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Maria Camila Quintero. The story of my life Sonia Lรณpez 10-3

AND NOW THE EVENTS MORE IMPORTANT MY LIFE‌ It was a very cold morning on November 20, 1999, a woman began to feel her pain, immediately, her mother and her husband took her to the clinic where with the help of doctors began her work being 1:20 of the Night, a doctor gave birth to a beautiful and beautiful girl named Maria Camila Carmona her birth was a blessing to the family Since she was the only daughter, it was the adoration of her parents and grandparents who gave a turn to their lives, My first year of life tells my mother that they organized a party with many children and there were ice cream and surprises and many more things, my mother tells me to talk and walk very fast, but for the food was very bad and my mother was giving me To the bad ones, my father would take me to walk in the car. He was very jealous and did not allow anyone to observe me. At the age of two years of age I entered the garden was an unforgettable story where I met incredible companions and the teacher who was a love I say it was because he is no longer with us God decided to take it, my first day in the garden was for me Traumatic mother, because my father did not want them to be taking me there, she did not decide to change me because she wanted me to share and interact with other children and surprise fence my father went with my mother to pick me up And that day I left with a blow on the forehead, My father was very angry and told my mother that she should not take me there again. But my mother continued to take me and my father was accustomed, here I was until the age of 5 where I lived pleasant moments. 5 years after the age of entry to the rosary there also had unforgettable experiences, the teacher was also very nice I was very judicious I was winning happy faces for being a good companion and for the personal presentation, and I was also very organized by My notebooks There I was until third grade, my mother decided to change me because I did not want to study further, I entered the I.Colombia where I am now, my experiences there have been very cool with good and bad things but I have learned enough.

And this way is going through my life full of good and bad moments, but they are better than the bad, another experience that I had very beautiful were my 15 years, my parents made me a party where the super pass, this day to me Gave beautiful gifts, so I was a very grateful person with what they gave me, the next day I went for a walk with my mother, this day for me was unforgettable. I also say that my parents are brilliant although things have changed. One of the reasons is that my father had a time that caused us a lot of damage and that's why the love I had before when I was little is not the same, my father is very far from me, he no longer tells what happens to him We no longer share as a united family, I have always admired my mother because she is an excellent person. She is the one who always fought to get me through I can not leave behind that in 2013 was a very problematic person, who expressed me very ugly and always the problems came but I did not like them. I always liked sports. The one I like most is volleyball and I love to play too much and not I stopped training, what I like to do most is to draw with love, share what I think and always be sincere. I also like to eat, sleep and go to walk and what I like is to go fishing with my father, when I went to the first day to go fishing I caught a small fish but then I started to take a lot bigger and my father became very Happy to be with me

In 2014 I was preparing for my first communion for which I was very happy to know that they were going to prepare a meal, that day they dance a lot. I was delighted with the dress I had put, I like to have many valuable things and keep them with affection, when I always go to Cole I like to learn many things for which we learn what is good. I prepare for my confirmation, that day my grandmother I prepared a super meal and at that time I felt very happy. My grandmother is a very important person in my life since she is like the second mother. In addition, it teaches me the things that life has and advises me a lot. With her I also learn to cook since that's why the food is very delicious.

At the age of 8 I learned to ride a bicycle because a partner taught me, but often I did not dare to borrow it. When I learned my father, I bought a huge bike because I felt very satisfied and I would not stop riding. This moment brings a very fascinating memory and simultaneously very sad how fascinating was that, obviously, I learned to ride a bicycle and the sad thing was that before I was struggling in order for him to lend it to me and since I was no longer I had no one to fight with.

Later that my partner left, everything changed since we were all playing together and then they were all taking different courses. Literally we all separated and life became routine, at this moment I had to share with them these moments so beautiful for the ones that were happening before.

I grew up and did not do much in particular, I went riding on my new bike, I did well in the studio and what motivated me most was my parents who fought to give me the best of them every day.

Throughout my life, I learned a very important lesson, that not everything you want is at hand, but what you have will give you immense value since water can be left in storage, but just as people do Disappear.

In those days, I had many important changes, and I began to dislike many aspects of my environment from which I learned the variety of things I owe to the person I am now, I do not think of being or surpassing anyone in my daily life, I intend to get over it every day.

I have always been very dedicated in the things that I like, I always like to see things in a good way since it is the basis of being or being in a state of tranquility. In my house, I have always been told and taught that in life good people give experience and happiness and bad ones do not offer anything productive but in most cases they appear. The negative gives way to positive since the success is a mountain of bad times.

And now I will relate the day that a being came to be part of my life is a beautiful girl to whom I want as a sister, with her I have shared exaggeratedly beautiful moments, which have mainly been based on the company she makes me, when I am sad she appears and my mood becomes a state of happiness, the days when I do not want to see anyone I only have eyes for her.

Another person who marked my life was a beautiful being that until today has shared some beautiful moments at my side, since she is one of the few people who has been in the most difficult moments of my life. That great character is, my boyfriend Darwin.

Other people who have marked my life have been colleagues whom I thank for many things that have offered me, so far, I feel very good with all the achievements that have been obtained so far in the field of socialization I found it very difficult to relate With people according to my heavy nature. I come in constant change, I am always trying to change for my own good, always with the purpose of not liking others, but to like and admire myself. And I have acquired knowledge of them, I am for them as they are for me, here I discard a myth that says that friends does not exist since I think and answer that if someone says there are no good friends is because that person is not a good friend.

In my life, I am grateful to have met them with such wonderful people as people are not happiness, they generate happiness ourselves. Two lessons that are the reason for what I am now are these. + If you want something nice from others, give good things about yourself. + And a phrase that I identify with and was fundamental to this point is the following. Enjoy life, there is plenty of time to be dead.

Already to end the people that I owe them most for helping me to grow spiritually and mentally are my parents since they are like my motivation to move forward, they are the roots that make me strong to face the life and the problems that it brings to conclude my History everything that happens to us is very important since of all the things that we learn and of all things it acquires a great experience to face everything in a good way.

The above was my beautiful story where there were laughs and there were also many tears, where I have lived with wonderful people and I have learned from them, Where there were also problems of which I learned many things, to spend pleasant moments with all those people that until today with the majority I share, as one day I was told not to collect friends, the friends are to love them and to learn much of them, Family and all the people around us.


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