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Parallel Universes by Maria Gkotzampougiouki

! 2012 ! !


! ! !

For any number of players of any instrument.

! ! ! Decision to be taken collectively: the duration of the piece. ! Directions and decisions to be taken individually: !

• The performer can start “reading” the score from the centre of the spiral moving outwards, or from its end inwards. In the first case, you will have to make a decision on which path to follow up to three times, while in the second case you will have to choose in the beginning one out of the eight possible paths. • Each different path shape, corresponds to a different sound/gesture or a small block of sounds/ rhythmic structure. • The reading of the score is a virtual equivalent to walking on its paths; performers can not jump arbitrarily from place to place. Instead, they have to “walk” the path they are on by repeating their corresponding sound. Neither can they change direction, unless they have reached the centre/ edge depending on where they started. • Each performer moves at their own pace. For example, for a given duration, one player might walk three times back and forth on the spiral, while another only half. • If you happen to follow a path you have already walked before, you need to play the same sound you did the previous time.

Parallel Universes  

Experimental Graphic Score

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