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FUNDING FOR YOUR NEW DEVICE For accurate quote we highly suggest contacting a local Tobii representative. They can answer all questions regarding funding. The representative can help you customize the device so that it meets your every need. During, every process we have what we call a funding process.   

Please check with your insurance provider if they cover any cost of the device. Each plan varies so it is important you speak with them first. Other sources of funding can be obtained through charitable organizations. Privately paying for the device is always an option.

There are several steps that you must take before taking Tobii home.    

 

Insurance Agency o It is recommended you work closely with a case manager. Speech Language Pathologist o Your SLP will need to write a report justifying your need. Physician o Your Physician will write all necessary prescriptions for the AAC device. Other Therapist o Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist may suggest positing and accessing methods Tobii-ATI Regional Sales consultant o They will provide the quotes for the cost of the device and accessories. Tobii-ATI Funding Department Team Coordinator o Your coordinator will collect documents to provide with the best possible funding.


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