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PR project By Maria Estegneeva

Designer • Name: Imanol Ortigosa • From: Mataro, Barcelona • Occupation: IED student, 2 year • Hobbies: movies, art, beach, nightlife

Recent Design

Research • Strengthening relationship between Spain and Moscow (Spanish designer participates in RFW, Spanish shows in Gallery “Akter”) • There are 2 million dogs in Moscow, every 5th person has a dog)

Dogs` collection Trend


Bright tiger print


Design for dog



Classic black and white

Brand Name: Belka & Strelka

PR Goals Messages: Всё как у людей (rus. almost like people = as people dress) Fashion pioneers Response: • To take participation in our contest with enthusiasm, to make a buzz among their fashionable friends, to become loyal customers Media: • Magazines Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan Shopping, In Style • Social networks facebook and vkontakte

Target Age from 15 to 22 • Education: Currently studying at school or university • Occupation: Student , castings for modeling and actresses • Brands : D&G, Juicy Couture, Cacharel, DSquared , • Fashion dependence : Adopters, followers • Shopping areas :Main streets and medium – high level shopping malls

Age from 23 to 30 • Education: Graduator or having its second diploma • Occupation: Model, actress, socialite

• Brands: Gucci, Versace, Prada, YSL, DSquared, Escada • Fashion dependence: Adopters, followers • Shopping areas: Shopping malls of premium level

Target • Movies: Commercial films and classical iconic fashioned films (Breakfast at Tiffany`s)

• Movies: Commercial film but with philosophical context

Music: Pop, R n B, House Hobbies: Nightlife, shopping, pets, travelling, any entertainment that is fashionable •

Cars: Audi TT, Mazda RX8

•Cars: Audi Q5


PR Strategy "meaty smelling attractant" posters

clubs devoted to the fashion for dogs social networks

Event contest

press releases and invitations media

invitations/ gifts

ten celebrities who have dogs

Press Release

New technologies Webpage

Online shop

Social networks


Crisis Situation Not enough people on the event Bad weather Customer complain about deliveries (considering last problems with Russian customs) Award was unfair Use animals in advertising

No successful background of a designer Accident during event

Respond Before event ask the organization who provides flash mobs Closed tents Warn about possible difficulties that can happen beforehand (on webpage) Create criteria for the winners Show the owner`s interview showing that his dog and he were happy to do it His truly love and interest in Russia 2 months before warn administrative department about planning event

Event Date: 18th of September 2010 Time: 15:00 Place: Park Mandelstam, Moscow

100 people with/without their dogs are invited

Purpose: contest 10 winners will get new clothes for dogs

Around 10 big sponsors Cool yard for your dog Free samples from sponsors

Press: Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan shopping, In Style Photos souvenirs with your dog



Thank you!

Belka & Strelka  
Belka & Strelka  

Belka & Strelka