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HELLO! My name is María José Díaz Domínguez, I am 20 years old, from Las Palmas. I am currently pursuing 3rd year of Graphic Design at the EASDGC, when I finish I would like to specialize in the field of typography. When I’m working, I am a methodical person who likes to be organized following the steps set out and I’m also very dutiful. I usually take the lead in group work and I’m never satisfied with the first option presented to me. I am very ambitious both in the professional field and personal and when I set a goal I have to accomplish it. If I had to name one of my defects it would be perfectionism. On many occasions it’s a good thing, but sometimes I take it to the limits. I love working in groups, I think they are enriching experiences in which you can always learn something new.

CV Doctor Juan Espino Sánchez Nº13 P1 BºA, 35250 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) 606 996 059

SKILLS Software Photoshop Ilustrator

EDUCATION Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Gran Canaria. Bachelor´s Degree in Graphic Design 2014 - Present Gran Canaria, Spain Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Gran Canaria. National Baccalaureate 2012 - 2014 Gran Canaria, Spain

EXPERIENCE Tipos en su tinta Letterpress printing workshop 2016 Tenerife, Spain

Indesign Premiere Pro After Effects Fontlab Languages Spanish native English B1 French A1


Projects Packaging Poster Brochure Own Typographic Magazine Layout Tiptych Yorokobu Folder Infographic Of construction

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Packaging Project goals Conduct an investigation about a local brand, detect possible deficiencies and redesign the brand and apply it to a proposal for packaging.

Solution and concept “Quesos Flor Valsequillo S.A.T� was chosen as the local brand. After a SWOT test, and also a deep analysis about the competition and market, a new brand and promotional pack were redesigned offering three kinds of cheese in order to perform a makeover and to increase awareness of the company.

November 2015 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Methodology of the design


Poster Project goals Pick a current social issue which we show a disparity and create a poster applying rhetorical, some persuasion and communication in the advertising image.

Solution and concept The theme was animal abuse, exploitation and more specifically growing animals for profit such as the textile sector. Trying to promote social awareness and appealing to the feelings of the viewer, a ‘happy’ cow is shown in it’s natural habitat but with the contradiction of showing a part of the body without skin. To best represent these damages caused by the textile sector, a fashion pattern was placed of what would be a future coat.

May 2016 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Theory of the Image


Brochure Project goals Create a sub brand of the School EASDGC for the speciality of fashion design and applying it in a brochure for the presentation of a collection.

Solution and concept Using one of the modules of the collection and the colors of the garments, the brochure was created with a square format to visually reinforce the brand EASDGC.

May 2016 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Methodology

Como la semilla del nelumbo, loto sagrado o loto indio –que tiene una longevidad centenaria–, esta colección se inspira en el deseo de hacer perdurar un amor joven, pero ancestral, mágico y libre. Just Jus ustt like the th he nelu nel nelumbo’s elum um mbo’s seed, sacred sac cred ed lotu lotus ussoorr indian ndian lotus tu –which has a centenary longevity–, we were inspired by the desire of an enduring but ancestral, magical and free love.


Own Typography Project goals Hand design a basic alphabet (high box, small box and numbers), vectorize the glyphs, and make adjustments and visual corrections and finally create a digital font using Fontlab.

Solution and concept To perform this exercise an investigation about typography in the digital environment had to be done, typographic visual variables, optical corrections as well as the design of digital sources.The Font creates is base on a calligraphic typeface that can be defined as brush lettering. Primarily for its creation sketches have been made, then digitalized trying to not use many nods, then the optical corrections were made and finally transferred the type into FontLab.

December 2015 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Applied Typography



Magazine Layout Project goals Analysis of a monthly magazine publication, selection of a four-page article and another composition according to the same parameters.

Solution and concept Different magazines were evaluated and VOGUE was finally chosen. A similar article according to the style of the original magazine was a Coco Channel article and finally laying it out according to the grid of the selected magazine.

April 2016 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Comunication and Typography


Tiptych Project goals A leaflet for year 4 graduation.

Solution and concept Once informed of the exhibition that would be performed and the colours that would prevail in the aesthetic presentation of the graduation it was decided to choose the purple and yellow circles as well as the main communication elements.

June 2016 Personal Project


YOROKOBU Project goals This initiative arises from a school project, where it is proposed to create a cover and back cover of the magazine YOROKOBU for their contest “Do it Yourself�. In which we had to work on a narrative trasmedia and reflect the values of Yorokobu and Volkswagen.

Solution and concept To embrace this project a forced relationship between technology and the field of computer science with Yorokobu and Volkswagen was made because both represent innovation. On the cover the word Yorokobu has been formed by pieces of different keyboards, some older than others in order to evoke the passage of the years. On the other side the car is represented by the mouse as it is essential to navigate and move into computer networks, thus producing an analogy with the purpose of the product, displacement.

May 2016 Year 2 Graphic Design Design Subject Methodology of the design


Folder Project goals Competition held by the ULPGC for the university’s folder for year 2016/2017.

Solution and concept I wanted to represent the choice that the student had made in choosing the ULPGC among other universities. Therefore, this is symbolized by a magnifying glass and the circles represents the other universities.

June 2016 Personal Project


Infographic Project goals Analyses social and behavioural aspects that demine the expiration stereotypes addressed by the social communication.

Solution and concept The graphic designer was chosen and investigated in the 30’s and today, deducing the medium, channel, signifiers and codes capturing it in a visual infographic.

September 2016 Year 3 Graphic Design Design Subject Communication an advertising project


Of construction Project goals Apply the language of deconstruction to an article (created previously) taking into account the emphasis, the hierarchy and the essential elements so that within the complexity of the new page you see the essence of the previous one.

Solution and concept Making use of the typographic variations and size of the illustration that appears in the article, to keep the essence, it has been represented by the use of deconstruction, a different visual expression.

October 2016 Year 3 Graphic Design Design Subject Editorial Design


María José Díaz - Graphic Designer - Portfolio  
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