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5 Secrets of a Really Tidy Shave Shaving is a vital part of a man's daily hygienic habit. It ensures that their faces are free from facial hair and makes them look exceptionally handsome and welldressed. Learning the way to shave is one of several rites of passage that boys undertake when they go through puberty. This is the major reason why it's extremely imperative that you know ways to shave properly. You can't just buy the best razors being praised by many electric shaver reviews like the Panasonic shaver ESLA93-K and then immediately expect a smooth shave. Even if you have the best equipment, you can't get a good shave unless you know the right way to apply it properly. To be able to assist you, here are five tips for a extremely clean shave. Tip #1: Wash your face- before you actually start the shaving process, the first thing that you should do is to wash your face, cleaning your face guarantees that you effectively get rid of and germs and dirt in your pores and skin. This will guarantee that no dirt or bacteria will be present in case you by accident hurt yourself while shaving. Washing your face with good soap and water may also prepare your pores to quickly adapt to the hair removal which will happen. Tip #2: Use shaving cream - even though some folks prefer not to use shaving cream since they feel they don't need it, it is still better if you use shaving cream while shaving. Shaving cream guarantees that all the hair that you shave off is not going to stick to your pores. This leads to a much more efficient shaving action on your part. Aside from this, shaving cream also moisturizes your skin and also disinfects it. Tip #3: Make sure that your razor is sharp - the key to a smooth shave is a especially sharp razor. With this, you'll be able to get rid of facial hair in just one brush of the razor on your face. It doesn't matter what kind of razor you get as long as its blades are sharp. If you perceive that the blades in the razor that you are using are flat, you ought to replace the blades right away. Tip #4: Move in opposition to the grain - expert barbers continually recommend to shave against the grain. This means if the hair is growing down your face, you need to apply your razor against your face in an upward manner. This ensures that your razor will trim your hair on your face as close to the roots as possible. This guarantees that it's going to take some time for the facial stubble to grow back.

Tip #5: Put on aftershave - to be sure that your pores and skin pores close and to prolong the sheen of your face, applying aftershave is a very good idea. It may also help disinfect your pores and skin and make it smell great. By using these tips together with a great electric shaver like the ESLA93K, you'll definitely have the ability to give yourself a good shave which will last a long time. Many electric razor ratings advise that proper shaving techniques really can increase results you get out from the electric razors you apply.

5 Secrets of a Really Tidy Shave