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“I work best when imagination is as valuable as reality�. Henning Mankell (Political Activist)

drawing performance action


Actopolis, 2015 – Oberhausen, Germany As a “spy-illustrator” flies through Actopolis meeting drawings are produced and information registered. This “info processing agent” makes visible and accessible the various facets of the discussion and debate between the present artists, curators and art producers. The year to come focused debate is digested as a visual database of the process is produced.

conceptual drawing interpretation


Mons Invisible (Mons2015 European Capital of Culture), 2015 – Mons, Belgium Between illustration and the compression and documentation of a complex process we discover an interesting research field. The discussion drew us to a circle and for several reasons it seemed the most evident choice; the circle is the only perfect shape in which all its points are at the same distance from the centre, becoming a symbol of equality and sharing, with no hierarchy. Also, it responds perfectly to the need of having several people working simultaneously from any side. This kind of “Illustrated Investigation Journalism” becomes a cartography that allows us to make visible a lot of complexities and work on the parameters that actually draw the project. By doing it as a collective action the issues that rise - inside the illustration process itself – are very similar to the ones of any urban evolution process. The scale and the constraints are different but it’s the same in its basics: discussion, debate, compromise, negotiation and history.

conceptual drawing interpretation


Mons Invisible (Mons2015 European Capital of Culture), 2015 – Mons, Belgium Making visible the (hi)story of this suspended garden generated a fable like kind of narrative. It tell the story of how such a place was occupied, built and inhabited “opening the source” of the hidden code on how it was done and creating a accessible and shared base for this specific knowledge sharing. Like the forces between chemical elements, the forces operating between individuals are difficult to observe directly. Anyway if we observe cities and built environments we can unveil some of them. As a building takes shape wills are put into reality and spaces gain meaning. This drawing tells the story on how two realities superimpose, interact and change one another: one more physical – the construction – and another one more fluid and dynamic – the “inhabiting”.

graphic practice, various media


Production, Always – Itinerant Using ways of crossing concepts with alternative ways to vehiculate them is a constant exercise. Whatever is available and at reach notebooks, paper, cardboard, scrap, pieces of wood,‌ - rapidly becomes a communication support, the place to try new forms of expression, information registration or idea documentation.

common imaginary mapping

MAPPING NEXT FUTURE Bathin Culture 2015 – Göteborg, Sweden

Potential map. There are layers of information, which we do not get from regular plans and brief site visits. In previous planning projects we started to map these layers of subjective findings and programmatic overlays in what are termed ‚potential maps‘. A ‚potential map‘ is intended as a means of collecting, visualising and locating all the existing uses, hidden qualities and potential players for a specific public space. Together with Platsbyggnad, we have begun to draw a potential map for the Jubilee Parkshould be displayed to the general public and be constantly updated. It could become a tool for communication, participation and negotia­tion for the building of this new neighbourhood and park

graphic interaction various media


Mons2015 European Capital of Culture, Manif ideal, 2015 –Belgium The drawing is not a simple illustration but more like a cartography that reaches to make evident the invisibles that run throughout all the process. Making this cartography allows us to make visible a lot of different processes at the same time and work on the parameters that actually draw the project. This illustration tells the story about the Mons2015 European Capital of Culture, for diferent people and ages. It prints on a big format that works as interactive medium to color it.

drawing social processes


Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) ,Haus der Stadistik 2015/2016 – Germany Be it in meetings, round tables, discussions, complex and multilayered long or short processes a lot of processual information gets lost. Our aim is to adapt, conceive and try methodologies to “commoning” communication. Superimpose and condensate the “visible” and “invisible” – times, concepts, connections… – in order to generate alternative ways of communication, interaction and documentation. Generate processes that go further than the traditional text – sometimes cryptical and time consuming to decode – and pictures – usually very momentaneous and partial captures of reality.

documentacion grafica