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Today we live in a world full of problematics. We decided go to where the problem arises: the inequality of opportunity

From AIESEC Argentina and Fundaci贸n Felices los Ni帽os, we chose to create spaces of Learning and Change. For children, adolescents and mothers, can have access to many more tools and possibilities. If this winter YOU WANT BE PART OF THIS BIG CHANGE ...... WE HAVE THE PRACTICE IS FOR YOU

JOB DESCRIPCION Learning Way AIESEC [Global Citizen] – Workshop/ ONG Felices Los Niños AIESEC BUENOS AIRES USAL , ARGENTINA Earliest Start Date 14.07.2014 Latest End Date 29.08.2014

Internship title: Department the intern will be working Job Description1

Job Description2

Job Description3

Job Description4

Job Description [Global Citizen] – Workshop/ ONG Felices Los Niños Education

Carry out recreational activities (music, theatre, literature, dance, handcrafts, cooking, gardening, recycling) encouraging the people’s personal development and global mindset, and creating a motivational environment. For that purpose, trainees will work in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires(One hour from city center), during Monday to Saturday with children and adolescents in Vulnerability situation. Generate a multicultural learning environment through exhibitions on your culture, traditional music and dancing sessions, play and recycling workshops. Organize educational workshops. Trainees will have to organize games to transmit values to the children and children should prepare presentations on the values deal with. Children will have to prepare a final presentation to show what they learnt during the project

Job Description5

Mandatory: The trainee must contribute an amount of 30 USD to keep this project sustainable

Job Description6

Trainees will participate in one of the LC projects, becoming an LC Member. (OGX/ICX)

JOB DESCRIPCION Measurable results expected Integration with the LC host: - It will be required to attend the meetings (twice a week).- Attend the Committee planned from the intern

events Perfect attendance at work Complete objectives planned in practice 3 NPS surveys completed Complete weekly surveys.

Preparation required from Spanish language knowledge (having a intermediate level is going to facilitate to the trainee the organization of the intern before arrival

activities)Volunteer to have a general and specific knowledge of the NGO. INFORMATION HERE The volunteer should be aware of the logistics process of the Local Committee (Pick Up, Host Etc) before arrival.

Other Details of the Working Provided by the NGO: Conditions - ACCOMMODATION INCLUDED.

Includes: Shared rooms and shared bathrooms. Location: Hurlingham, Buenos Aires. One hour from downtown. -It will provide all meals. -Transport not included -Bring comfortable clothing -Arrival times. Schedules strict food.

JOB DESCRIPCION Learning points that the • Training skills intern might obtain during •Communication skills the internship •Working in multicultural environment •Learn about Argentina culture •Emotional Intelligence training •Team work experience •Consolidation of knowledge Additional information a 1. You should come with health insurance, valid in Argentina, potential candidate may for the entire period of the internship. Two. The trainee has to require for the Internship enter Argentina as a tourist.

Work Information Field of Work

Working Hours

Languages Native

Teaching & Language Cultural Education How many hours of work to expect the intern? Daily 6 hours Mon-Fri: 17hrs-22: 30 hrs Total hours worked per week: Week 30 Work on Saturdays? Yes, Always. From: 9:30 to 13:30 hrs Good Spanish (Preferred)


Requirements • Being a university students or recent graduate between 20 and 30 years of age. • Being proactive, having a global vision and interested in developing activities that generate a global learning environment amoung childern and teenagers thourgh enhacing cultural undersating.

•Good Spanish level •Experience witH social work or work with children • Availability for 6 weeks in Buenos Aires (duration of the volunteer program)

This internship offers: Hosting: •6 weeks (45 days). Rooms and bathrooms are shared and include basic facilities. You would be staing in Hurlingam, Buenos Aires. This location is about 1 hour away from downtown. SEE MAP

Food: • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided during the internship at the work location on a weekle fixed schedule.

Transportation: •This is not included since you would be living where your intership and work is developed.

Cost of living a) Comidas:

$ Pesos Argentinos

Café Cena por persona (desde): Empanadas (cada una) Helados (desde) Menús ejecutivos (al mediodía, de lunes a viernes): Parrillada (desde) Pastas

$ 12 - $ 15 $ 50 $ 10 $ 12


$ 50-70

Agua Mineral: Gaseosas:

$8 $ 10

$ 150 $ 40 - 60

b) Transportes: Colectivo: $ 2.70 - 2.85 Subtes (tarifa única): $4.50 Taxi (mínimo y cada dos cuadras): $ 13.0 / 1.80 Trenes (viaje mínimo): $ 1.10 Remís (aeropuerto de Ezeiza hasta el $ 300 Obelisco): Minibús (aeropuerto de Ezeiza hasta el $ 100 Obelisco):

c) Salidas: Boliche (Disco): Cine: Conciertos y Recitales locales (en adelante) Entrada a un museo Teatro:

Recomendamos leer

$ 75

$ 70- $ 100 $ 35- $ 70 $ 100

$ 20 $ 70 - $ 200

Recomendamos leer

Contact information

LCVP iGCDP - MarĂ­a JosĂŠ Gonzalez Email: Skype: mariajose.glez91

LCVP Finance & Legals - Santiago Nogueira Email: Skype: santiagonogueira


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