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For Maria Fernanda Zuleta Pff this is boring * I thought staring at the ceiling, while the smell of disinfectant walked into my nostrils and the machines beeping infuriated me. In these halls there was nothing at all. Of course no one wanted to bother a mentally unstable girl.

After the visit to the psychologist. Sent to a psychiatrist with a friendly face and a ready smile, the psychiatrist made the usual questions but almost no attention to what he said. I could not stop looking at the blond boy in the corner of my hospital room when I enter here? the guy had not look to be a nurse, and I had not seen before, but there it was, staring at me with a frown, looking occasionally disapproving shaking my arms and I could tell he thought, it was a suicide and I was not wrong, I was suicidal, I was here for that, but I guess you think I'm turning heads and that's not true, I seriously was determined to die and even now suicide is the best solution for me. I did nothing of the things that would make a person short for attention, those kinds of things like call my parents and tell them that I decided to die and then hang to give effect to the situation, no, I did not do that for I really was determined to do it, so when my father left his job I decided to act , taking an extra dose of value . value reaching my throat burn after my stomach and then dissolving in my blood , then my senses and my mind clouded only thought in my plan and not on the impact of this . Let all the regrets behind with a bottle of whiskey from my father and I went up to my room, closed the door and look for a knife, small sharp blade was in my chest, I would really, I cut and not any court not make those cuts useless Emo -leaning people, that destroys your horizontal incision flexor and if you survive you will not have the same mobility in the hand for them " A reminder of your stupidity." No, I did not do that. After catching the knife went to the area more illuminated my room, look at the blade and its blade flash, death greeted me now, and then I did it without further ado. Tear sheet from the forearm to my wrist, opening a vein. Flowed blood rapidly. I could feel my arm throbbed and my blood color mesmerized me. I sat on the floor, look slowly as the contours of my vision blurred and I fell into unconsciousness

Then I woke up here, something must fail and that frustrates me, no you can not die in peace? Apparently not. Now. Now I owe him a bottle of whiskey from a harvest almost nonexistent to my father. And I guess I have to clean the mess out of my room, ha. And having to parade beautiful scar on the forearm for the rest of my existence. And do not forget my stay safely in the nearest psychiatric hospital if. I'm ruined

- What are you seeing? - The question took me out of my ramblings, the type of the wall was still looking at me without saying a word, I stopped to look at the psychiatrist who now looked at me with more attention, I turned to face the wall and my mouth fell to the floor. The boy was not there. I went back to look again at the woman and asked her eyes I shook my head and she nodded, not paying more attention than I had initially could even say that I did not pay attention at all, my mind worked like crazy to explain the appearance of the child, no, not the appearance, was his demise, as he vanished into thin air, do not stop thinking about when the psychiatrist was, no, I could not think of anything else that was not the child with his start disapproving look on me.

And even now as I look at the ceiling I can not stop thinking about this mystery guy I saw in my room, how about you not be a boy if not the ghost of a boy? That would explain why it disappeared in the blink of an eye. But how this guy might be a ghost? I can not believe it's a possibility but it seems logical. My musings were interrupted by falling into the effect of painkillers. Footsteps echoed in the hallway getting closer, the lights flickered intensive care section, as the footsteps approached. I could hear hundreds of whispers. Their rhythmic breaths except for one, felt the bitter taste of fear in my stomach tightly. The footsteps stopped like all the sounds around me except for this breath, this was loud and irregular, then as fast as it did this, it stopped. The light of my room seemed to lose intensity and filled a mortal cold, my whole body trembled and sees the guy I saw last time, the face of the filled my vision and then all I could see was the silver.

I woke up startled by the deafening sound of an alarm, followed by the muffled voice of the nurse in the speakers all physicians announcing a code blue in a room next to mine, I could hear the noise of the doctors and nurses saying instructions quickly after long silence

And every day was this same

Every day someone in the ICU died, or so she heard him say to the young nurse while you put a drug in my serum, this looked frightened; also mentioned that was the product of a demon and I can not believe, does she seriously believes this is the work of something supernatural? Have you thought that perhaps the poor patient care what lead to death? This view is absurd and actually I do not care if my dreams deaths. I'm pretty sure they are the product of this drug that I always apply, come to the point of fighting because I do not put the drug again, I was sick of my nightmares, I was sick of everything.

Outside of the constantly beeping machines unbearable, had a sound, echoing in the hallways. Steps, steps and each time were closer, I had a strange feeling in my stomach, like when you are falling and you want to scream but Why?, And then I felt it, his eyes boring into me from the corner of the room .

I woke with a start like every night, but this time everything was different. Do not listen to the sound of the alarm. Neither the medical body steps, this time I was alone in my room, on my recurrent hallucinations as he was there in the same place as always, looking serenely. I blinked rapidly, thinking it was just the product of my imagination, but still there, so I took courage and asked - What are you doing here? –

- I do not know -His voice was soft, mesmerizing felt comfortable with that, I felt this strange feeling in my stomach was going. I thought about getting up to look at him again, but do not want to find that it was a hallucination. It was too good to be true, could be a product of the drug from the hospital and no. Do not want to break the spell - Do not you know? - Muttered, felt that approached, my body tensed in anticipation

-Sit-his voice woke my senses. As if he had no control over my body, this was incorporated rapidly. We were face to face now, could swear watch as her eyes changed colors, like a liquid mixture between platinum gray and blue, his features seemed sculpted by the same gods, any artist would die for portraying that face

- This used to be my room, 'said serenely - Really? - The colors of their eyes were playing together. Strange ghost, never before have I come across one, but I'm sure people do not define them as solid, pale and you eat the brain, well that did not last, but know what I mean, this guy did not look pale or nor incorporeal. - This is - I understand- kept looking at me the - What were you doing here? - What are you doing here? I sleep here - he raised an eyebrow, her expression serene fun change -That notice-his lips curled into a smile, a very sexy smile. His gaze landed on my arms, her smile disappeared and there was that look of disapproval.

- Why did you do it? - I looked at him confused - Do what? -Do This -he said, pointing my arm. How could he know that I try to kill me? He was a strange guy

-I have a reason, -and had every reason to do so, the illness of my mother, my father's alcoholism and my endless disinterest for staying alive , the list goes on and on though of course not I have to tell him this, so answer. - Do not think that any of your business-his frown deepened - Why do you want to die? - Said or I think, it was barely a whisper, I think the question was more to himself than to me - You're a pretty girl and do you want to die? - I look in your eyes a flash of, Interest? - If. is what I want - that's what I felt, he looked at me intently as if absorbing every word -I understand ... -. The two looked at each other, their eyes burning me inside and was just a moment when her mouth was on mine, his lips were warm but there was something in them to give me chills, his mouth devoured mine with passion, and I answered disbelief even though I felt that something was wrong, our mouths were together, my whole body was shaking, I felt dizzy, no strength, I hit his chest with my hand but did not seem more than a caress. I was leaving; I was being swallowed whole in that kiss. He paused a moment and looked at me. in his eyes now reigned silver, he had a smile on his face. Now one could see that. His mouth and listen to the beeping of the machines now was flat, the sound of the alarm and the voice drowned sounded distant muffled now, the steps were alien to me and completely surrender before this, the pronounced -I have given you what you want little girl

Blue and silver  
Blue and silver