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Maria Cecilia Holfeltz Mail:

Phone: 4455-3091.

Mobile: 011 458 655.

Address: 1682 Bussolini between Mitre and Tribulato.

Date of birth: 17/08/1994

Cuil: 27 - 38453397-5

Education: Bachelor’s degree with a major in economics and management in college Monsignor Terrero, beginning 2011-2013.

Languages : English level 2 Terrero Monsignor School. Using the computer: Microsoft Office Pack, internet manage blogs and other applications, design and image using Photoshop and others.

Work experience: • College Internship by Monsignor Terrero in Villa Magna and Associates law firm from July to November. • Customer service in the Kiosk Taka -Taka began in March until the day of the date.

San Miguel November 5, 2013

Law Firm: To Whom It May Concern: I'm interested in getting the job. Found in the daily bugle sent my resume as I believe to be trained for these tasks, in addition to being in your area. From already thank you very much, yours sincerely.

Maria Cecilia Holfeltz

CV y Carta en ingles  
CV y Carta en ingles