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Inspiration for the bottle

Jil by Jil Sander - Frame of a bottle Jil Sander Style Pastels- white color for frames and green for font Pure by Jil Sander – clear for the bottle and its content

Last Campaigns

Usage of nature

Possible Models

Name: Valerija Kelava Nationality: Slovenian Eye color: Blue/green Height: 177 cm Bust: 79 Waist: 61 Hips: 86 Shoe size: 37 Agency: Next Model

Name: Inna Pilipenko Nationality: Russian Eye color: Blue Height: 179 cm Bust: 76 Waist: 58 Hips: 86 Shoe size: 39 Agency: Women Management

Name: Ylonka Verheul Nationality: Dutch Eye color: blue Height: 182 cm Bust: 81 Waist: 61 Hips: 91 Shoe size: 39 Agency: Place Model Management

Name: Frida Gustavsson Nationality: Swedish Eye color: Blue Height: 177 cm Bust: 81 Waist: 58.5 Hips: 86.5 Shoe size: 40 Agency: IMG Models

Name: Diana Farkhullina Nationality: Russian Eye color: Blue Height: 179 cm Bust: 82 Waist: 58 Hips: 84 Shoe size: 38.5 Agency: IMG , Traffic


no collar

Deep V-neck


Colours and textures Combination of rough and soft textures




Make up




Inspiration for place

Nature and white ambience

Actual Place


Briefing of Sequence 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

White walls and white atmosphere View on the forest from a window View on the forest from a door Two doors exits The face appears from a door frame We can see only Her profile Close camera She turned her face and we can see Her full face

Briefing of Sequence 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

She stands with white wall as a background The wind is going from a door Her hair is falling and moving on her face She looks at camera She is moving to another door

Briefing of Sequence 14. 15. 16. 17.

She turned her face back She stands on the aperture of the door Close camera with a green background She stands near the door and the scene is divided into two parts: the wall with her face and the door with forest behind

Jil Sander Fragrance  

Jil Sander Fragrance

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