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Maria Carney

Disaster Relief Flood Zones Shelter for flood zone areas. 4th year 2nd project The Social Station Historic District of Dallas Texas Co-working and pop up shop space 3nd year Project 2 Row House 5338 Saint Clair Ave. Cleveland Ohio Historical Residential Renovation 2nd year Project 1

Wall Project Ergonomics Inspired Wall 2nd Year Project 2 Retail Project 315 Gougler Ave. Kent Ohio 44240 H&M Retail 2nd Year Project 3 Clinic/Retail Project 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Kroger’s Total Health 3rd Year Project 1

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This disaster relief is for flooded areas. The units have a waterproof base and can float. the individual units share two shipping containers. The restrooms are on the first level and sleeping units above. Stairs are attached to the unit. The space is set up in a way that the unit can be added on to.

The community space is made up of shipping containers as well. Each container has an extension and if you connect four of them a tent like roof will cover the center area. For Phase one the space will most likely have a kitchen area and a space for gathering or eating. The space is also set up in a way that more containers can on to include spaces as needed by the community.

For the second phase of the individual units for each room two shipping containers are added on the first level and another shipping containers is added on the second level. The first level is made up of a living area a kitchen a place to eat and the bathroom from phase one. The second floor has a master bedroom, closet area and the bunk beds from phase one.

Game Room



This is an example of what the community center could look like. New shipping containers can be added for more space as needed. The more that is added the stronger the structure is.

Security Office Stage

Community Engagement Kid Center

Doctors Office




Town Hall Pharmacy


Med Drop off


Kitchen Food Prep

Food Storage


Food Drop off



Above is a rendering of what the community could look like in the second phase. To the left is a rendering of the kitchen space in the homes. The door goes to the bathroom and the stairs above the refrigerator lead to the bedrooms. The rendering to the right is of the community gathering area. it can be used to gather large amounts of people are for any other reason the community sees need.

The rendering to the right is of a residents room that is located on the fourth floor. The fourth floor residents have a larger space that includes a separate bedroom and a larger kitchen. the residents on the fourth floor also have there own balcony.

To the left is a rendering of a community kitchen that can be located on the 2nd 3rd and 4th level. the community kitchen is to provide a space where the residents could cook there own meal if the wanted while the workers can still keep an eye on them to make sure everything is safe. The rendering on the next page to the right is of a residents room that is located on the 2nd or 3rd level. It is a studio space that includes a living area a dining table a bed and a small kitchen. Each room also had a wheelchairs accessible restroom.

To the right is the floor plan to the office for after hours. When the workers leave the office the space can be transformed into a pop up shop. all the furniture is easy to move and can be used for many different situations. The floor plan on the other page is the plan for the space during office hours. The space is for co working office were people can rent out a desk and work in an environment that is surrounded with others. The area with the gray carpeting is raised 6 inches to allow electrical wires under the desks and offers each desk with electricity. The rooms along the walls in the lower right corner are private areas for discussions. On the left side of the floor plan is the cafe and lounge area also in the lower left corner there is a workshop. the louder areas are purposely separated from the working area.

Clinic/Retail Project

To the right is a perspective of an example of how the pop up shop could be laid out. The walls are on wheels and are magnetic so it can hang shelves and hooks to display clothes. All the tables from the space that are used during office hours can also be used as display or they can be put away in the storage room along with any unwanted chairs. The perspective to the left is of the cafe and lounge areas. In the cafe there is a community refrigerator, microwave and sink. There are different size tables for the different groups that are eating together or working on a project together. There are two separate lounge areas one where the couches are facing each other to influence communication and the other is focused at the TV that could be used for work or to take a break.

The picture below is a perspective of the work stations and how they are an open table with a filing cabinet under the desk that could be locked for storage. The people working in the space a usually renting the desk for a week or two so is important to a space that can be used for multiple people though out the year.

Above is a perspective of a lounge area in the office space. The lounge focuses is directed at the windows to the view of the historic district of Dallas and because it is in the office area it is more meant for a separate quite place for people to work away from there desk.

Clinic/Retail Project

Saint Clair is a neighborhood in Cleveland that is up and coming. In the neighborhood there is a large art movement and DIY movement. Right now the houses are not the greatest they need a lot of work. For our project we were given the task of fixing up a row house so that it will target the new residents of the saint Clair area.

Research of the neighborhood state that most of the people moving into the Saint Clair area are families with two to three children. With that information I was able to fix the floor plan of the house to better suit families without changing it too much making it to expensive for the neighborhood.

Kitchen Perspective

Row House

First Level Before

The first level was made up of the entry way, the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Although the front of the house is at the left of the floor plan, the parking is in the back of the house so the kitchen is the main entry for the space. The floor plan opened up by removing the wall that closed in the living room and the kitchen. By moving the stairs to the basement to the side of the staircase allowed the kitchen to expand all the way to the wall.

First Level After

Second Floor Before

The second level was made up of the master bedroom and two other bedrooms along with a full bath. For the new floor plan the master bedroom was moved to the attic level. Two of the bedrooms stayed the same except the closet was divided in half giving both bedrooms a closet. The house did not need to have four bedrooms so the bedroom in the back was able to open up and become a playroom/workroom.

Second Floor After

Row House

When you see a toucan the first thing you notice is its beak. The toucans beak is large compared to the size of its body it looks unbalanced. Although it may look unbalanced because of the structure of the beak the toucan is a stable and balanced.

The wall takes the same concepts of the toucan by making it unbalanced. The wall also draws inspiration from the toucan by being made up of triangular shapes. In the front of the wall there is a triangle that includes a patterned made up of grass. The back of the wall is where the staircase is located and under the staircase is a water fountain.

Front Perspective

Back Perspective

Wall Project

The loft plan to the left is where the Clarence section would be. It is like that so it encourages people to go up there. Going up the stairs to the loft there is a halfway point where customers could stop to look at the river that is through the windows on the left side of the store.

Loft Plan

Below is the basement floor plan that shows the employ area. Once you come down the stairs to the left is the employee lounge along with an office and a meeting room. To the left is a storage area for all the clothing items.

Basement Plan

To the right is a floor plan of the store. The floor plan shows all the display units fitting in the space they placed in a structured way. Through the store the women’s clothing is on the right and on the left there is the men’s clothing. The kids clothing is in the back so when the parents walk through the space they shop around. The store has a view of the river through the window on the left side of the store. The shoppers are directed to the stairs that will lead them up the loft which is where the clearance items are held.

Street level Plan

Retail Project

The perspective to the right shows the custom stairs to the loft level along with the scenic viewing area. For customers to observe the river. In the back of the perspective is the men’s clothing area. The large picture on the other page is a perspective of the store when you first walk in the doors. The lower ceiling level is on the left and on the right the ceiling is open. The two different ceiling height is supposed to give you the feeling of being unbalanced like the toucans beak. Although the ceiling may make you feel unbalanced the layout of the floor keeps it balanced.

Back of Store

Front of Store

Retail Project





Front Pharmacy


Block Diagram




Plan Outline

The floor plan to the left shows they layout of Kroger’s total health area. The oval desk at the far right is the orientation desk it is in the front so it can direct the customers. The closed in area at the bottom is The Little Clinic that is Kroger’s version of a clinic. It is also at the front so that if anyone is sick they can go straight to the clinic and not have to walk past everything else. Along the back wall on the left is the pharmacy and a consultation area. Between the pharmacy and the orientation desk is the over the counter area. Above the over the counter area is the beauty and personal care area. The whole space is laid out in a way that allows the customers to always be continually moving through out.

Clinic/Retail Plan

Clinic/Retail Project

To the right is a perspective view of the beauty area. There is a large counter to display makeup and at the end there are seats to try on the makeup. Above the counter there is a custom lighting fixture. There are also shelves all around the area. Below is a perspective view of the front counter. There is a customer orientation desk that can direct customers to where they need to go. Tablets are also provided in the desk so the customers can look up products they may need.

Pharmacy Counter Above is a perspective view of the pharmacy counter. The wall and the counter are curved and there is a bump in the center making it handicap accessible.

Front Desk

Beauty Area

Clinic/Retail Project

Carney,maria portfolio  
Carney,maria portfolio