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PROFESSIONALS AROUND US …getting familiarized with different professions… By: María Cecilia Gonzalez MLearning course 2014

Professional around us: getting familiarized with different professions Type of mLearning: language, social science, fine motor skills and math Project goal: By the end of the project students will be able to: * recognise and differentiate some professions among them. * dramatize some simple actions related to those professions. * recognize the tools that correspond to each profession. * Introduce students to several apps Target audience: * Kindergarten toddlers (aged 4/5) at a bilingual school will get familiarized with some professions, their tools and vocabulary related to them. Technology: Students with tablets will be able to experienced and have fun dressing different characters as the professional they like the most. See their tools and listen to audio helping them to get familiar to new vocabulary. Deadline or timeline for developing the project: This project will be carried out during the whole project. (May) Description of the project Tasks: •

Teacher introduces the topic “Professionals around us” with a song from internet:

When playing at corners TIC´s area will be available for kids to keep on exploring with the Google Play app ¨Fun for toddlers 2¨ or the Ipad ¨Communite Helpers by Tinytapps¨

There also be able a ¨homemade¨ programme done with power point and hyperlinks in which children will have to select the correct tools and suits for the professions in order to advance through slides. • In the classroom as well as we gain knowledge we will try to dramatize some of the professions and their main actions. Describing as well some of the tools they use. • Students will be also invited to reproduce some actions of a professional they choose, at home, record it and bring it to school to share it with the rest of the group (they will need their family help). • We can also have fun projecting on the screen some videos as: • * Language focus: teacher and students work on specific vocabulary according to the different professions presented. Final Task: •

Children will be invited to dramatized the song from the beginning of the project using costumes and reproduce the dialogues (with help if needed). We are going to film this dramatizations and share them with other groups at school and mail it to parents!

Professionals around us  

MLearning final project - For kidergarten

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