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Our first project: My invention: The pulley

Name of the student: Maria Exposito Exposito 1ยบ A ESO

Detalles del proyecto QUÉ VAMOS A APRENDER:

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la historia de los inventos tecnológicos y su evolución en el tiempo Uso del power point para realizar presentaciones Línea del tiempo de la tecnología


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Investigar sobre la historia de un invento y la evolución que ha sufrido con el paso del tiempo Diseñar una presentacion power point sobre el invento escogido Presentar en parejas una ficha resumen de cada invento


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Fecha de entrega: Fecha de presentación: Fecha de puesta en común:

INDEX (ÍNDICE)          

History of the invention Description of the Invention Views of the invention Uses of the Invention Different Parts of the Invention Changes in the Design Multimedia Gallery Effects on Society Personal Comments Bibliography (Webpages)

1. History of the Invention

2. Description of the Invention

3. Views of the object






3. Uses of the Invention • We use THE INVENTION for: Used to transmit a force and help heavy lifting.

5. Different Parts of the Invention

6. Changes in the Design

7. Multimedia Gallery

8. Importance of the invention BEFORE THE INVENTION


9. Curiosities • A pulley is a simple machine used to transmit a force. It is a wheel, usually solid and grooved on its edge, which, in the course of a rope or cable that is passed through the canal (gullet), is used as a transmission element to change the direction of motion in machines and mechanisms.

10. Personal Comments • the pulley is a great invention because without it we would bear too much weight q and q she can do that is very easy. • because no one could evolve material was invented q new. • Work is a little bit difficult because it is in English. But I learned a lot about the pulley in this work.

The pulley maria exposito 1ºa eso  
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