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CHINATOWN TOUR Take a walking tour around this exciting Chicago enclave


MIDWEST ESCAPES Learn about 5 small towns you should visit this summer

Blog: YouTube: Maria and Nabol

K &B News Hi guys! Here's a little bit of what's happened in the last few months.

YOUTUBE Our Youtube channel and community continues to grow thanks to all of you. And thanks to your feedback, we’re tailoring our content to offer more Chicago and Midwest videos, as well as fun collaborations with your favorite Youtubers!

TRAVEL This year, we picked a destination at random by typing “anywhere” in the search box of a booking site. The cheapest ticket won!… Can you guess the destination? We’re also traveling locally to reconnect with cities close to our hearts. Expect practical travel guides in the near future.


MIDWEST TRAVEL 5 small towns you should visit

Through our Chicago Eats series, we’ll continue to focus on our city’s diverse eateries and momand-pop shops. And because y’all love to misbehave (as do we), we’ll be adding more videos to our Cheat Meal series. And yes, count on some Amateur Cooking videos as well. Haha

Journey to 1k. It was exactly 10 years ago when we published our first recipe on Blogger: “El Guac Perfecto.” Back then, we lived in San Antonio and our friends had encouraged us to share our tasty vegetarian recipes on some sort of platform. (Yes, we were vegetarian!... In Texas, of all places!) Our blog was called Verdelicias and it was written in Spanish, mostly focused on healthy, green eating and cooking. A lot has happened since then, guys. We’ve moved a lot and we’ve traveled a lot. We have also been inspired by the diversity in this beautiful country, which frankly is not showcased enough. Somehow, all of that, translated into the recipes that we brought to the table. And, then suddenly, we couldn’t do just recipes anymore. We started telling other stories. 4

To the disappointment of many of our readers (and our family), we decided that writing in Spanish was not a big enough platform for the stories we wanted to tell, and most importantly, to be able to reach the audience that we wanted to reach: the general market. So on October of 2017, we rebranded our blog to Kimchi and Beans, as a way to honor our cultural backgrounds and the diversity that makes this country and the world around us so fascinating. In our minds, there are not enough minorities in the US creating content in English, giving their perspective, voicing their opinion and celebrating their accents and their cultural background. This was and still is our opportunity to do that. In 2015, the YouTube channel was born. But it wasn’t until the last year or so that we decided to take it more seriously. Our new challenge became using video as a way to tell those same stories and showcase the communities we love. And yes, we still have a lot to learn, but we are incredibly thankful for your support and inspiration. Soon, we will be a family of 1,000. Can you believe it? All because of you. -Maria & Nabol

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5 small towns you should visit


Chicken Fideuá If our YouTube friends Maria and Lieles could make an amazing fideuá in their RV kitchen, we figured that it wouldn’t be impossible for us to make it at home. This is a traditional dish from the coast of Valencia, Spain, which is similar to paella, but involves noodles instead of rice. While it sounded fancy and a bit intimidating to us, it actually turned out to be quite simple to make and easily customizable. Our friends cooked the most traditional version with fish and shellfish, but since Nabol is not a fan of seafood, we decided to make ours with just chicken. 7

The flavors were still very bright and comforting and perfect for a Sunday meal. Instructions: 1. Chop your leek into small pieces and rinse very well to remove any remaining dirt. 2. Bring your broth to a light simmer. Add the lemon juice and saffron. Remove from heat. 3. SautĂŠ leeks, peppers and garlic with a drizzle of olive oil. 4. Add the chicken. Season with a pinch of salt and paprika. 5. Add the crushed tomatoes and mix well.

Fideos (about 3/4 of a 200-gram bag) 1 Leek 1 Pinch of saffron 2 Teaspoons of paprika 2.5 Cups of chicken, cubed 3/4 Cup of crushed tomatoes 1.5 Lemons, juiced (Get an extra one as a garnish) Chicken broth (About 2 cups, enough to cover fideos) Olive oil 1 Cup of cubanelle peppers, diced 3 Garlic cloves, minced Parsley for garnish

6. Add the fideos. Cover with the saffron and lemon juice infused broth. Cook until noodles are done. Stir occasionally. 7. Let the dish rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.


Portuguese Peasant Ribs Every country has its own idea of comforting, heart-warming meals. And since Chicago's cold weather doesn't seem to ever go away, we couldn’t help to wonder what others are cooking around the globe to make the weather a little more bearable. That’s how we stumbled upon this awesome Portuguese recipe: Peasant Stewed Ribs. This is the type of recipe my mom would love, where you basically throw everything in a pot and let it cook on its own. It doesn’t require a lot of work, but the resulting flavor is everything you would expect from a “grandma meal.” It wraps you up like a blanket.


Instructions: 1. First, sautÊ the onions, garlic, pepper, parsley, chorizo and bay leaf with a drizzle of olive oil. Cook until onion becomes translucent. 2. Add the tomatoes and carrots and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the ribs with the seasonings, wine and ½ cup of water. 3. When the meat is almost cooked add the potatoes and more water if necessary. Cook for another 5 minutes before adding the garbanzos. Cook for another 10 minutes. 4. Serve with bread or rice and a glass of the same wine.

2 Pounds of spare ribs, cut into pieces 1 Medium onion, chopped small 1 Handful chopped parsley 6 Cloves of garlic, minced 1 Small cubanelle pepper, chopped small 6 Small Roma-style canned tomatoes, without the juice 1 Large carrot, sliced 10 Sliced of Portuguese or Spanish chorizo 1 Can of garbanzos 2 Large red potatoes, cut into cubes 2 Small Bay leaves 1 Teaspoon of smoked paprika 1 Glass of wine Salt to taste Olive oil


Zha Jiang Mian Lately, Nabol and I have been fascinated with Beijing’s history, culture and of course, its cuisine. So much so that we decided to try their signature noodle dish: Zha Jiang Mian — a comforting savory and slightly sweet dish that is filling and super easy to make. What makes this Northern China recipe so special is its thick and savory black sauce with fried pork. After all, Zha Jiang Mian means exactly that: fried sauce noodles. Every cook will have their own take on this dish, using different spices, ground pork vs. pork pieces or different sauce ratio.

After looking at different recipes, we ended up with this version. Please, note that we used glutenfree Chinese noodles instead of the classic fresh flour-based Chinese noodles. Feel free to use the classic ones. We hope you enjoy it. Instructions: 1. First, once you have cut your carrots, blanch them for a few seconds and set aside with your cucumbers and scallions. 2. Then, with a drop of oil, sauté your ground pork until almost fully cooked. Add the ginger and garlic and cook for another minute. 3. Then, make space in the middle and add your sauces. Cook for about a minute before mixing with the meat. 4. Add your wine, sugar, soy sauce and cook for another minute. Then add the water. Cook until the sauce thickens. 5. Serve over noodles with the veggies.

Brown Rice Chinese thin noodles or Fresh flour noodles ½ Cucumber, cut into matchsticks ½ Small carrot, cut into matchsticks 1 Long scallion, slice 1 Pound of ground pork 1 ½ Inch of ginger, minced 4 Cloves of garlic, minced 3 Tbsp of yellow bean paste 1 Tbsp of hoisin sauce ¼ Cup of white wine ¼ Cup of water 1 ½ Tsp of dark soy sauce ½ Tsp of sugar Olive oil or cooking oil


Chicago Chinatown Walking Tour

Understanding the world around us starts by doing our best to understand where we live. That’s why, we take it upon ourselves to experience our city and nearby towns. The beauty about living in the States, after all, is that you can drive pretty much everywhere. One of our favorite cultural enclaves here in Chicago happens to be Chinatown. So when we learned that there was a dedicated neighborhood tour organized by the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute,

we were stoked. It was only $10 per person through The tour starts at the Chinatown Square by the Zodiac Statues. Our tour guide Tim was a great storyteller and with every stop, he told us about the history of how this neighborhood came to be. This is one of the oldest cultural enclaves in Chicago, made up of hardworking people with incredible talent, business skills and beautiful traditions.


We were surprised to learn that the neighborhood wasn’t always located where it currently is (around South Wentworth and Cermak Ave). It used to be in the South Loop, but higher rent prices and constant conflict between the mainstream culture pushed them out. In 1912, they finally settled in what used to be an Italian neighborhood. They felt welcomed and they found a place for their businesses to thrive. And they continue to grow today!

“Old Chinatown”. Established in 1904, it used to serve the Italian community and now there are 2 guarding lions in front, a symbol of Chinese Buddhism and a way to welcome the growing Asian population. This is the only Chinese Catholic church in the Midwest.

Chicago’s Chinatown is currently the only Chinatown in the US that continues to grow, while similar neighborhoods are shrinking. While the neighborhood continues to be predominantly populated by residents from Southern China, you’ll find people from Northern China and other Asian countries. Some of its Italian influence still lives today. Tim took us to St. Therese Christian Church on Alexander Street, in a section of the neighborhood denominated 15

During our walk, we also stopped by the Chinese Christian Union Church, a very active institution in the community offering moral support, financial help and education to help others assimilate into their new culture.

Other important stops during our tour were the Nine Dragon Wall, the New Chinatown shopping and dining area, the residential area of Chinatown and Ping Tom Park, a beautiful park with amazing views of the city.

The Church bought the building that is now Pui Tak Center. Every year they serve over 3,000 individuals who live here, with all kinds of programs from computer courses to music to language courses.

We highly encourage you to do the tour yourself. As a bonus, do yourself a favor and stop by Qing Xiang Yuan on Wentworth Avenue to enjoy amazing dumplings! They are so good!


Chiu Quon Bakery We're big fans of dumplings and steamed buns in all shapes and forms. But it wasn't until we moved to Chicago that we realized what a great brunch item these truly are. It only took us driving by Chiu Quon Bakery on Argyle one morning to realize that these hot buns were in high demand, particularly on weekends. Their steamed buns are pillowy and chewy and sell out fast. And of course, if you go to Chiu Quon, you can't leave with just a handful of buns. Other popular items are their custard tarts, coconut cream turnovers, lotus bean mooncakes and walnut cookies.

We slowly started trying their entire repertoire every time we stopped by. Regardless of what you choose, these people know what they're doing. They've been around for over 25 years! Chiu Quon is the oldest Chinese bakery in Chicago. If you're moving to this area or just visiting, follow the right of passage. Visit their Uptown, McKinley Park or South Chinatown location. Load up on steamed buns and enjoy a delicious Sunday.


5 Midwest Summer Escapes

Keep your miles and credit card points. If you’re a Midwesterner in desperate need of a weekend getaway, there are so many unique towns filled with gorgeous natural scenery, historical main streets and diverse dining options to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Let us tell you about 5 of our favorites and why you should visit too.

1. Frankenmuth, Michigan. Known as Michigan’s Little Bavaria, this picturesque little town is about 5 hours away from Chicago. Immigrants from Franconia, Germany settled here in 1855 and their heritage still lives on today.

Why? Come for the Bavarian style architecture, the beer gardens, the German specialty shops and fun local events. The area itself is very peaceful and the drive from Chicago is quite beautiful. Lots of wineries and scenic spots along the way. Attractions: Historic downtown: Enjoy historic main street with fun shops and eateries. If you have time, take the Bavarian Belle Riverboat or a carriage ride around town. Catch a local event: Check the calendar before you go. There are several events throughout the year, like the All Glow Balloon event in summer or Oktoberfest in the fall. Frankenmuth Brewery: If you're into craft beer, enjoy a pint at one of the oldest breweries in Michigan.

River Place Shops: Enjoy more than 40 unique shops styled like a European village. Must Eat All-you-can-eat Chicken Dinners: Go to Zehnder’s or Oma’s at the Bavarian Inn, depending on your budget. (Oma’s is a bit cheaper.) And while you’re there, you should also try their authentic German specialties like Schnitzel and Sauerbraten.

2. Michigan City, Indiana. Just a short 1.5-hour drive from Chicago, this small town on the south shore of Lake Michigan is most commonly known for its outlet mall and proximity to the Indiana Dunes National Park. Why? Michigan City is close enough for a quick day trip, yet it still has that small-town feel. Even on our way to another town in Michigan, we like to stop here to grab a quick bite to eat. It has a charming town center and beautiful Airbnb options in the area. Attractions: Indiana Dunes National Park: Whether you want to enjoy a day at the beach, or hike through 14 distinct trail systems, this offers miles of excitement and relaxation.

Friendship Botanical Gardens: Tucked through the beautiful valley of Trail Creek, this garden is home to muskrats, groundhogs, wild turkey and a diversity of wild life. Go for a hike or a fun picnic by Lake Lucerne. 22

Old Lighthouse Museum & Pier: If you’re into nautical history, this is a cool little museum to visit. Beautiful location too. Go bar hopping: There are plenty of options to enjoy a few cold ones, starting with the Shoreline Brewery, Sunset Grille or Matey’s. Must Eat The pizza at Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizzeria: This family-owned business is tucked in a lush, quiet area of town and it’s the perfect stop to truly enjoy an evening of pizza and their signature sangria. We could be here for hours! Try their meatballs too!

3. Door County, Wisconsin. Located between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Door County is known for its beautiful natural parks and the long strip of picturesque little towns along the shoreline. It takes a good 5 hours to get there from Chicago.

Why? Door County has been called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, and for a good reason. You’ll fall in love with the pristine beaches and each town’s unique personality, not to mention the variety of local farms and amazing food produced locally. Attractions: Whitefish Dunes State Park & Cave Point Country Park: Both the beach area and rock formations at Cave Point are must stops during this trip.

Washington Island: Hop on the Ferry to this magical island, located 7 miles northeast of the tip of the peninsula. Start your day at Island and Bread Company for a farm-to-table breakfast. Then, climb 186 steps to the top of the island on Mountain Park for great views of the island. Peninsula State Park: This is another beautiful park to hike, explore and enjoy great views. Cherry picking: If you happen to be there during cherry season, stop by Lautenbach’s Orchard to pick your own or get a taste of their cherry wine. 24

Drink the local wine: There are lots of great wineries to choose from. Anderson Warehouse Graffiti: Stop by the town of Ephraim to take some selfies next to this funky gallery. It dates back to the 1800’s and its walls are covered with the names of sailors and visitors. It’s encouraged too. Must Eat Fish Boil: Scandinavian settlers brought this cooking method over a century ago. A huge pot of fresh white fish, potatoes and onions bubbles over an open fire. When the fish is done, a small amount of fuel oil is tossed under the pot causing the water and fish oils to boil over. Swedish food: Located in the town of Sister Bay, you’ll find Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant by the unusual sights of goats grazing on its roof. Go for their meatballs and Swedish pancakes.

4. Holland, Michigan About 3.5 hours from Chicago, on the shore of Lake Macatawa, you’ll find the city of Holland. It’s better known for its Tulip Time festival, drawing more than 500,000 visitors annually.

Why? Come to learn more about its Dutch culture and heritage, and also to relax in one of the area’s pristine beaches. Also, if you love gardens and farms, this is a beautiful area to explore. Springtime is the most popular time to visit. Attractions: Windmill Island Gardens: Transport yourselves to a field somewhere in Holland.

Come here to enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens and take a guided tour of the DeZwaan windmill, the only working windmill in the country. There are also very cute shops with Dutch products. Nelis’ Dutch Village: While this is primarily a children’s park, it’s worth a visit for the traditional Dutch dancing performances and the specialty shops, including cheese shops and Dutch souvenirs.

Big Red Lighthouse: Looking for a beautiful Instagram approved spot? This is it! It’s right by the Holland Channel too with plenty of history. Blueberry picking: If you happen to be there during blueberry season, stop by Bowerman Blueberry Farm to pick your own or try interesting treats at their shop. Must Eat The Balkenbrij at Pub on 8: The gastropub by New Holland Brewing is the mastermind behind this brilliant dish, a fried pork loaf topped with a sunny side up egg and a bed of braised cabbage. Get it with a pint of the local beer, of course.

5. New Glarus, Wisconsin Also known as America’s little Switzerland, New Glarus is a village in Green County, Wisconsin. It’s located 2 hours and 45 minutes from Chicago and 40 minutes from the city of Madison.

Why? Get a taste of Swiss culture, including old-world style architecture, traditional eats and fun events. And because this town is a little secluded, you will truly feel like you’re in another country. Attractions, up next...


Swiss Historical Village: Learn about the village’s history by strolling through 14 different buildings showcasing how life was like when the settlers arrived. There’s an authentic 1850s log cabin and 1890s cheese factory, among other interesting buildings. New Glarus Brewing Company: Enjoy a free self-guided tour and relax with a pint of beer at this beautiful property. The views of the village from here are incredible.

Historic downtown: You want to take your time exploring downtown. There are so many unique buildings and shops selling cheese, pastries, souvenirs and antiques. Must Eat Swiss Specialties at New Glarus Hotel Restaurant: Get a Swiss Sausage Platter, a Kaesechuechli or the Pork Geschnetzlets. Everything on the menu is good! And if you come for dinner time, you might be able to catch a music performance too! 28

Let us entertain you Like what you read?... Watch the videos!

If you enjoyed our Chinatown feature, here's a closer look at everything this walking tour has to offer. We also showcase the tasty dumplings at Qing Xiang Yuan. If you enjoyed our Midwest travel feature, come with us on a tour around each of these unique towns. As always, we'll highlight great eats and attractions. Get step by step instructions on how to prepare this typical dish from Valencia, Spain. Enjoy special cooking tips along the way. Blog: YouTube: Maria and Nabol

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Kimchi and Beans Summer 2019  

Kimchi and Beans' Summer 2019 Magazine features tasty International recipes, travel inspiration and news about our YouTube channel: Maria an...

Kimchi and Beans Summer 2019  

Kimchi and Beans' Summer 2019 Magazine features tasty International recipes, travel inspiration and news about our YouTube channel: Maria an...


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