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BIODEGRADABLE There was a pop followed by a fast moving swishing sound and then he was hit. The bullet went right into the soft tissue around the right shoulder. It went in deep and fast and then it stopped. He tumbled backwards and fell. All colour had left his face and his mouth had gone dry. Warm blood was oozing from his armpit and ran down his side. He shivered. The man with the gun and another man in a white lab coat started to walk towards him. They both smiled as they did and the man with the gun holstered the weapon. When they stopped right in front of him the man with the lab coat bend down, while the man who had shot him just stood and watched. ‘I am a doctor,’ the man in the lab coat said to him, ‘let me take a look.’ The doctor removed a pair of scissors from the breast pocket of his coat and started to cut away the shirt until the wound was no longer obscured and they could all see the hole the bullet had made. Next the doctor sterilised and cleaned the wound until the bleeding stopped and put a light bandage on. The man on the ground was cold and thirsty. He wondered whether he would die and felt very tired. 29


darker than fiction