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3:00 PM 3:00 PM So we finally have arrived back into my hometown Pekin, IL. It’s so cold here and I want to go back to Miami. My house feels so empty and quite. I really miss my dog so much. It’s already been a long day and I have so much to do and lots of plans tonight. This is really hard to go without a phone; I never know what time it is I have to keep asking my mom. I should probably start doing laundry and unpacked but I really just feel like taking a nap. I’ll be back in a few… Zzzzzz

4:58 PM AHHHH… I feel much better now. I had to have my mom wake me up from my nap because I didn’t have my phone to set an alarm. It was nice knowing that I could just fall asleep and know that I wouldn’t wake up to an alarm. Tonight I am meeting my boyfriend’s family at Monicals to have dinner and then we are all going bowling.

6:33PM So I totally did bring my handy dandy notebook to dinner so I can write in it. We are currently waiting for our pizza to come. Everyone is on his or her phone but me, I am writing in this notebook. My boyfriends mom actually took a photo of me and said that she was going to put it on Facebook and tell everyone that I have not died that I am doing a homework assignment that allows me to not use my phone for a whole day.

8:04 PM I am at the bowling ally now and I am actually having a blast. It’s kind of nice not having my phone on and texting people 24/7, or checking it. The looks that I am getting right now are funny, because I am sitting here writing in this notebook. Oh well its fun. I’m not a great bowler; were in the 7 frames and I only having 50 points. My boyfriend asked my to hold his phone while he bowled and I knew he was trying to trick me into wanting to check Facebook or something.

10:18 PM Wow, what a day. I went from Miami to Chicago to Peoria to my hometown Pekin. I’m kind of excited to go to sleep because I know when I wake up I get to check my phone. It’s weird lying in bed in the peace without having the TV on. I will probably get more sleep tonight because I wont have distractions. It’s been a long day so I am heading to bed.

March 16th 10:15 AM10:15 AM WOW!! Did it feel good to finally sleep in and to be able to check my phone? When I woke up I ran downstairs and got my phone from my mom’s purse and turned in on. I had 33 text messages, and 42 snap chats, and other notifications. How crazy is that. I really enjoyed doing this assignment. It made me realize that there is way more to life and my cell phone should not be glued to my hand 24/7. It was hard not being able to have my phone, but then again it was nice to relax and be away from all my social media and texting for a day.


March 15th 5:43 AM

So I’m on the plane right now and was getting ready to take off. I don’t want to leave this warm weather at all. On the plus side I got a window seat on the plane. I keep having the urge to want to check my phone, but I know I can’t. It’s turned off and in my moms purse, so I have to go through her to get my phone.

7:40 AM So it’s currently 5:43 AM, we are getting ready to leave Miami. I had a blast; it’s been like 80 degrees the whole time I was here. Right now its 70 degrees and still dark outside. I have seen on TV about that plane missing and that kind of scares me because were about to go on one to go home. My face is really burnt but I have a nice base tan though. My current mood is sleepy and I sad I have to go home to reality. Before we left for Miami my dog had passed away hours before our plane. It was the most awful thing I had ever had to experience. I got my dog when I was in 5th grade, so he’s been there with me for everything while growing up. Anyways, overall I had a blast in Miami, but now I have to go back home and face the real world.

8:50 AM I’m so tired but it’s so hard to sleep on planes. I look out the window and see clouds; we are so high up I can’t even see the ground. This plane is huge; there are probably 200 on this plane. There’s a baby siting a couple rows in front of me that keep screaming and I’m just so tired. I just want to sleep. I keep wondering if someone has texted me, and if I have any notifications from any of my social medias. My mom thinks that this assignment is great and could be good for me. I agree but I never thought it would be so hard to go this long without a phone, ha-ha and it’s only been a couple hours.

10:15 AM

BRRRRRR… We just got to the Chicago airport and I can just tell its way cold here. I miss Miami already and I want to go back. When the pilot told us we had reached Illinois I looked out the window and could see snow on the ground… ugh. I hope this cold weather doesn’t make my tan go away. While sitting in the airport waiting for the next flight I think about what all I have done over spring break 2014. I actually did a lot. I went to Miami for the first time and it was beautiful. It was so warm and no snow at all. I went on a boat tour and saw all the famous peoples houses on the beach. The houses ranged from 5 million all the way to 40 million. I think that’s just crazy. I also did a bus tour around Miami and that took the whole day because Miami is so big. They have tons of huge buildings and lots to do there. There are tons of wealthy people that live there. The first hour of being in Miami I saw probably the most expensive vehicles in America. I also went to Jungle Island, which was the Miami zoo, and it’s actually on an island. The other days were shopping days and just exploring around Miami. The ocean was freezing but that’s because it’s their winter here right now. I want to check my phone so bad right now. Everyone in this airport is either on their laptops or phones and I’m sitting here when my pen and paper. I could probably be on true life I am addicted to my phone. It helps that I will be on the plane for most of the day so that I can’t use my phone.

12:20 PM

So we just took off to go to our home airport, Peoria. You have no idea how bad I want to turn on my phone and check it. This plane is so small, two seats on one side and one seat on the other side. I can’t stop thinking about my dog today he shouldn’t have passed away. Usually when we go on vacations we can’t wait to get home to our dog, but now it’s just different because he wont be there. I’m feeling pretty emotional today; I just want to sit here and cry, cry, cry. I feel like writing though is helping get my mind off things. This plane ride is only 25 minutes long from Chicago to Peoria. I hate that I just looked out the window and saw a bunch of snow on the ground. I wonder who all had texted me…


For this assignment we had to go 24 hours without using any electronic device. I was really hard, but in the end it was a good experience.