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Comenius meeting in Campalto 6-7-8 November 2008

Here are our partners arriving at school in the morning

Reception: students are ready to welcome our Comenius partners Reporters are taking pictures of the event

Everyone at work in the Library of the school

Exchange of gifts: Luis Miguel gives Annavaleria presents from Spain

Guided tours organized by students Junior secondary school “A. Gramsci”

A short walk fromthemain building of our school to the “Villaggio Laguna” to visit the Primary school “Don Milani”

This is the theatre sketch “Mary Poppins” Students from Primary school “Pascoli” are speaking English with teachers from Wales!!!

Next stop: Nursery School “Girasole” observing an educational activity

Comenius wall

Crafts and other materials prepared by the partners and then put on show in the school stand at the village fair

Saint Martin’s “Castagnata” (hot chestnuts) with children from kindergarten "Arcobaleno“ taking part in the traditional nursery rhyme chanting "Bater San Martin".

Logo competition

Final group works Tour in the"Laboratorio Ferracina“ guided by theexperts of thelocal Association “Terra Antica”

Farewell buffet lunch

Thank you very much and see you in Iceland!!!

1st Comenius partners' visit in Campalto  

visita partners comenius project Side by side in education

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