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Movies By Breten Ana


actor, technician, or editor, from the first day of brainstorming to the final release. oing to cinema is an usual activity They determine all the particulars of how for all teenagers. We don’t skip a month scenes are to be shot, from visual requirewithout going to cinema or a week without watching at least 3 or 4 movies. After ments to the placement of the actors and the appropriateness of the script. Directhe movie we say things like : “I didn’t tors cast actors who can bring their vision liked the movie/actor/place/subject!” to the screen. A director guides the actors “They could have made a better scene to a greater understanding of their char!“ “ X (actor) was so hot!”. If the film acters and encourages them to perform was boring or bad is the fault of the actors, if it was a good one it was thanks to at a high level. After the film has been shot, editorial skills are important. Directhe actors. Behind what you see, behind tors must have a good feel for pacing and the scenes is a well organized team that makes the movie. If it wasn’t for them you structure and must know how to integrate and cut scenes so they fit. Here are wouldn’t have watched that film . some great directors that turned a simple First of all you should think about the script into your favourite movie: Stanley director. He is the one that gives life to Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange), Francis the story. The movie is his imagination. Directors turn a script into a movie. They Ford Coppola ( Dracula 1992), Steven are responsible for the quality of the final Spielberg (Jurasic Park), David Fincher product and its success. In most cases, di- ( Fightclub), Peter Jackson( LOTR), Tim rectors work on films far longer than any Burton(Edward Scissorhands)

“You jump , I jump ,remmeber?” Page 4

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Another important character is the film editor. Film editors assemble footage of feature films, television shows, documentaries, and industrials into a seamless end product. They manipulate plot, score, sound, and graphics to refine the overall story into a continuous and enjoyable whole. In the same way directors use certain actors they appreciate over and over again, they also use film editors they know and are comfortable with. Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee, and Robert Wise are a few of the directors who work with the same editors over and over again. Like most industries, the film industry has embraced new technology. Assistant editors must now have strong computer skills to work in the industry. Long hours and significant isolation while editing can make even the most positive-minded film editor question the career choice. So it’s not that easy. The Next important person in making a movie is the producers. The producer is responsible for turning creative ideas into practical or marketable concepts. They are also the person(s) who get studios to finance projects. In most cases, the producer is in charge of bringing the production together, bringing in the creative elements and taking care of the numerous and frequent problems that may occur with film development and production. For those that actively produce, this can mean any number of activities including but not limited to: hiring the writer to write the original screenplay, selling the script to a studio, signing the major actors, doing the budget, hiring the crew, and making sure the set gets made on time. Spme of the greatest film producers are: Ethan Coen, Page 6Joel Coen, Samuel Goldwyn.

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By Chiotan Maria OUR BODY: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN is a fascinating, artful and educational exhibit consisting of actual human bodies and organs. Appropriate for

all ages, this exhibit literally goes “under the skin”, revealing the mysteries of the human anatomy. The bodies, specimens and organs have been preserved using a process known as polymer impregnation. OUR BODY: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN allows you the insight to the inside: giving one a true look at the inner workings of the extraordinary human body. As you enter the exhibit, you will have the opportunity to examine the human body as a whole. Continuing throughout the exhibit, you will journey through each of the body’s major systems allowing you to see first hand how they function and relate to other systems. THE PRESERVATION PROCESS

This educational and scholarly exhibition is made possible by the unique method to preserve the bodies; often referred to as “polymer impregnation” or “plastination,” a process that replaces the body’s water and fat with reactive plastics. Polymer preservation is a relatively new method of preservation whereby the bodily fluids are replaced by liquid and is then hardened to create a solid, durable anatomic specimen that will last indefinitely. The process leaves even the finest, most delicate tissue structures virtually intact, down to the microscopic level, making the process invaluable for medical study. The organs are actually IDENTICAL to their pre-presPage Page 88

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Page 9

Parental Guidance By

Mirea Madalina

Grandparents: Artie and Diane Decker (Billy Crystal&Bette Midler) Parents: Phil and Alice Simmons (Marisa Tomei & Tom Everett) Kids:Harper, Turner and Barker Simmons Director:Andy Fickman Genre:comedy Grade:7,80 Due to Alice’s work she has to appeal her parents in order to babysit her kids. Old school Artie &Diane Decker agree to visit Atlanta to look after their 3 grandchildren: Harper a perfectionist, teenage girl(who is a little mature for her age), Turner a shy, stammering boy and Barker the youngest child. While Diane is full of enthusiasm about this Artie is quite sceptical and doesn’t like the ideea. The new way of rising kids of Alice & Phil will collide with Artie& Diane’s old methods of

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tough rules, lots of love and old fashioned games.The grandparents will learn how to become more flexible in taking decisions and to take in consideration the children’s wishes. The 3 kids have a busy schedule of out-of-school programes. Artie and Diane decide to remind them how is to be a kid and how to deal with their problems. Harper is very tense for a violin audition, her grandmother tells her to have some fun and not to worry about that, later Harper realises she doesn’t want to audition. Turner has speech clases due to a stutler but with the help of his grandfather, he overcomes this. By the end of the week Artie&Diane are more than just the other grandparents and the family is more united. Parental Guidance shows us again that there is no handbook to teach you how to be a good parent.

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Parental Guidance shows us again that there is no handbook to teach you how to be a good parent. This “job” requires you to be a good listener for kids to have lots of patience, and why not to be a kid again. In this film the gap between generations is stressed by the relations parent-child, grandparentgrandchild.The2 grandparents have to assume the roles of parents for 1 week, during this period they realise that the 21century kids’ problems aren’t quite different although their first attempt to confrunt children’s behaviours fails. When they understand their problems then they are able to give them good advices and they help them to solve any trouble. The movie is an easy comedy that you can watch it with your

family. It has some cliches and at some points is quite predictable , but what I like the most is that the accent is put on the parents’ different methods and not on children’s mischieves. It’s a relaxing film that makes you to think about how deep is the “gap” between you and your parents. Parental Guidance has an unexpectable moving ending that makes you to keep the last scene somewhere in your hart.

Quizzes 1. Are you A time-waster?

By Mirea Madalina & Tomescu Tudor

1 When it’s the weekend, how long do you lie in bed in the morning thinking ’I must get up’? A a few seconds only B less than an hour C more than an hour 2 After school, when do you start yourk homework? A as soon as you get home B after you’ve had something to eat C after you’ve had something to eat, phoned a friend, watched tv... 3 If you’re meeting a friend and he or she is half an hour late, how do you react? A you feel very impatient B you feel slightly impatient C you don’t mind at all 4 When there’s some music on, what do you normally do? A listen and do another activity at the same time B listen and think about other things too C just sit and listen

Add up your points a=1 point b=2 points c=3 points 4-6 points: You don’t waste much time, do you? You’ll probably be successful, but remember to enjoy life as well! 7-9 points: You sometimes waste time, but in general, you get things done. As long as you keep this balance, you’ll be fine. 10-12 points: Oh dear! You spend too much time doing nothing. It’s amazing that you found the time to

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2. Are you sleep deprived? Answer this questions and find out. 1. How long does it usually take you to fall asleep at night? A less than 5 minutes B more than five minutes .How many hours do you usually sleep? A fewer than 7 b 7-8 c more than 8 2

3. Did you use to sleep....? A more than now B the same amount

C less than now

4. How do you feel about the amount you sleep? A I’m quite happy with it. B I probably don’t sleep enough, but I’m used to it. It’s no problem. C I defenitely need to sleep more. I usually feel tired. 5 .If you don’t sleep enough at night during the week, what do you do? A I take short naps during the day. B I sleep late at the weekend. C I don’t do anything. You get used to not sleeping enough. D I just get more and more tired. 6 .How do you usually feel during the morning? Page 14

AWide awake and energic. B Awake and able to concentrate, but not at my best. C Half asleep and not able to concentrate well. 7 .How often do you have a nap on a weekday? A Never. I don’t need one. B Always. It’s the only way I can get though the day. C When I need one. I always wake up refreshed. D I’d love to, but I never get the chance.

8 Do you ever find it difficult to keep awake...? (Circle all the ones which apply to you.) Page 15

8 Do you ever find it difficult to keep awake...? (Circle all the ones which apply to you.) A at work or in class B on the sofa in the evening C in the cinema D on your way to school -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read the results of the questionnaire and calculate your score. The higher your score the more sleep deprived you are. The maximum is 14. 1 a0 b1 2 a1 b0 c0 3 a1 b0 c0 4 a0 b1 c2 5 a0 b1 c2 d2 6 a0 b1 c2 7 a0 b1 c0 d1 8 1 point for each one you circle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A man and his son are in a serious car accident. The man dies and the son is taken to the hospital. When he gets there, the surgeon sees the boys and says: ‚I can’t operate on this boy. He’s my son!’ How can this be? Are you a time-waster?

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3.Learning styles Different people lear in different ways. Answer YES or NO to the questions anf find out the best way for YOU to study. 1 Do you use your hands a lot when you speak? 2 Do you enjoy taking objects apart and repairing them, e.g. your bike? 3 Do you find it easier to remember people’s names than their faces? 4 Do you find it easier to remember people’s faces than their names? 5 Do you enjoy discussions and hearing other people’s views? 6 Do you like role-play and acting things out? 7 Do you find it easy to follow a map? 8 Do you often talk or sing quietly to yourself while you are working? 9 Do you look at the pictures in magazines before deciding what to read? Circle the questions with ‚yes’ answers. When you have found out which group contains the most ‚yes’ answers - A, B or C – read the advice below. A126 B358 C479 A: You learn best by doing practical things. When you study, try rewriting information in your own words. Helping other people with theur work might also be a good way for you to learn. B: You learn best by listening. Try making a tape of things you have to learn, and then listen to it. Discussing work with your friends might also help you to learn. C: You learn best by seeing. Try usimg coloured pens when you make notes. Pictures and diagrams might also help you to learn more easily.

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Tattoos-A sign of rebellion or of stupidity? By Breten Ana & Istrate Iulia


hat makes you want to get a tattoo? Would it be because of a dear person’s loss, a marking experience, a sign of love or because of an impulse, a will to be out of ordinary? Normal people usually have something in mind when they go and get a tattoo or make the drawing themselves. Also, normal people think of a purpose of a tattoo and know to risks of making one. But what about those people who just saw something “nice”, lost a bet, want to impress others…and I can go on like this forever because the reasons to get a “fail tattoo” are many!

Page 18

Page 19

A good reason to have a tattoo is to like the message, that is if it has one, and to feel good with it. Of course, as it can be seen anywhere, a loss affects that much a person, they have to keep that person’s memory forever and decide to have a tattoo. Maybe, this person is still alive but it changed your life in better, maybe it is a character, maybe it is your “idol”, or maybe it is your pet best friend. This is a good thing till one point when you rush toward any salon with a picture in your hand and make the drawing so big and in a completely unnecessary place. Why don’t people write their names on the shoulder, maybe even in another language to seem cool, and that is a reason to keep its message for yourself only, because no one understands what the tattoo says. Why do they have to make a big one all over their back or on the hand, just to impress others with their “love” for that creature. Let’s face it: people who do this are mostly impulsive and crazy for attention and would do anything to be different, therefore they are dangerous. Though, there are ones that really cared and have a good reason to have a big face on their arm forever and they don’t look stupid either.

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“Crazy” genes By Chiotan Maria

I’ve always had this ..let’s say ‘preference ‘for danger and adventure and it seemed pretty normal to me to feel this way even if my mother didn’t see it as I did. After my brother grew up so that I could play with him , I realised that he wasn’t the same as me , that he didn’t like to do the stuff enjoyed , that he was keen of those things I considered “ boring”. Years passed and I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me … I eventually understood that people were different and had different personalities because of their genes but some weeks ago I finally got a proper answer.As I supposed , the genes were the problem.

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Page 23

There is a mutation that pops up frequently in such discussions: a variant of a gene called DRD4, which helps control dopamine, a chemical brain messenger important in learning and reward. Researchers have repeatedly tied the variant, known as DRD4-7R and carried by roughly 20 percent of all humans, to curiosity and restlessness. People who carry this variant gene, Moyzis said, seem to be more motivated to pursue social, intellectual and physical activities. The variant is also linked to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and addictive and risky behaviors .The first large genetic study to do so, led by Chuansheng Chen of the University of California, Irvine in 1999, found 7R more common in present-day migratory cultures than in settled ones. Page 24

According to Eisenberg “this gene is likely to be involved in impulsivity, reward anticipation and addiction”. By studying adult men of the Ariaal of Kenya, some of whom still live as nomads while others have recently settled, the research team investigated whether this association would have the same implications in different environments. In the 1830s in the deep forests of Quebec, Canada, a restless population of pioneers began a lengthy, risky experiment. Quebec City, built by the French by the St. Lawrence River, was growing fast. To the north, along the Saguenay River, stretched a vast, nearly untouched forest. This rich but brutal country soon attracted loggers and young farming families with a taste for work, risk, and opportunity. Up the valley they went, building one small village after another, creating a wave of settlement moving up the Saguenay. From a biologist’s point of view, such a migratory wave can concentrate not just particular types of people on its frothy front edge; it can also concentrate and aid the expansion of

<<people with the DRD4-7R gene are more likely to be game

for a laugh, for a dare, for anything new and stimulating “to alter dopamine levels to affect mood”>>

says Catherine Mayer in her article on http://healthland.

Moreover , in 2011 , a study managed to find out that 7R, along with another variant named 2R, tends to be found more frequently than you would expect by chance in populations whose ancestors migrated longer distances after they moved out of Africa. . Another study shows that 7R peers are stronger and better fed that those who don’t have it. Page 25

any genes that may encourage those people to migrate. Sometimes a gene rides such a wave passively, more or less by accident—the gene just happens to be common in the leading migrators, so it becomes common in the communities they establish. For instance, if genes for curly hair had been especially common in the Europeans who first started spreading across North America, curly hair would have become more common in North America as those settlers spread across the continent. The gene doesn’t necessarily bestow an advantage; it just becomes more common because so many people in the front edge have it and then reproduce. So , the 7R variant isn’t rare ( 2R8.8% of people , 4R- 65.1% , 7R19,2% , 6.9% others) but it has to be new , as Alan R. Rogers says . He also says that at 7Rpeers the the frequency of ADHD is twice higher than at non-7Rpeers .

also may predispose behaviors that are deemed inappropriate in the typical classroom setting and hence diagnosed as ADHD. In this environmental-mismatch hypothesis (Hartman 1993; Jensen et al. 1997), the DRD4 7R subset of individuals diagnosed with ADHD is assumed to have a different, evolutionarily successful behavioral strategy, rather than a disorder. It is also possible, however, that DRD4 7R, although selected for in human populations, could have deleterious effects when combined with genetic variants in

We have speculated that other genes. the same traits that may be 2004) selected for in individuals with a DRD4 7R allele Page 26

Who does this mutation appear and why? Alan thinks that it had been favoured by the natural selection. Much of this variation is the result of length and of SNP changes in a 48-bp tandem repeat (VNTR) in exon 3, encoding the third intracellular loop of this D2-like receptor. Elsewhere, we were showed by DNA resequencing/haplotyping of 600 DRD4 VNTRs, which represented a worldwide population sample, that the origin of most haplotype variants could be explained by simple one-step recombination/mutation events (Ding et al. 2002). In contrast, the 7R allele is not related simply to the other common alleles, differing by >6 recombinations/mutations.

(Wang et al.

Page 27

A Lesson of Life in 25 Minutes By Mirea Madalina 1.What

have determined you to choose the career of teacher?

A diagrammatic model for DRD4 variant selection. DRD4 2R, 4R, and 7R protein variants are shown diagrammatically, aligned on a scale of relative efficiency for cAMP reduction. These values were calculated from the data of Asghari et al. (1995), normalized to 4R=1.0. Haplotype nomenclature (i.e., 1-2-3-4) appears as proposed elsewhere (Ding et al. 2002). The unusual derivation of the 7R allele from the ancestral 4R allele (∼40,000–50,000 years ago) and its increase in prevalence are indicated by red to turquoise arrows. The subsequent derivation of the 2R allele from a 7R/4R recombination is indicated by turquoise to blue arrows.

Page 28

I actually haven’t thought at a speciffic profesion I have coosen something that I likebut I haven’t something clear in my mind or a plan. Normally people think of a profession for insctance : a loyer or a doctor and then they have to study at certains faculties or to follow certains courses.I’m interesed in filology , foreign languages, the things that are linked in generally to art and romanic worldand then I decided to learn the most beautiful language at the moment which was French and after I discovered Spanish. At the moment there weren’t possibilities to study Spanish and I thought to learn it later but Iwas too enthusiastic and I started to learn it on my own although everybody was telling me that I won’t find a job . After I have finished my studies I have choosen this profession not random because during the faculty a teacher asked me to give some hours at a school where was initiated some kind of a pilot project. They wantwed to see if Spanish can be taughtaside French

or English. I was very curious so I accepted after this experience I realised that I like to transmit not only my knowledge about lan-

guage but also culture, art and everything that is conected to it. 2.Which is your favourite country? Things have changed a little but i really love Italy and Portugal equaly and other beautiful countries are Spain and France. These are the countries that I like the most because as I told you I’m passioned about the romanic culture for me is wonderful and I’m im-

Page 29

-pressed about the landscapes. The Toscana region from Italy is one of the most amasing landscapes that I ever seen . 3.

How was the first class that you performed?

I was shocked to see so many persons I mean children(about 40) , although they were little .The moment I entered the classroomand I saw 40 pairs of eyes looking at me I realised it would be hard, not only for me but also for them. It is quite difficult to say something in order to keep their attention because they were 2’nd grade pupils and the chances to say something that may appear interesting to them were law. It is not easy to explain a fact to someone and to make him\her to understand, so I have to explain on their language and to determine them to learn.

8.What type of music do you like? I like many types of music and some actual artists, but the music that I consider valuable is the one from the 70’s and 80’s. 9.Do you find yourself in the type on nowadays student? Yes. Although is a little surprising for you I have every year students that have something common with my personality and is a little scary and fascinant to discover that we have same interests and ideeas.I can say that is surprising and very plesant ! 10.Can you tell us you tell us your favourite quote? “I’m the son of my actions”- It’s extremely optimistic and imply all that ‘s the most important I mean you can do anything and become what you want to because you are your own master.

4.Are you a dreamer or a realist person? (laughing) It is dangerous for me to answer this question because you are my students, but I can say that I’m not a realist person. 5.What is your favourite movie or book ? Wow, there are so many that I can’t name one because it will be unfair for the others. I move from type to type according to the my mood: I can read a detective novel after that a filosofic one.Now I read “Calaul Dragostei” it is a collection of ten stories which the author has confrunted because he is a therapist and I can say that I was impressed by the 5 th story. It presents a difficult situation in which he has to determine someone to quit the ilusion that made his life beautiful.I was impressed by the simple way he expresses that every human being needs an ilusion in order to give his life a meaning . Sometimes we can find us in this situation maybe not such a dramatic one. 6. Imagine

that you are on an island, wich objects you would tacke with you?

Well , definitely I’d tacke books that I didn’t read as many as possible but I wouldn’t tacke the Bible . My music discsand that will be all because other things you can tacke are memories and I’m not planing to make my staying easyer there.

7 . Describe us a perfect day for you. There are 2 variants: First I’m home , I wacke up, I drink my coffe I sit in my favourite armchair of good quality and I read listen to music or I speack with one of the important persons to me. Or I’d travell somewhere in Europe.

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Vegetarian diet By Tomescu Tudor

What is a vegetarian? Well, some people would say “ An idiot”, others “ a freak” and other people would say “normal” or “heroes”. Why so many opinions? Vegetarian diet is a very disputed subject, most doctors say that is good to be a vegetarian, but there are a few nutritionists that disagree.

Page 32

Page 33

The reasons of becoming a vegetarian are very different. Most veggies are animal lovers, confessing they couldn’t stand the idea of killing animals to feed themselves. There are more than 2 millions animals slaughtered every day just in UK.The problem isn’t the death itself, but the way they are treated and killed. They are neglected, mutilated, genetically manipulated, put on drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling, transported through all weather extremes, and killed in gruesome and violent ways, they are usually left to bleed to death. Beside the life of animals , you should think about your health. A hundred years ago eating meat might be a good thing for your health, or at least not that nocive. Now we don’t eat animal flesh, we eat chemicals. Animals grow so fast that their legs can’t Page 34

sustain their weight. Some of the chickens in the facories die because

of starvation or diseases and they are left there until the living chickens are taken to slaughter,so the chickens you eat have stayed next to corpses for at least a few weeks.That is a great source of bacteria and viruses. Cows and pigs have untreated

wounds and some of them have cancerous lesions and yet they are killed for food.Animals that make it out of factory after a few months of torture , have to endure extreme weather conditions. Some of them die on their way to slaughter and finish up as your dinne. Surprised tahat you are eating dead bodeis? Plant-based diets help protect us from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, strokes, and sev-

and, on average, live 10 years longer than meat-eaters do. Vegetarian diets offer lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein, and higher levels of carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochemicals. The consumption of meat can cause a transmission of a number of diseases from animals to humans.[100] The connection between infected animal and human illness is well established in the case of salmonella. Scientists begun to suspect that there is a connection between animal meat and human cancer, birth defects, mutations, and many other diseases. 20% of all cows are afflicted with a variety of cancer known as bovine leukemia virus. Studies have increasingly linked BLV with HTLV-1, the first human retrovirus discovered to cause cancer. Scientists have found that a bovine immunodeficiency virus , the equivalent of the AIDS eral types of cancer. Vegans also tend virus in cows, can also infect human to have stronger immune systems cells. Page 35

In general, vegetarian diets provide relatively large amounts of cereals, pulses, nuts, fruits and vegetables. In terms of nutrients, vegetarian diets are usually rich in carbohydrates, n-6 fatty acids, dietary fibre, carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and Mg, and relatively low in protein, saturated fat, long-chain n-3 fatty acids, retinol, vitamin B(12) and Zn. Eating vegetables and fruits will make you feel better . You will have more energy and be less stressed. You will discover amazing things about your body, you will start feeling sick when smelling fast food or any kind of unhealthy food and you will get thinner. There are a few religions that sustain vegetarianism in one way or another: Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism. Maybe you are not a religious person so what about vegetarian celebrities. The most intelligent people in the world adopted vegetarianism, for example Albert Einstein, Confucius, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison. Your favorite actor or singer may be a veggie too : Adam Young, Alicia Silverstone, Andy Hurley, Anna Paquin, Anthony Kiedis, Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Paul Mccartney, Joan Jett and many others.

Page 36

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

Albert Einstein

Until we stop harming all other livin

beings, we are still savages.

-Thomas Edison

“On general principles the raising of cattle as a means of providing food is objectionable. It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarian habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even to advantage is not a theory but a well-demonstrated fact. Many races living almost exclusively on vegetables are of superior physique and strength. There is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, is more economical than meat, and superior to it in regard to both mechanical and mental performance. Such food, moreover, taxes our digestive organs decidedly less, and in making us more contented and sociable, produces an amount of good difficult to estimate. In view of these facts every effort should be made to stop the wanton, cruel slaughter of animals, which must be destructive to our morals.”- Nikola Tesla Page 37

Heavy metal history By Breten Ana


very concert is an experience that you’ll always remember. Some people are luckier and witness something that the entire world will remember . Last year I went to a metal festival where one of the bands, Moltley Crue, threw blood on the audience, but this wasn’t the fact that made that concert special. Dimmu Borgir, a black metal band, had a great time on the stage and they said they enjoyed the Romanian audience, but they left without one of their guitars . No, they didn’t give it to one of their fans. It was stolen . As a fact, no bands want to come at that festival , so the 2013 edition was cancelled. There are more concerts that will be remembered over the years . I’d like to tell you about some of them .

1.The Who –“ Hell’s gate” The Who are an English rock band formed in 1964. They became known for energetic live performances which often included instrument destruction. It was December 3rd, 1979, and 18.500 fans had gathered outside the

Page 38

Coliseum in Cincinnati. The concert was general admission, meaning that the best seats in the house were first come, first serve and already more people had gathered than the venue could hold.When the gate was opened the crowd rushed inside killing 11 people in the chaos. The band were not told of the deaths until after the show. Roger Daltrey wanted to cancel the rest of the tour. It was Pete Townshend who urged the group to push forward, saying that “if we don’t play tomorrow, we’ll never play again.” 2.Guns and roses and Metallica –“ Late as always” The concert in 1992 was the dream of a lot of metalheads.GNR and Metallica were helding a concert together . Unfortunately the frontmen of Metallica , James Hetfield was severely burned in an incident with pyrotechnics so they had to cut off their performance. Axl Rose further disappointed the audience by showing up late and then leaving an hour, saying he had problems with his voice. After such a concert the crowd got mad and started rioting, smashing stadium windows and setting fires. There were no deaths or major injuries. Page 39

3.Damageplan- “Concert turns into an action movie” After Pantera broke up, brothers Vinnie and “Dimebag” Abbot formed Damageplan, a heavy metal band which also used the Pantera-style groove metal sound. On December 8, 2004,in Ohio, Dimebag Darell, the guitarist, was shot onstage . The gunman, Nathan Gale, shot Dimebag three times in the head, the third shot killed him instantly. Gale continued shooting, killing three others and wounding seven other people. Gale fired fifteen shots, stopping to reload once and remaining silent throughout the shooting. Jeff Thompson, the band’s head of security, was killed tackling Gale. Audience member Nathan Bray was killed while trying to perform CPR on Abbott and Thompson. It was rumored that one crowd member leapt in front of the gunman, saving the lives of several band members. The drum technician, John “Kat” Brooks, was shot three times as he attempted to get the gun away from Gale, but was overpowered and taken hostage in a headlock position. Tour manager Chris Paluska was also injured. Seven police officers came in the front entrance, and moved toward the stage. Officer James Niggemeyer came in through the back door, behind the stage. Gale only saw the officers in front of the stage; he didn’t see Officer Niggemeyer. He approached Gale from the opposite side of the stage to avoid hitting the hostage and fired a single shot , striking Gale in the face with eight of the nine buckshot pellets, killing him instantly. Gale was found to have had 35 rounds of ammunition remaining. Nurse and audience member Mindy Reece, went to the aid of Abbott, and she and another fan administered CPR until paramedics arrived, but were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Page 40

4.Bring me the horizont –“Skaters “ Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes was attacked onstage during the band’s show in Salt Lake City while on a headlining U.S. tour.Oli stopped the concert because he saw a kid falling down in the mosh pit.Some fans,skaters, were annoyed by the vocalist’s decision. Oli became angry when bottles were thrown onstage in the direction of the band members and toldthe bullies to leave or come onstage and address him personally. Some crowd members accepted his offer and attacked the vocalist. 5.Ozzy Osbourne bites off a bat’s head The Prince of Darkness said the notorious incident - during a performance on his ‘Night of the Living Dead’ tour in the ‘70s - was an accident because he didn’t think the bat was real. He confessed: “A fan threw it on stage and I thought it was a toy. It must have been stunned by the lights because it looked dead when I picked it up. I put it in my mouth as a joke. Its wings started flapping and I ripped it out of my mouth but its head came off!” 7.Zakk Wylde –“ Bloody hands” Zakk Wylde is on e of the best guitarist, he played with Ozzy and Black Label Society. In 2008 , before the concert with Ozzy in Sao Paulo, he got really annoyed and punched a wall. His ring ripped of the skin of his fingers, exposing the bones and muscles. He went on the stage with his injured hand and played guitar the entire show, he chose not to cancel the show and endure the pain.He is a hero for all metalheads.

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by everybody

Humans are social creatures , they aren’t designed for living alone so , they might “broke” if they find themselves all alone. Hopefully , they don’t stay too much all alone , they socialise and make friends , eventually. There are many types of friends but we will talk about those that teenagers have and how or why they lose them . •

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Page 43

• Firstly ,let’s define those friendships after what Wikipedia says :

We lose and make new friends , it’s a circle with different names , isn’t it? However , we always think that making new friends is good , but how good exactly? We manage to get a whole grup of friends and some new people arrive in the near area . They seem nice and you think that adding them Buddy (friendship) to the group would be a great idea, the more , the better. a friend or a partner for a particular activity. Males, and sometimes females, You try to be frirend with them and spend a lot of time with them but uninintroduce a same-sex friend as their “buddy”, or a circle of friends as “budtentionally leave your group alone . Some of them may come and befriend dies”. Buddies are also acquaintances that one has during certain events. It with the new buddy too and so , they also leave the rest alone . At that moalso refers to a close friend. ment , your group is broken and your friends aren’t there anymore. Communal friendship What do we do in this situation ? Get panicked , in most cases. This is just a friendship in which the friends gather often to provide encouragement and one way to ruin your friendship. emotional support in times of great need. This type of friendship tends to last Most of my friendships were destroyed by jokes. Yeah, let’s say that you only when opposing parties fulfill the expectations of support for the relahave 2 best friends. Two of you decide to play a prank to the third.You think tionship. it’s funny but he will usually get really mad. The best thing you can do it’s to Friends are predetermined; friendship takes place between men and women apologize, so you can save the bond between you, otherwise you will lose who possess an intellectual and emotional affinity for each other. But comyour buddy forever. radeship – that ecstatic bliss that comes with belonging to the crowd in warHave you ever felt forever alone ? Sometimes, your best friend starts time – is within our reach. meeting someone, while you are still single. We can all have comrades. If they ask you to go out with them , I’m sure . you’ll say : “ No. It will be awkward.” Well, it’s Best friend (or close friend) wrong ….you two will become distant and someone who shares exmaybe you will stop going out together or even tremely strong interpersonal stop talking to each other. Go out with them , ties with as a friend. it will be fun….don’t think that they will kiss all day long. • Teenagers Another perfect way to ruin a friendship is gossip. You accidentally say something bad During this period of life , about your friend and it’s over , or you hear people need friends more something bad about him and decide he is a than ever. We , teenagers, go horrible person that doesn’t deserve you as a through a lot of changes and friend. Another way gossip can hurt: find out we need support and friends that your best friend likes you. You will feel to survive them well. Keepbad , annoyed , angry, embarrassed and you’ll ing friends near it’s a tricky try to avoid him. job and it doesn’t always go as we wish . Page 44 Page 45

Travelling to ... ...Cook Islands and to...

...Aitutaki By Tomescu Tudor

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Page 47

Cook Islands Scattered over a vast expanse of empty ocean the size of Western Europe, the tiny Cook Islands is a castaway’s dream come true. If you’ve ever fantasised about escaping to a remote desert island, far from the hustle and hum of the modern world, then look no further than these 15 fascinating islands, where you’ll find a thousand years of Polynesian culture sitting side by side with some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the South Pacific. The jewel in the crown is Rarotonga, the largest island - a bewitching blend of craggy mountains, dense jungle and glorious bonewhite beaches - but you really need to get out and explore some of the other islands as well. The hook-shaped atoll of Aitutaki, the second most visited by tourists, sits at the top of one of the world’s largest coral lagoons, packed with giant clams and technicolour tropical fish, and ringed by smaller uninhabited islets, known as motu, around its outer edges. Then there’s the small, rocky island of ‘Atiu, with its limestone caves, coffee plantations and bush-beer drinking; the makatea islands of Mau’ke, Mitiaro and Mangaia, where traditional village life still predominates; and the far-flung black pearl fields of Penrhyn and Manihiki, which most visitors never get the chance to see. But don’t plan on doing too much. Time, like most other things in the Cook Islands, has a mind of its own. Days roll by with the island tides: one morning you’ll be exploring taro plantations, swimming in underground caves and dancing till dawn with the locals, and the next, a plane will be waiting to take you home. Make the most of it while you can - paradise is a pretty tough place to find.

Page 48

Aitutaki Aitutaki is most famous for its magnificent coral lagoon, a highlight of any visit to the Cook Islands, and undoubtedly one of the most memorable sights in the South Pacific. Flying over the island from Rarotonga is an unforgettable experience; the vast lagoon spreads out below in a shining disc of jade-greens, turquoises and indigo blues, studded with 15 tiny islets and bright banks of orange coral just beneath the ocean's surface. It's easy to see why Aitutaki is the second-most visited island in the Cooks, and unsurprisingly for most people the lagoon is the major draw. Snorkelling trips and boat cruises to the deserted motu (islet) are both popular activities, and there are plenty of soft, sandy beaches to seek out - but the island's rural back-roads are also well worth exploring, with many intriguing marae (sacred meeting ground) and some beautiful coral-walled churches to discover.

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Dare to mske hope happen! By Istrate Iulia


lose your eyes and let the darkness envelop you. Inhale slowly and watch as tiny specks of light find their way peppering your view. Slowly, at first, then faster and faster, imagine yourself spinning, spinning like you’ve never spun before, not even as a child in the park, not in the rollercoaster, spin like your life depended on it and maybe, just maybe, if you put enough heart into it, you’ll see. You’ll see the Milky Way, the myriad of silver stars, the gaseous planets breathing heavily in their millennial slumber like petals to a dazzling orb, a ball of flame that pumps life and light into the distance. Now, open your eyes and start analyzing the world around you: the sky goes darker and darker under the pressure of industry, the water flows heavily blurred by pollution, the ice liquefies in flashes like fondue in the melting pot, the Earth roars tongue less, waiting for release, waiting to revive… But where is the light? We are living in the age of speed, when tolerance has become Page 50

ignorance, because time and money are two of the most desired things on Earth and the real relevant values were last seen in days of yore, when people were embracing the world differently. Is there any hope for a better world? Is there just a utopia? Since ages the matter of mentality has involved a delirious fact which represented the crucial issue in the worldwide development among every society, religion, state, family and even every single human being. Having the right to choose symbolizes the opportunity of developing a way of thinking and also a priceless gift that can change the world. Now, is the humanity ready to take action, before all comes to its end? The answer lies in your hands, either whether you choose to get involved because you care or you continue to build the so-called wisdom of darkness. Volunteering depicts one of the simplest ways of releasing this earth from its deepest scars, not only by involving in environmental issues, but also in healing others’ pain, in order to create the world you are dreaming of. Acting in the name of good may not offer you financial background, but it will definitely ensure you the place where you harmoniously can live your life, without any worry of destruction. Furthermore, volunteering represents the basis for the future of humanity. Thus, you should start thinking of tomorrow and use your kindness to create the world that can be seen and touched by every creature. Choosing to volunteer is a liberty, choosing to be human is a hope. Yours. And make it happen. It is said that life is a journey, a meandering road that takes us across turbulent rivers and snow-covered mountains, a shuttle gliding along the Milky Way. And thus, shouldn’t we embrace the gift we have been given and take in the wonders of the world in order to create a better living? Page 51

Education is a life long process

By Istrate Iulia

I use to go jogging around the lake of a park. I have been doing it for thousands of times, but it is only now that I start to question myself. Why have I never stopped before the end line? Or at least why have I never felt the need to stop? Why do I always circle it clock-wise? Is it vital to keep in mind the obstacles I have overcome so far? There are a lot of questions popping into my mind while reflecting upon the education process in my life.

To begin with, jogging around the whole lake has always been a challenge for me, a test of determination and self-control. What is more, all the times I do it I feel the strange and powerful effect it has upon my state of mind. In other words, I feel that the situation is totally in my hands and I am flexible enough to adjust it to any new change. Even more intriguing is the fact that this learning process concerns only my person. Furthermore, after all the time I go jogging (clock-wise) I managed to gather pieces of information I would probably need the next time. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve created unconsciously a learning situation, because I learn each moment whether to avoid or to recreate the moment that just passed. For instance, I have to avoid the log I once faced, I have to breathe rhythmically twice when I feel fatigued or I never have to Also, it is worth mentioning that this learning process I have implicglance at the ducks on the lake- they are like mermaids- once you get en- chanted you loose any skill you acquired. In other words, it is vital to focus itly got myself involved in would be useless without training. That is to say, I cannot keep track of every emotion I experienced over time, but I know on the purpose and, as much as possible, keep a firm one. after I have drawn up my conclusions and applied them whether they were

Page 52

Page 53

constructive or not, whether to make a theory out of them or not. Moreover, there arises the question of which the external part is, meaning who assumes the responsibility of teaching. The immediate response would be I, as I am the one who verifies the information and puts it into practice. Nevertheless, tracing back the process, I think that it is the lake, the route in itself that triggers it all. I depicted, indeed, a learning situation, thus the importance of having or creating the context in which the learning should take place. As far as I am concerned, I tried to create or at least analyse one of my learning contexts and I narrowed it down to a tangible element. Nonetheless, I retraced the stages from end to beginning, as us people are more likely to look for results rather than for the process in itself. To sum up, self education, assimilating the social bound types (the formal, moral, civil one etc.) is a back bone of our existence. Referring to the case mentioned above, it is the sports education that triggered my learning process. Thus, I dare say life is jogging around a lake, as we always settle lakes to circle. Still, as Walt Whitman said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I charge that there would be no theory or school foundet out of meâ&#x20AC;?.

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