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Dynamic Step Forget the world as you move

Dynamic step help firm the buttocks, tone and shape the body, only to walk and the main advantage is that it forces you to keep your back straight. Step are made with breathable the best padded leather, canvas and mesh, it has a beautiful design which made the shape of the foot so that it adapts better to walk. It has a wide range of colors, soft and soft and strong to choose The designer and creator of these shoes is Robert Greenberg, who also performs the design of Skechers shoes. This is an American company dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, in Spain there is a subsidiary of the same brand as in Madrid, which is responsible for distributing the orders made.

Dynamic Step advertised in magazines Thematic female, we have

also published through Internet pages dedicated to the beauty and health. This product is mainly aimed at women without neglecting men ads. Promotion of the product was performed at a charity garden party for the presentation of the new season of Elle magazine in Spain, attended by many important people.

Our product is represented by actress Aitana Sanchez Gijón.Aitana has given an interview to the magazine Saber Vivir explaining the benefits of using our slippers.

Our sales price to the public is 55 €. Our product can be found in specialty sports stores or through our Web.

The cost of the advertising campaign was about €3000€

Dynamic step (1)  
Dynamic step (1)