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April - May 2010 | 5

Meet the Alexander’s On January 26, 2010, after filling out paperwork for six grueling hours, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) directs Kermit and Tami Alexander to where all the orphan children are held in an immigration holding room In Orlando, Fl. Tami is looking around for their children when she suddenly sees their oldest son, Jameson-14, also looking around to see if he could see his mom and dad coming. Kermit and Tami see all five children huddled in the corner of the holding room. As Jameson and Tami’s eyes meet she sees his big brown eyes open wide with a smile on his face. He realizes that it is mom and dad and all five of them run straight into their arms. With tears of relief and excitement the Alexander’s are holding their children tight knowing that they are safe and in their arms now. Prior to this reunion, let me share part of their story. Kermit Alexander is a 69 years old retired Pro Bowl NFL player. Kermit played Defensive Back from 1963 to 1976 for several teams but he is better known for playing for the Rams and 49’ers. Now Kermit is employed by Riverside Community College as campus security. Tami Alexander 48, she is in business for herself as an Event Planer. But not always has Tami been in business for her self, back in 2003 Tami used to be a broadcaster. She was given an opportunity to go to Haiti with a broadcasting program to report news from Haiti. Which included visits to schools and orphanages. When she was visiting one of the orphanages, she and one of the directors began heading up to the mountain 6 | TML Magazine

top. On her way to the mountain a small 5 year old boy named Clifton came up to Tami, tugging on her pants calling her “Momma.” Tami looked down to the young boy and kindly explained to him that she was not his “Momma”, the thought crossing her mind “this beautiful boy trying to con me as I am sure he does all the females, by calling me momma.” Clifton kept tugging on her pants calling her “Momma.” She chuckled as she walked away. After discussing business at the top of the mountain with the Director she asked the Director about the little boy. He laughs and says “oh Clifton?” He then tells her that he is one of the most out going orphans in his camp. Tami tells the director what Clifton had said and to his surprise because, he had never seen Clifton get close to anyone let alone calling someone “Momma.” And it was at that very moment when Tami knew shewanted to adopt Clifton. Tami had been back and forth to Haiti for several months visiting Clifton and the orphanage. She asked Kermit, which was her boyfriend at that time, to take a trip with her to Haiti. Before the trip Kermit had asked Tami to marry her and she was unsure because in her mind she knew she wanted to adopt Clifton but was unsure that Kermit was ready for a small child in his life. She went on and explained the story to Kermit and he agreed to go to Haiti to see who she had been talking about. While Tami and Kermit arrived at the orphanage in Haiti, Kermit sat in the truck waiting for Tami to bring Clifton out of the building. As he notices this little boy peeking around the fence and with no thought what so ever, Kermit steps out of the truck to look at the little boy. As Tami was coming out of the building she notices that Kermit had Clifton in his arms hugging him. After Kermit and Tami got married, they hired lawyers

after you take him home with you.” She looks at the boy with a surprised look on her face and asked the young boy “well how many brothers and sister is there?” The young boy replied that there are five of us at the orphanage. She looked at Kermit with a sad look in her eyes. On the way back from Haiti Kermit and Tami decided that they would adopt all five children. Kermit and Tami went back to their lawyer to tell them about adopting the other four children and the lawyer told them that he was unable to help them in adopting all five children. They needed to find another lawyer. They found a lawyer in Miami letting them know he would be able to help them with the adoption of all five children. There was a lot of paperwork and it took them over a year to complete the adoption process. The case worker noticed that the parents of the children were not deceased. The case worker notified Kermit and Tami that in order to adopt the children they would need one parent’s signature to release custody. Tami thought “How will I find their parents in all of Haiti.” As Tami returns to Haiti she starts explaining to one of the directors at the orphanage the mishap with trying to find the mother of the children. One of the ladies working at the orphanage overheard the conversation. The worker went on explaining to Tami that she knew someone that knew the children’s

mother. She gave her some directions on how to get to Port au Prince. A driver took Tami into Port au Prince. Throughout the drive, Tami kept praying that she would find the mother of the children but was having not succees. But all of a sudden, she looks through an alley and tells the driver to stop the car. Tami runs out of the car and starts after a lady and when she finally catches up to her she asked her if she was the mother of Clifton and the four other children. To Tami’s amazement she was their mother. She explained that she was trying to adopt the five children and she needed to have her sign the release forms. The mother’s sister was with her and she explained to Tami that the mother would be happy to sign the forms because she was unable to take care of her children due to an illness. Soon after Kermit and Tami decided to move the five children to a different orphanage where they were receiving a better education and a more comfortable place for them to sleep until the adoptions were complete. On January 11th, 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and devastated the entire country with disaster. At this point, Kermit and Tami had submitted all the paperwork to make sure that they would be able to take two of the children in 2010 and the other three the following year. But after the earthquake hit, the Haitian government thought it best if all five children were taken since the devastation of the disaster had left a lot more children orphans due to the death toll. Since all their paperwork was in order Kermit

and Tami decided to take all five children at once. On January 26th, 2010 it had been a long day at the Orlando airport for Kermit and Tami. They were asked to fill out more paperwork for Human Services. But they only gave them one set of paperwork as though they were adopting one child. Tami kept trying to explain to them that they have five children they have Continued on next page

April - May 2010 | 7


to take care of the adoption for Clifton. It was in 2007, that they were ready to adopt and take Clifton home. While visiting Clifton another young boy came up to Tami and asked if he can have a picture of Clifton before they take him. She asked the young boy why he wanted a picture. The young boy replied “he is our brother and we know that we will not see him again

adopted, not just one. And that the paperwork she has been given was for one child, not five. Finally after being moved around from office to office a man comes up to Tami and says “are you Tami Alexander?” She replies with a smile“Have you been assigned to my case?” He replies with a smile “Yes”. She stands in front of him, hoping that he doesn’t believe everything he has heard about her persistent in getting their children has rubbed him the wrong way. He tells her that he is with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and has been assigned to help them with the paperwork. After he realizes that they have five children they have adopted and has to fill out 7 forms for each child he sits them at a table with all five sets of forms.

knowing that they are safe and in their arms now. After seven years of lawyers, paperwork, traveling

After filling out paperwork for six grueling hours, DHS directs Kermit and Tami Alexander to where all the orphan children are held in an immigration holding room. Tami is looking around for their children she suddenly sees their oldest son, Jameson-14, also looking around to see if he could see his mom and dad coming. Kermit and Tami see all five children huddled in the corner of the holding room. As Jameson and Tami’s eyes meet she sees his big brown eyes open wide with a smile on his face. He realizes that it is mom and dad and all five of them run straight into their arms. With tears of relief and excitement the Alexander’s are holding their children tight

back and forth to Haiti all five children, Manoushek 16, Jameson 14, Clifton 11, Zachery 10, and Semfia 9 are happy to be in the United States safe with their mom and dad. The children have learned so much about what we here in the United States take for granted. For example, hot water when showering. After a long day at the airport they went to a hotel room when Tami ask Jameson to take a shower so that he would be clean and relaxed before bed, Jameson replied that it was too cold to take a shower not knowing the luxury of hot water or running water. Tami chuckled a little and finally showed Jameson that there was hot water. Jameson was so amazed he stayed in the shower for thirty minutes. After spending the afternoon with The Alexander’s it was beautiful to see the entire family together and the love that Tami and Kermit have for their children.

8 | TML Magazine

Fitness and Health

GETTING FIT IN 2010 Getting into the New Year where many resolutions were made and probably unfulfilled at this time. One of the most common of resolutions is to get on a diet to lose weight, which can be short lived. Getting into shape is different than dieting and losing weight. It is a committed extended fitness regimen specially made for you. The first question you will need to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to get into shape?” After you’ve answered, “YES!” There are three other questions. 1.Do I have the right attitude to get into shape? 2.Am I willing to commit the time to get into shape? 3.How much will I have to invest to get into shape? These are valid questions if this is your first time deciding to work out or even if it’s been a while since you have worked out. Over the past twenty years the fitness industry has become “state of the art,” somewhat technical, but more enjoyable then ever. There are numerous ways to get a good workout. You can actually tailor your workout to suit your time, budget and fitness level. Start out slow but be efficient with time and resources. That way you will be able to ease into a fitness regimen that will last a lifetime. Let me assist you in answering the necessary questions that will help you achieve your goal. 1. Do I have the right attitude to get into shape? By choosing to read this article you have taken the first step towards having the right attitude. This article is designed to put your attitude in a fitness state of mind. By keeping everything as simple as possible you should be able to reach all your fitness goals. One of the first goals is to picture yourself looking leaner, fitter, stronger, and healthier as you work out and play into a better you. Another is to have fun with it. If you are dreading to workout you cannot achieve your goal. So how can you change this, remember when you were a child, you couldn’t wait to go outside and play. Working out is similar to playing like when you were a kid, just at a different level. Tennis, basketball, cycling, skating, skiing/snowboarding and golf are fun great outdoor activities. But running,

April - May 2010 | 9

walking, cardio and weights are also other fun activities that will help you to get fit and reach your goals. Working out can be fun with the right attitude. Working out not only makes you feel and look better, it will boost your confidence in every aspect of your life. Your metabolism will be quicker, helping you burn fat at a faster rate even when sleeping. It could build up your immune system keeping you from getting sick. But if you do get sick, your recovery time is quicker than normal. Working out may give you a better night sleep and may increase your sex drive. 2. Are you willing to commit your time to getting in to shape? In trying to figure out when to work out, you need to discover what part of the day you have the most energy. Then try to work it into your schedule. A. If you are an early riser the morning is the best time for you to work out. It is easier to burn fat on an empty stomach. If you decide to walk or run in your neighborhood, they’re much quieter and less traffic during this time of the day. Another benefit in working out in the morning is that it may give you more energy for the entire day. After a workout, it is very important to eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast replenishes the nutrients that you burned off during the work out. B. Working out at lunch can be rewarding. Just remember that if you do, follow it with a small healthy meal. The lunch workout and meal will created the energy that may get you through the rest of the day without felling tired and sluggish. C. Working out after work or in the evening will help you relieve stress and tension that builds up during the day. You have to be careful working out during this time of the day because you can really build up an appetite. You can easily over eat. 3.How much will I have to invest ? Gym Membership: There are advantages to fitness clubs such as circuit training equipment, group exercise classes, cardio machines, free weights, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas/steam rooms, basketball courts, indoor tracks, day care facilities, juice bars, locker rooms and personal trainers. Hours range from 5am to 10pm while others are 24/7. Drawbacks; crowded, parking, and sharing. Another is making sure to clean machines and weights before using them. 10 | TML Magazine

Fitness and Health

Buying your own equipment: You need to have knowledge of the equipment you would like to purchase. There are a lot of gadgets out there in the fitness market, and everything you see on TV is not always as advertised. Do a little homework and shop around. By visiting the sporting goods stores or fitness equipment retailers ask questions. You will get a first-hand look and possibly test the equipment before purchasing. You will also need to look for running, walking or training shoes and appropriate clothing for whatever workout you choose to do. It can get very expensive.Other expenses can include doctor visits, heating pads, anti-inflammatory medicines. Last but not least you may want to purchase vitamins and supplements.

Now what to do with all this information? Now you can’t help but get excited and have a great attitude about your new fitness lifestyle. Take a deep breath and commit yourself to get into shape. As you move forward into your new fitness lifestyle, remember the key point, the simpler the better. You are the only one who can change your eating and exercise habits. And as you do, it will also change the way you feel and look, giving you the confidence to move forward in this stage of your life. One last word of advice, from time to time take a photograph of yourself to show your progress. This will be a motivating factor for you!

Written by William Howard

April - May 2010 | 11

Living Healthy with Diabetes Beginning to Live with the Bomb… You go to the doctor’s office for a routine check up. He requests that you get your blood drawn then make an appointment a week later to discuss the results. This is a normal, routine office visit. Most of the time, we all dread going to the doctor. It is when we have aches and pains or you’re just not feeling like our usual selves. You’ve been feeling tired, irritated and short with people. This is when you decide to make an appointment and discuss these changes with your doctor. After your office visit, the doctor sends you to get your blood drawn so he can see what is going on inside you. A couple of days later you receive a phone call from the doctor’s office to set up the follow up appointment within the next couple of days, the doctor wants to discuss the results with you. You make an effort of asking the doctor’s Medical Assistant if it is serious, and in a serious tone replies “I can’t discuss this with you and that is why the doctor wants to see you within in the next two to three days.” She then transfers your call to the receptionist where you make your appointment and the waiting game begins.

it isn’t that serious because he would want you to come in that day, not in two or three days. You calm down a bit ,but the thought of what could physically be wrong is going on in your mind. You arrive to the doctor’s and they finally call your name. She takes your weight and you cringe. Following is the blood pressure gage and she tells you your pressure is elevated and you’re thinking; “I wonder why, could it be all this waiting?” You still make an effort to see if she can give you a clue

Did you Know... That having

which are elevated; higher than normal. You ask him what that means. The doctor replies that you are “diabetic.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? He begins to explain that you can live with this disease by getting your levels under control. All of a sudden you hear the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher in your head, wa, wawa, wa, wawa, wa! It all becomes fuzzy to you trying to grasp what he is saying to you. The thought comes to your mind; “How am I going to deal with this“? He continues to give you information, tells you that you need to make changes in your life; He tells you to take diabetes classes, see a dietician’s , and writes prescriptions to lower your blood sugar count. As he’s walking out the door he tells you to make an appointment in three months from now but to make sure to get your blood drawn a week before your appointment. This is the most common scenario when the diabetic bomb is dropped. But just because it has been dropped Life is not over. There is still hope! You can live a very fulfilling life.

Diabetes means that

you have to excersise the same time every

Your added worry starts by thinking the worst, yet the thought crosses your mind, that 12 | TML Magazine

day... about what is going on with you, but she smiles and says; “the doctor will discuss everything with you when he comes in.”She is meanwhile trying to make you feel at ease with small talk. As she walks out the room she states, “The doctor will see you shortly.” Finally the doctor walks in. “Hi there!” He says with a calm tone and all you want to say is “TELL ME ALREADY!” But you smile and he begins to explain the reading of your blood results. He tells you everything looks good except for your blood sugars

After your doctor’s appointment, many different emotions arise. But it is the reactions that come to light. The most common reactions are disbelief and anger; then the reaction of ignorance - to do nothing. This, my friend, is

As human nature goes, we are creatures of habit. We get into our comfort zone and really do not want to get out of it. Even though diabetes is a disease that will not be easy to maintain and is physically challenging it is your mind that you will need to overcome. By changing the method of thinking, you will begin to help beat the effects of diabetes. You’ve probably heard, eat balanced meals, exercise and get plenty of sleep. I would like to believe this was directed toward diabetics. This three-part combination is essential and will help achieve a diabetic’s goal, which is to get the sugar levels lowered and under control, which in turn will bring a smile to your doctor’s face. I will tell you I am not a doctor of medicine, but I am well educated on what diabetes can do and how your body reacts to what. I have learned by reading and speaking with my doctors over the last thirty years that diabetes is a slow killer if you

don’t follow his instructions. This is why it is so crucial that you, your doctor and nutritionist become a team. Your family, spouse and children, have to be part of this team. This will make it easier for you, as well as them, so that everyone can understand the challenges that you will need to conquer. In the next issues of TML Magazine, I will be sharing with you ways in which eating a balanced meal, exercise and getting plenty of rest can help you make that change your way of thinking. I will be bringing interviews of success stories and how diabetes can really affect your body. I will also bring my own personal challenges and how I’ve had to overcome them.

Fitness and Health

the worst of all reactions. Ignoring that something is wrong with your body is a mistake that can lead to complications. The best thing to do is to listen to your doctor. The sooner you begin to follow his direction, the sooner you can begin to conquer the effects of diabetes. And this will be by taking the medications he’s prescribed and make the appointments for the diabetes classes and nutritionist/dietician.

I will leave you with these comforting words to remember… diabetes is the only disease that you yourself can control. It is your choice to want to live a long and healthy life or a short unhealthy one? My hope help you choose the longer and healthier path for yourself! I look forward to our next meeting, until next time… Written by Seven

April - May 2010 | 13

Did you Know.... Magnesium is a Natural Sedative... Almonds, Cashews, and WholeGrainsarejustafewitemsthat contain Magnesium

Did you Know.... Ifyougrindfreshnutmegservedwith warmorganicoronpasteurizedmilkand honey it Helps you Sleep 14 | TML Magazine

Travel Destinations

April - May 2010 | 15

Business Directory

To Place your business card Here call 619-208-3288

16 | TML Magazine

Business/Finance Continued on page 22

April - May 2010 | 17

Myoung Wang

Myoung Wang, now in her early 50’s, was born and raised in Korea. She arrived to the United States in 1983. Wang has owned a popular clothing store in the Lemon Grove area for the past 5 years. But Wang is not a novice to the business world. When Wang and her husband first arrived, they opened a restaurant. Unfortunately with her husband trying to run the restaurant and having another regular job, within a couple of years they had to close the restaurant down. But that did not hold Wang back from wanting her own business. She then opened a booth at one of the local Swap Meets for 3 years prior to the clothing store. Wang comes from an entrepreneur family. She originally got a chance to work in the clothing store to help her mother and sister. When her mother and sister opened another store in National City she took the opportunity to take ownership of the Lemon Grove location. Now her daughters, Hanna-22 and Jessica-24, help her run the store. Even though Wang’s shop competes with two other clothing stores in that same shopping center, it gets great exposure. The store is located off of Broadway in the Albertson’s shopping center in Lemon Grove. With the latest economy situation, Wang has felt the crunch hit but is not afraid to struggle or fight for her future. Wang is not only a savvy business woman, but has overcome breast cancer. She has been Cancer free for 12 years. She is what most women would call “All Woman”; A mother, a wife, a business woman, and a Breast Cancer survivor. While talking to Wang, her daughter Hanna jumped into the conversation to tell me that she felt “her mom was a hero”. But at this point I think we all can see her as a hero.

Written by Maria Howard

18 | TML Magazine

To contact Myoung Wang at Envy Fashion 619-463-4347

Professionals in our Community

Tim Parun

Tim Parun, 49, says he always feels like he is 25. Parun was born and raised in San Mateo, California and attended San Diego State in ‘79, which during that time fell in love with San Diego and knew there was no other place for him. After college he decided he was going to get into the golfing business and has been at it since ‘88. Parun first began working in the golf industry in Palm Springs for The Marriot where after 4 years was transferred to The Marriot in Arizona for another 2 years. Parun then met his lovely wife Pam and were married in ‘94. After Parun got married him and his wife did some traveling and he worked at various jobs while traveling, when he finally decided to do what he loved the most, golf, where he soon after became a professional golfer. Parun has been playing pro golf since and has made the Buick Classics a few times. But while in Palm Springs he became a golf instructor by mere accident. He began teaching after a friend of his, who was a professional golf instructor, asked him to take over one of his lessons. After 3 hours his

friend thought that Parun and the student might have gotten lost in the golf course. To his friends surprise he had been teaching for 3 hours straight and the student was more than satisfied with Parun. At that point Parun knew that being a professional golf instructor was what he wanted to do. Parun, aside to now being a professional golf instructor, takes time to volunteer in teaching our youth. During the summer he spends time teaching golf for a YMCA camp in San Diego. Not only does he teach the kids how to play golf, but also teaches them how fun golf can be. Keep up the good work Parun, we need more selfless people like you teaching our youth! Written by Maria Howard

For Golf Lessons with Tim Parun you can contact him at 619-222-golf ext 205

April - May 2010 | 19

Lamar Byrd and Mari Perez Lamar Byrd, 81, and Mari (Mawree) Perez (over 40 as she told me) are both from two different areas in the United States. Byrd was born and raised in Arkansas. Byrd joined the Navy when he was 18. He moved to San Diego in ’63, where he later opened his own Dental practice for 44 years. Perez who was born and raised in New Jersey moved to San Diego in ‘64. She became a teacher for the US Government where she was able to travel and teach in several parts of the world. Byrd and Perez met later in life and have been happily married for 17 years. You can usually find them both at a Chamber of Commerce mixer or other ribbon cutting events. They hold Ambassadorships for the San Diego County Chamber of Commerce and are on the Board of Directors for the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce. Byrd and Perez stay fit by being physically active and eating healthy. They also take supplements from their Wellness Home Products which also helps them stay healthy. When these two positive seniors aren’t working on their Wellness Home business, they are planning ways to continue their education through many 20 | TML Magazine

seminars and workshops they can attend. One of their near future goals is to travel through Europe. Even though Perez had seen most of Europe, she looks forward to showing Byrd Europe, especially Italy where her ancestry and family are from. After spending a wonderful afternoon with this couple the only thing that came to mind as I left, was “I hope I can grow graciously older with the same positive and beautiful attitude that Byrd and Perez have.”

Wrtten by Maria Howard

Professionals in our Community

Bryan and Bruce Pendleton

While in San Diego you might see Officer Pendleton in one block and drive down to the mall and see Officer Pendleton again, and wonder if Officer Pendleton is stalking you. But, don’t be alarmed, he’s not stalking you. It just happens to be that two of San Diego’s finest are Bruce and Bryan Pendleton. These identical twin brothers are 49, and both happen to wear the same suit to work.

The brothers were born and raised in San Diego. Together they share 48 years in the San Diego Police Department (SDPD). Bruce has been a SDPD officer for 20 years and Bryan has been a SDPD officer for 28 years. They have and still work the neighborhoods they grew up in. Bruce has not always served the SDPD. He spent 9 years serving our great country in the United States Air Force (USAF) as a fire fighter. While in the USAF he was stationed in various locations such as Florida, Washington State, and spent 4.5 years in England. While being a SDPD Bruce has made his accomplishments through working homicide and the S.W.A.T. team (3.5 years). Bruce is a single father of two daughters,24 and 10, and has recently became a proud grandfather.

Bryan has served SDPD most of his adult life. Before his actual sign up for SDPD back in ‘82, it was by mere coincident that he became a SDPD. His sister needed a ride downtown to take the SDPD exam, when someone there told him he should also take the exam. He figured he would “give it a shot”, not knowing what the job entailed or what he was getting himself into. He was disappointed that his sister did not get hired, but was more amazed that he had because they only hired 20 people out of hundreds that applied. Bryan in his spare time volunteers as President of the National Black Policeman Association Western Region, and has been a member for more than 20 years. You can find NBPA helping during the Christmas Season at various functions throughout the San Diego communities. Bryan is also a single father of two daughters, 22 and 18. The Pendelton’s can normally be found on their days off at their neighborhood 24 Hours Fitness centers working out and staying fit. Though these two men are not ready to retire, they both share some of the same retirement goals, which is to travel through the USA and to see more of Europe. We hope and pray for both of them to be able to see Europe and to make those plans cross country in that “Z.”

Written By Maria Howard

April - May 2010 | 21

Cont. from page 17 Mid-Life

Career Change Tips: Stay current and informed of your new career choice by reviewing trade publications.

Business to Business Networking Professional Development Classes Visibility * Savings * Advocacy

Good For Business Good For San Diego For membership information, Please Contact

Grace Tayama Business Development Manager Phone: 619-544-1384 22 | TML Magazine


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Is your home Sick or Well

Rest and Relaxation




ANY HOME CAN BE A WELLNESS HOME In a toxic stressful world, let us help you and your family live a healthy natural lifestyle with little effort on your part. Contact Lamari Optimal Health Call 858-453-4316

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