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María José Arriaga Alpizar 501

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Introduction Unit 1: Individual & Society Unit 2: Eating & Drinking Unit 3: Art & Music Unit 4: Hopes & Fears Unit 5: Work & Leisure

Introduction This project has 5 composition that we have done in the school year.  The number one is My best friend  The number two is My favorite restaurant  The number three is a very interesting book  The number four is an e-mail Reflection The texts that we do help me to practice my vocabulary to know every time more. 

Profile of my friend 

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Alejandra Alpizar Guzman is a student at the UNAM. She will study Law because she likes her ethics class. She was born in Mexico, she is 20 years old, she speaks English and Spanish. Her colleagues and friends call her “Güera”. In her free times she loves reading and writing poems; and watching T.V.

My Favorite Restaurant My favorite restaurant is “La Mexicana” because they serve tacos de cecina, longaniza, birria, barbacoa, sopes, gorditas etc, but my favourite dish is tacos de cecina and longaniza, they are delicious.

Tacos come with, guacamole, sopes a piece of cheese and cream all the tortillas are big and the meat is spicy like the other Mexican dishes. I love to go to “La Mexicana”

Twilight  

The story is about a vampire and a girl The actors are Edward and Bella and the whole story is very interesting because it is very romantic. The book tells the story of a vampire who falls in love with a girl and they will do everything to be together. The book was written by Stephenie Meyer and is a fantastic book I love it because it's a beautiful story.

Hopes & Fears  

Hi Alejandra

I come to the airport at 11:00, and I'll take a taxi to get to the conference that is very important.

Then I would like you to lunch to talk about work.

I hope your answer, greetings

Hello Maria Jose

I wait in the conference at 12 o'clock, you have a great trip

Take care

Work & Leisure 

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Good afternoon Mr. Ellis International sporting event I am very interested My name is Maria Jose Arriaga and am interested. I have 18 years and I really like sports. I have volunteered at two sports events. I speak English and Spanish very well. I like helping people and I'll be free in July I hope to participate in the event. I hope your answer. María José Arriaga Alpizar

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My Composition