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Tavi’s Background Tavi Gevinson is a 14 year-old young girl, that with her blog “Style Rookie” conceived ago in March 2008 in her bedroom of the Chicago suburb, completely to the unbeknown of parents, has put at her feet the industry of the fashion. She has 4 million readers, she has appeared on the pages in the New York Times, on important fashion magazines including Pop Magazine, courted by designers from around the world, interviewed by the greatest journalists (Pixie Geldof for Love Magazines)

Tavi’s Background Today, Tavi is the youngest fashion and popular blogger on the planet, even to be guest to catwalk of the latest New York fashion week, during which she sat in the front row. Hysical slender, small fresh and impertinent face, glasses with a showy round fitting and blonde bob like little boy, Tavi Gevinson is defined so on blog: "I am a small little girl unpopular, introverted, that wears embarrassing jackets and eccentric hats"

Tavi’s Background In her blog Tavi talks about fashion: it is very frequented by consumers from all over the world and who are looking for suggestions on the ultimate trends and “the must have”. The style of Tavi Gevinson is absolutely unconventional and out of the schemes: the minute teenager isn't "trendy", as you might expect from any fashion blogger. She loves the heads vintage (better if a size more than her), Japanese designers, giants hats, velvet jackets and the mixes more details and sought. The little girl has certainly original style and is appreciate from the world of high fashion like a real “guru”. Tavi is compared to top-stylist and journalist of trends Katie Grand. Also she overwhelm by fashion passion since she was teenager but she is now arrived at her great successful by creating the new magazine Love

About me:

Wears batman capes and oversized hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo's doorsteps and serenades her in rap. I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time. 5

Video games

• The origin of video games lies in the late 1940’s. These programs were later adapted intos other simple games during the 1950’s, more computer games were developed (mostly on mainframe cmputers), gradually increasing in sophistication and complexity. Following thi period, video games diverged into different platforms: Arcade, mainfare, console, personal computer and later handheld games and mobil phone gaming.

Popular video games

Video games into fashion:

The Product

Creat your proffesional look!

Concept • •

3D computer program

Tavi’s fashion “know-how” will dress the digital model.

Every clothing item will be detailed with brand and price.

Model personalized to each individuals measures.


Product • • •

Available on Tavi’s blog Download fee $39.99 Download upgrade every 6 months $9.99


SWOT of Tavi Strengths Influence Reputation Young New ways Weaknesses Credibility

Opportunities Princess of US fashion Any path in fashion

Threats Wrong collaborations Pressure from publicity

Tavi-Me Values • Style • Personalization • Interactivity • Game into the life

Tavi-Me Competitors Key differentiation to competitors • • • • •

Working with a big name in fashion Have more professional look Interactivity with fashion brands Constant updating Targeting not only teens but people interested in fashion of old ages

Project Runaway Zoe Diseñadora de Moda (Fashion & Chick) Style Boutique Fashion designer

Competitors appeal Project Runaway Style Boutique Fashion designer

Zoe Dise単adora

scope of target


Target Target 1 Age: from 10 to 16 New video game

Target 2 Age: 16 to 30 New cool trend


Conclusion • The idea of this product is: - offering a service by a proffessional “guru” of fashion, Tavi Gevinson. - get consumers to learn about Tavi’s fashion and trends knowledge. - creating looks and learn to be a stylist with real brands. - having fun in something that is part of our all-day life.


Thank You!


Tavi's me  
Tavi's me  

Tavi - me CPB PROJECT Tavi Gevinson is a 14 year-old young girl, that with her blog “Style Rookie” conceived ago in March 2008 in her bedroo...