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Opening of  the  legendary   ABBA-­‐museum  in  Stockholm.     PROMOTION  IN  RUSSIA   Visit  of  the  ABBA-­‐singer  Bjorn   Ulvaeus  to  Moscow  and  other   activities  

”Vecherniy Urgant”  TV  SHOW     •  •  •  •  •  • 

One of  the  top  Russian  TV-­‐shows  led  by  the  famous   showman  Ivan  Urgant   Prime  time  on  the  First  Channel     140  000  000  viewers  in  Russia,  Baltic  countries  and   CIS     Date:  18  April  2013   21  min  35  sec     Link:  

Press Conference  in  Moscow   •  Location:                RIA  Novosti    (“Presidental  Hall”) 20130418/601546162.html   •  Online  broadcasting  of  press   conference 20130418/601603665.html   •  Individual  interviews  with  chief   federal  TV-­‐channels     •  More  than  100  publications  

Special Guest  in  ”People  of  the  Time”   Program,  First  Channel      

•  •  •  •  • 

Prime time  on  the  “First”  Channel     More  than  140  000  000  viewers  in  Russia,  Baltic   countries  and  CIS   10  min  36  sec  broadcasting  time     Date  of  broadcasting:  14  June  2013     Program  description: announce/7658  

Special Guest  in  the  «Active  Life»  Program   on  the  NTV  TV-­‐Chanel     •  •  •  •  • 

”Active Life”  program     Date  of  broadcasting:  22  April  2013     113  800  000  viewers  in  Russia  and  CIS       02  min  40  sec  broadcasting  time     Link: m27600/o536861/  

Interview in  the  Morning  Block  on  the  ”TV   Center”  Channel   •  •  •  •  • 

Morning prime  time  in  ”Mood  Program”  by   TV-­‐Center  channel     Date  of  broadcasting:  24  April  2013   115  000  000  viewers  in  Russia  and  CIS   6  min  31  sec  broadcasting  time   Link: v=j_bqqxO_nSI  

Interview on  the  ”Russia  Today”  TV-­‐ Channel   •  •  •  • 

”Prime Time”  program     Datum:  22  April  2013   50  000  000  viewers  in  Russia   06  min  05  sec  broadcasting   time     •  Link:­‐board/ ptr-­‐april-­‐22-­‐2013-­‐220/  

Print-­‐ and  online-­‐  articles    

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Press trip  to  Stockholm  dedicated  to  the   ofRicial  opening  of  the  ABBA-­‐museum  in   Stockholm   •  • 


Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief of  the  ”Harper´s   Bazaar  Art”  magazine   Editor  of  ”Vedomosti.  Friday”  -­‐ weekend  application  of  one  of  the   most  popular  federal  business   newspapers     One  of  the  most  popular  Russian   livejournal  bloggers  

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Filming in  the  ABBA-­‐museum  with  the  “NTV  TV  Channel”,   ”Their  Tempers”  /  ”Ikh  Nravy”  TV-­‐program.  July,  2013.     Russian  TV  program  “Mornings  of  the  World”   Date  of  broadcast:  

May, 16th,  2013  


Recently opened  ABBA  The  Museum,   interview  with  the  ABBA  music  band   dresser    


04 min  50  sec    

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Interview with  Benny  Andersson,  the  ABBA-­‐singer.     Press  trip  with  the  “Rossiya  1”  TV  Channel  to  Stockholm,   “Mood”  TV  Program  (May,  2013)   “Mood”  morning  program     Date  of  broadcast:  

May, 16th,  2013  


Benny Andersson,  the  ABBA-­‐singer  


12:52 –  16:07  


03 min  15  sec    

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opening of the legendary ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. PR-campaign in Russia.  

Visit of the ABBA music band to Moscow. Press conference at the RIA Novosti Presidential Hall, shooting in "Vecherniy Urgant" and for other...