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Maria Forrester Portfolio of Narrative Illustration

Maria Forrester

Freelance Illustrator All images Š Maria Forrester

“Reading books is like a visual journey, quieting the mind and venturing into a private world; transporting you into a different time and space� (me).

The Nightingale & the Rose Oscar Wilde

Materials: Acrylic paint, pen, photoshop. University project Self promotion

Imagine being a nightingale who gives up her life to help a young student find love. Illustration inspired by a children’s story written by Oscar Wilde.


Franz Kafka

Materials: Charcoal, photographs, glue, photoshop. Published in “The Fundamentals of Illustration” by Lawrence Zeegan AVA Academia

Gregor is a man trapped in a beetle’s body. He is rupulsive to his human family and is locked in a room where he cannot be seen.

The Bloody Chamber Angela Carter

Materials: Acrylic Paint. University Project Self Promotion

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter was a book of short adult fairy tales. These two images were produced in my final year at university. The image above is for “The Company of Wolves”, the second for “Puss in Boots”.

Jettatura (The Evil Eye)

Materials: Charcoal, pen, photoshop. To be published in the Cheltenham Illustration Awards Spring Journal 2013

A series of four illustrations were produced to create a narrative for the Evil Eye. This project was inspired by the Amulet and Charms section of the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford where the work was also exhibited in 2012.

Jettatura (The Evil Eye)

Materials: Charcoal.

Original images using the “frottage� method to produce artwork for the final images.

Brixton’s Afloat George Lewkowicz

Materials: Acrylics, charcoal, pencil, photoshop. The Flood Published on iPad

A series of illustrations were created for an author/performer for his self-published book and shows. This project is ongoing.

Snow White Materials: Acrylic paint. Commission for Chameleon TV 2013

Three illustrations were produced in widescreen format for possible use in a documentary. A Disney feel was required and the idea was that the camera would zoom into the middle of the images.

The Very Clever Snail Maria Forrester

Materials: Watercolour/Acrylic paint, pen, photoraphy, photoshop. University Final Project Self promotion

In my final year at university I produced a children’s book which consisted of 13 doublepage spreads, end papers, copyright page and book cover. I created the story, roughs, storyboard and the dummy book. The final book was professionally printed.

Gravedigging Susan Price

Materials: Acrylic paint, pen, photography, photoshop. University Project Self promotion

I produced this book cover in the second year at university using a variety of techniques and bringing everything together using Photoshop.

The Fox

D H Lawrence Materials: Acrylic paint, pen, frottage, photoshop. Self Initiated

I have been working on a number of personal projects since leaving university and have created a number of book covers, this is just one of them. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website:


This is a portfolio of illustration work relating to books for adults and children.


This is a portfolio of illustration work relating to books for adults and children.