Sil. Monforte de Lemos is bigger than Castro Caldelas and Betanzos but it’s smaller than Santiago of Composrtela or A Coruña. Monforte de Lemos has more population than Lugo .Monforte de Lemos has a important bridge for river Cave. By Antón

Monforte de Lemos is a very famous town in Riveira Sacra in Lugo. Its a very important town because of its rivers. Monforte de Lemos is located in a valley between the river Miño and Sil. In Monforte de Lemos the wine is very good. You can visit the river Sil in a boat, Monforte de Lemos is smaller than A Coruña but it’s bigger than Sobrado dos Monxes. You can look at the mountains and the river. In summer it is beautiful.It’s got a very famous abbey. By Marcos

MUXÍA Muxía is a small town in Galicia.It´s in the north of Galicia.The most famous church in Muxia is 'A Barca church'.In Muxía there are more churches . The central square is very big . The Touriñan lighthouse is a very important lighthouse.There are many beaches. There are two schools in Muxía,one is school ‘Virxen Da Barca’ it´s one inportant school.The Abalar rock is a monument in Muxía. This town is 20 kilometres far away to Fisterra. By Angel

ORENSE Orense is in the southwest of Galicia. Orense is bigger than my house but is smaller than A Coruña. In Orense there is a bridge on Miño's river longer than other bridges in Galicia. In this city the climate is cold and snowy in winter and hot in summer. The city is served by the Orense railway station. ‘Ballete’ was the name of an argot employed by the traditional knife-sharpeners and umbrella holders from Orense. It was based on the Galician languages as spoken in Ourense, but its users substituted everyday words with invented ones of no linguistic connection, making it impossible for other people to understand it.

By Ismael.

ORENSE It’s a big city. It´s a province of Galicia. Orense is smaller than Coruña. Many people visit ‘As Burgas’, it’s a fountain with hot water. In Orense there is a bridge on Miño´s river. In this city the climate is cold and snowy in winter and hot in summer. Many people go in a boat by the river Miño. Miño´s bridge is longer than other bridges in Galicia. People can visit the very old roman bridge ‘Ponte Vella’ too. There are many churches like Santa Maria church. By Marta.

PONTEVEDRA Pontevedra is the smallest city in Galicia. The church of 'A Peregrina' is taller than the houses, the bridge is longer than the streets and there are many restaurants, parks, shops... Pontevedra province has got a very important city , it’s Vigo. By Guillermina

Sobrado dos Monxes Sobrado dos Monxes is situaded in the municipality .The monastery is shorter than Big Ben . There is a very famous monastery.It is smaller than Big Ben and it’s bigger than Hercules tower.Sobrado dos Monxes is smaller than Coruña . In Sobrado dos Monxes I have family: uncle and grandfather.My grandadfather is 87.years old.My uncle is a 52. years old. Sobrado dos Monxes is very fun in summer.There are many fun attractions, I enjoy there with my cousins.

By Adrián.

VIVEIRO Location: The municipality of Viveiro is located on the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, north of Galicia and of the province of Lugo . It borders to the north by the Cantabrian Sea, south of the municipality of Ourol, the east with Xove and the west with O Vicedo. Area: 105 km 2 Population: 15.298 habitants (01.01.98), although in summer reaches triple Composition:It's composed by the towns: -Viveiro (main population of Mariña Lucense) -Covas (the summer city and residential ) -Celeiro (fishing and commercial port, the main Galician and Cantabrian) and the villages of: Area-Faro, Boimente, Chavín, Galdo, Landrove, Magazos, San Pedro, Valcarría, Celeiro, Vieiro, Covas and Viveiro. Rivers: it's formed by 52 rivers and small rivers, getting more than 150 Km, river Landro is the most famous. Beaches: seven Km long between beaches and “calas” all in the Ria of Vivero. Semana Santa:Viveiro's got a very famous “Semana Santa” which is declared International Tourist Interest.It's got many brotherhoods:Venerable Orden Tercera Franciscana, Cofradía del Santo Rosario,Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de la Piedad, Hermandad de las Siete Palabras,La hermandad de mujeres de la Santa Cruz,“O Nazareno dos de Fóra, Cofradía de la Misedicordia and Hermandad del Prendimiento. By Celia

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