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About Next Next provides high school students the opportunity to shadow professionals for a day at their place of work. Students are able to leave the classroom environment and experience first hand what a day in the life of a professional is really like. With this unique experience, students will be better equipped to make informed decisions regarding their college choice and desired career path.

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Visual Characteristics Our design personality is comprised of three distinct characteristics, each reinforcing the visual mod of our brand from a design perspective. When concepting, they serve as the checkpoints to balance you design layouts against. They also help us determine what visuals reinforce the brand’s mission of connecting high school students to community members.

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Logo The logo is the face of our brand and a key element of our brand identity. Consistent use of the logo is essential to maintaining our identity and gaining instant recognition across all marketing channels and media.

The Next logo has been created with optimal space between the characters. Do not alter these spaces.

The logo presentation is enhanced by maintaining a clear area, void of all imagery surrounding the logo. This area is defined by the width of the Next arrow.

To ensure legibility and brand consistency, the width of the logo must .5 in

never be reduced any smaller than .5 inches or 3 pixels.

In the case of a black background, use the logo in the Next green. Use the logo in either black or white on colored photo backgrounds.

Primary logo and usage The primary Next logo will appear on most communications. The logo is comprised of two elements: type and arrows. These elements are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered or modified. Whenever possible, the logo should appear in black, but it may be used in white on a black or dark background. To protect the integrity of the Next logo, it is essential to follow the guidelines regarding safe area and minimum size. These guidelines ensure that the logo remains clear, legible, and consistent.

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The spacing between the primary logo and the tagline should never be altered.

To ensure legibility, the logo with tagline must never be smaller than 1 inch or 6 pixels wide.

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Tagline The Next tagline encapsulates and communicates the essence of our brand positioning. The wording and position of the tagline in relation to the primary logo must never be altered.

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Typography & Color These two elements constitute Next’s visual voice. Our approach to color and typography is bold and simple. Consistent use of typography and color will create recognition and strengthen the identity.

Browse Careers

Archer should be reserved for the most important information. Use Archer book to distinguish

Niche Restaurant

between different types of

Next allowed Adam, 16, to spend several days shadowing Gerard Craft, a well known chef in St. Louis. Adam was able to experience a professional restaurant setting and got to assist with menu creation and several important tasks that Gerard is responsible for every day.

Use Whitney for body

information. Never set long strings of text in Archer.

copy and supporting text. Whitney Bold can be used for emphasis.



AaBbCcDdEeFfGg HhIiJjKkLlMmNn OoPpQqRrSsTtUu VvWwXxYyZz

AaBbCcDdEeFfGg HhIiJjKkLlMmNn OoPpQqRrSsTtUu VvWwXxYyZz

Typography Next uses two typefaces: Archer and Whitney. Both typefaces can be used in either the bold or book weight. Commitment to these typefaces will create a consistent and strong identity.

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CMYK: 75 5 100 0 RGB: 65 173 73 HEX: 41AD49 PMS: 361U

CMYK: 61 1 76 0 RGB: 106 189 111 HEX: 6ABD6F PMS: 360U

CMYK: 87 25 100 13 RGB: 18 128 64 HEX: 128040 PMS: 362U

CMYK: 0 0 0 100 RGB: 0 0 0 HEX: 000000 PMS: Process Black

Colors The Next colors are simple: black, white, and green. We use primarily black and white with green accents. Use only the provided CMYK, RGB, HEX, or PMS values. This will help maintain brand consistency and avoid confusion.

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Photos & Graphics Next uses photography that tells stories of the personalities, interactions, and experiences of the students we serve. Graphic elements serve to complement typography and photography by adding depth to the layout while aiding in understanding.

Above: examples of students with their professional mentors. Left: example of a student alone.

Photography Next uses photography in two categories: students alone, and students interacting with professionals. The pictures of students alone should be head shots on nondiscretionary backgrounds. The pictures of students and professionals should be pictures captured during job shadowing through Next.

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Icons These icons can be used to illustrate text, and for navigation in online applications. The icons reflect Next’s bold and simple style. New icons should be developed using the same visual design aesthetic.

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Applications The following pages provide sample executions that are meant to provide inspiration and show how all the brand elements work in the communications we create every day.

Home page and information about community a contact.


Website The Next website,, is where students get involved. High school freshmen and sophomores can log their goals, take a career assessment test, and see results for career options. They are then connected with community members and can choose which days to visit.

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Brochure This brochure is an example of how the Next visual system comes together when creating communications materials. Photography, typography, and color all play a part in creating a unified look.

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1 in 422 North 18th Street St. Louis, MO 63103 314.638.6149

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422 North 18th Street St. Louis, MO 63103 314.638.6149

Erin McLear 6170 Pershing Avenue St. Louis, MO 63112

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Maria Burke 路 Identity Designer 422 North 18th Street St. Louis, MO 63103 314.255.6302 路

Stationery Letterhead, envelope, and business cards. Correct and consistent use of this visual system will be the determining factor for a successful identity.

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Next is the result of a collaboration between Maria Burke, Erin McLear, and Alana Downie. Book, logo, and identity created by Maria Burke in the Fall of 2012. Website design by Erin McLear; tagline and brochure by Alana Downie.

Next Brand Standards Manual  

This book is a brand standards manual for Next, a fictitious organization that provides high school students the opportunity to shadow profe...