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In the story, Jack and his best friend, Mark. Jack met Clara when his best friend started to date her. Since this day Mark felt in love with Clara but he never said nothing. A few years after when Mark was going to marry Clar, Mark asked him to film all the wedding...

A few days after the wedding, Clara went to Jack’s house to pick up the film but when she started to watch the film she saw that he was always filming her. Jack was nervous so he walked out of his house and left her alone. When she realizes that he always loved her he wasn’t there. Then she understand that he never talked to her and avoided her because he was so in love with her and he didn’t want her to discover his secret.

On Christmas day he went to Clara and Mark’s house and he said to her to tell Mark that there were little children singing Christmas carols. While the music played, he pulled out banners that wished her a merry christmas: he also wrote that he’d always love her and that she was perfect for him.

When he turned around and started to walk home, she started running behind him and she gives him a pitty kiss to wish him Merry Christmas and because she feels bad she never realized he loved her until it was too late.


this is one of the stories of the film Love Actually