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V!va Travel Guides Cowboy culture, mighty meat and toe-tapping tango all finish a distant second to Argentinaʼs number one national pastime: fútbol (soccer). Donʼt shy away if someone invites you to a game, but bring a strong voice and your rally shoes. The national obsession, fútbol, is as much a part of Argentine life as eating, sleeping and breathing. It courses through conversations like blood through veins, and everybody—women and children included—is an expert in tactics and players. To attend a live game is to experience Argentinean culture in the raw. The event begins before the day of the game, at home and at the workplace, at the bus stop and in the café. Passionate discussions about fútbol culminate in flailing arms and flying insults. If you donʼt know about a teamʼs history, itʼs better to sit back and listen to the experts: it is part of the pre-game training (and surely as exhausting as the playersʼ professional training circuits). On game day, hordes of fans swarm the streets, moving en masse like an army to the battlefield. Fútbol culture in Argentina has its own language, a collection of idioms, chants and hymns that accompany the trek to and from the stadium. These boisterous demonstrations of fútbol piety echo through the streets, filling the air with an electric buzz. The atmosphere inside the stadium is no less charged. Once inside, donʼt be surprised to see wired fences separating the fans from the field; they are intended to protect players of rival players from the overzealous and sometimes violent advances of rabid hometown hinchadas (fans). While violence has been known to erupt at some matches, it is not the main event, nor is it the focus of the throngs of fans that descend on the stadium. Most of the back-and-forth between rival fans is good natured, teetering between absolute hilarity and total absurdity. So donʼt be afraid: sit back, relax, and enjoy the dose of adrenaline administered at these tournaments. During some special games, the so called “Clasicos,” such as Boca vs. River, Racing vs. Independiente or San Lorenzo vs. Huracán, youʼll see incredible behaviors, such as fans throwing bags of sugar at the opposite team (an attempt to sweeten their sourness), or you may witness diapers sailing through the stands. The intended target: the cobardes (cowards) on the other side.

All the excitement may make you hungry. If your tummy starts to rumble, try the choripán, a sausage wedged between slices of fresh white bread. You can by it at the stadium entrance before or after the game. For an insiderʼs fútbol experience, go with a local fan who can debrief you on the teams, their records, the usual tricks and the prevailing mood in the stadium. It is not difficult to find such a mentor if you say that you love fútbol. Even the most timid of travelers will be swept away by the enthusiasm. When you find yourself spontaneously reacting as the crowd does, you will know that you are part of that collective body, and you will give your heart and your full voice, at least for that day, for the team of, yes, your love. Ultimately, fútbol is Argentinaʼs number one passion: make it yours too.

El Paso Travel Examiner From beloved farms to lively ranches, El Paso illuminates the past Itʼs almost strange to arrive in El Paso and not feel the desire to indulge a little in the ways of the Old-West and it's timeless diversions that cowboys still enjoy. And here in El Paso the backdrop is just a small indicator of whats in store for even the most casual traveler. Ranches in this large city, as one can imagine, can be found away from the urban area and the sprawling suburbs, however, huge properties like the Bowen Ranch and the Chihenne Ranch are almost hard to miss. The fact that these two are working cattle and horse ranches makes the territory all the more easy to appreciate when driving up to it. Questions are more than welcome here and thanks to its well-trained staff, something that you will have more and more of as you take the grand tour! For steed enthusiasts, a trip to Tres Milagros Stables is simply a joy as it is conveniently located near the Sunland Park Racetrack. Visitors of all ages can learn to ride here as well as check out real rodeo shows. Those who truly appreciate the experience may also inquire about the lessons being offered in both riding and rodeo tricks, which ofcourse includes the old cowboy pastime of roping. Although not just of interest to horticulturalists, El Paso has its own farms that face the extreme climate year in and year out. The most notable of which is Lyles Family Farms, which is an immense property that's headed by a daring couple who saw

potential in it's 35 acres of land. Since its beginnings in 1985, the owners have received various awards for sharing the importance of agriculture with generations of young kids and families. And if you're really looking to treat the family to a beautiful landscape, take a look at the greenery and almost romantic tours featured at Stahlman Farms. Three miles of lush Pecan trees make this site seem like a dream, as well as a fun place to let the kids run around and have their own fun. Here, it's easy to understand the pride the owners take in the products featured in their country style store, which has served them well for over 80 years. So whether you're just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or are just interested in getting a broader understanding of how life in farming and other like-minded pursuits was and is, delve right into the history and small communities surrounding old El Paso. Here, it is easy find stories that have given the southwest identity for generations. Shop till you drop from East to West in old El Paso With its ever increasing population, shopping choices have also risen to accommodate demand in the now wide reaching city of El Paso. Shoppers now have a variety of choices that not only serve to satisfy tastes, but offer a pleasant atmosphere and inviting designs that are ideal for enjoying a weekend afternoon in the company of friends and family. The largest and perhaps most visited shopping center is very appropriately called Cielo Vista, which in spanish means sky view. Patrons of this mall will surely find that this rings true as they stroll and behold beautiful views of passing clouds from the comfort of spacious air-conditioned walkways. Its architecture invites natural light like a welcomed wave of tranquility, which in turn ensures that this complex is a place that you'll enjoy spending time in to check out numerous brand-name stores that are just waiting to be explored. After a long while of touring and trying stuff on, you may find the movie theater to be just the ticket to take a very desired breather. Another popular destination is Bassett Place, which is within walking distance of Cielo Vista, of course if the weather is on your side. This shopping center is characterized in great part by it´s numerous stores. If you´re looking to get all your holiday shopping done in one place, Bassett Place is sure to not dissapoint. Here you can shop for things for the home as well as loved ones. Housewares and furnishings and quality electronics are truly something to admire as the selection here is massive. And if you develop an appetite trying to find everything on your list, you are sure to find something delicious to tempt you while you're here. Not only are various non fast-food establishments featured, including a healthy selection of Mexican, but numerous snacking choices are available throughout, which kids are sure to notice. Young visitors may also appreciate being dropped off at the play area to have fun with other kids instead of going with mom or dad from store to store. On the other side of town, Sunland Park was built to serve the needs of the growing suburban community in the west. Although the number of stores isn´t particularly impressive, here you will find quality placed in front of quantity, which includes a very

tasty and inviting italian restaurant that includes its own shop where you can buy all kinds of wine, champagne and light snacks that are sure to compliment any meal. Shoes and brand name clothing for young adults are also worth checking out, as well as the various miscellanious stores which offer a myriad of crafts and decorations to liven up a home. Lastly, El Paso features the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, the newest addition to the city´s selection of large shopping complexes that can be found in the north-west end of the city and features an attractive selection of outlet stores that include name-brand casual, formal and sports wear. This site comes complete with factory stores that guarantee bargains, the largest of which is Nike. Many patrons also consider this place family friendly as it features a spacious indoor food court and kid rides that make for fun photo opportunties. So whether you're looking to take the family out for a good time, or just want to find the perfect gift for someone's special day. Don't fret, and take your time when browsing the many wares, clothes and gifts that El Paso's shopping has to offer. Sports and nature in El Paso, the sun city One thing that can be said about El Paso is that there is almost too much open air and expansive views which invoke simpler times in the open range, but dont let history fool you, the spacious and somewhat arid areas of this Sun city have something to offer thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, not just nostalgic cowboys. Here, the terrain gets more and more varied as you move away from the heart of the city, and serious rock climbers will find that there are real natural challenges waiting to be conquered that are anything but reminicent of a rock wall. Unsurprinsingly, the most popular sites for this sport can be found at the sides of canyons like the McKelligon Canyon, which attracts climbers with its picturesque desert walls and its connection to the red Franklin Mountains. This area is also frequented by hikers, runners and bikers as it is truly an inspiring and fun cross-country experience to relish. Those who truly appreciate an empowering hike through nature, may also be interested in checking out the more historical Hueco Tanks State Park. Although a bit of a drive, its vast landscape makes it well worthwhile, particularly with campers who appreciate a good bond fire. After waking up under the Texan sky, visitors can head off on an expedition down old Butterfield Trail, just make sure to bring plenty of water and a camera to capture some of natures most resilient wildlife. To make a visit to the old Southwest something to truly remember, consider ridding attop a horse down the many routes the El Paso back country has to offer. Experienced riders have the options of a solo mission or an organized trek, which although a bit limiting offers travelers the oportunity to converse and pracitce working as a unit. For a more relaxed interaction with nature, and one that kids are sure to appreciate, the relatively unrecognized, yet familyfriendly El Paso Zoo is also featured. Here one can find animals from all round the world, which includes such majestic creatures as Asian elephants, sun bears and sea lions, which almost always seem in the mood to have fun in the sun.

So if youre interested in embarking on an adventure with friends, family or just your own peace of mind, look to the texan horizon and imagine the possibilities of this largely untamed and welcoming open landscape, and think of El Paso as another chapter in the wondreous and breath taking book of exploration in nature.   Family fun that are sure to compliment sunny days Whether youʼre trying to accommodate a group of fun-loving kids or trying to make a birthday special for your young relation, El Paso has great options to offer boys and girls of a wide variety of ages. Looking for the right place to have a ball is anything but a challenge and just may become a tradition. Starting with the newest and most impressive, Jungle Jaks is a magnificent and rather large facility that offers a little something for all tastes. However, all first-time visitors are sure be impressed by the foam factory. This state-of-the-art attraction is comprised of an air compression system that shoots foam balls into the air which in turn bounce and fly allover a colorfully fun play area. Other available activities include playing soccer in a mini-field, indoor bumper boats and bumper cars for friendly competition, wii-playing in a specially decorated area and coconut tree climbing. For up and coming artists a disco, top model studio and craft making is can also be found which in turn serve as perfect picture opportunities and are ideal for treasured mementos. If youʼre trying to satisfy a need for speed, look no further than Bob'Os and Adventure Zone. They both boast both large and small tracks that are sure to thrill kids, and some adults, of all ages. Additional activities include outdoor bumper boating, batting cages and a plethora of gaming in their exciting arcades. For a particularl energetic group of kids, FuntastiCo Pizza and Games may be the way to go. This splendidly designed and decorated center offers unique computerized indoor rock climbing which features sensors that responds to movements and provide soundscapes, as well a velcro wall that is awesome for little kids to goof around with their friends. Funtastico also provides facilities for the very young as inflatable and bouncy play areas are set up which include colorful adjoining play structures. Although all these places offer great food options, which ofcourse includes pizza, they are also well established and keep bringing droves of fun seekers with their birthday packages and reasonable deals. So if youre trying to make the most out of a beautiful sunny day, or just want to kids to revel in unforgetable pasttimes, take a thorough look into El Pasos beloved family fun centers. Related topics:

South-west living comes alive in El Paso! Putting yourself in the shoes of the people of the old west in America may not be easy despite what old hollywood might have us believe, however, El Paso offers up a nice selection of locales that brings to life its essence. Not only is this bordertown fortunate enough to preserve historically significant architecture, it takes pride in fostering its corresponding stories that illuminate a unique history that its historians can tell with enthusiasm and intimate knowledge. Those in search of a truly enriching outdoor experience can head down to the lower valley and come upon a trail that is more than 400 years old. Churches made of adobe bricks can be examined with ease as one walks along it and tries to capture part of the story of how the area came to be developed by early Spanish settlers. Once there, reaching the original Socorro Mission is a cinch and makes the scenery almost textual as its cultural and political connotations are truly something to be admired and maybe even dissected. History buffs in search of a more acclaimed depiction of history will truly appreciate a visit to a commanding generals residence, thats known to locals as the Pershing House. Here one can delve into the accommodations of an old military leader while listening to the story of how this individual went about trying to capture the notorious Pancho Villa, as well as trying to maintain American military tact in the wake of Mexican Revolution. Visitors left with a desire to seek out local buildings of historical merit can also visit the almost majestic Union Passenger Station, which has an almost cinematic presence with its high cealings and rather unique woodworking. Architecture such as this and the local Burges House historical center offer a tranquil site for travelers, and reach their most graceful with the red and orange light of sunset. The Burgess House, however, is a must for those who are keen on digging into the history of the area, as it houses numerous historical objects and documents, as well as tells the story of one of the pioneers of the area, John J. Pershing, who was instrumental in opening the reknowned Carslbad Caverns and the Elephant Butte Damn. Although El Paso may be considered a bit out of the way, it is an interesting place whose roots are as unique as its modern day stories. To some the region may seem a bit harsh, but upon closer look one can find a variety of settings which tell stories of how people adapted and came to call this rocky, desert place home. So bring an open mind and maybe an open notebook to take notes of how lif El Paso a Flavor of the Past Undoubtedly the first images prospective visitors of El Paso conjure up are of desert and most likely a bit of cowboy aesthetic, and they wouldn't be too far off. This interesting city offers travelers a unique blend of small town hospitality with plenty of big picture history.

Although this place was once considered desolate and particularly out of the way, hence the name "The Step”, it has endured countless sunny and unique summers to come up with its own culture and ways of life that many people of this city would love to share. Look into its more modern features such as its growing art scene, and you will surely leave atleast one gallery filled with intrigue and numerous questions about the roots of this out of the way gem. Take a step into the past and tour its various museums that delve into the history of the region as well as the stories of its first and more recent inhabitants. Learn how this place really wasn't so extreme in the not too distant past and that many of its old practices for both work and play are still in good use today. Popular destinations include local beautiful wineries and ranches where kids can check out the games of the old western style times. Parents in the mean time can take in breathtakin open views and maybe a story or two about the challenges and rewards of settling in this region. However, a trip to this sun city wouldnt be complete without surrounding yourself with native and Mexican culture that is cherished on both sides of the border. You can lose yourself in traditional Mexican cuisine which is so varied that no matter what your budget you are sure to get stuffed in one sitting with all kinds chooey and gooey goodness. And if a takeway or present is what youre after you may like to take a day to admire the various native crafts that reflect the surrounding environment. Follow the interesting patterns of the area's hand crafted pottery, or feel the texture of hand woven blankets that are ideal for picnicking under an open sky. All in al this is a beautiful city with a sultry culture that is sure to leave you satisfied from your tastebuds to your suitcase. So take the big step into this diverse and interesting oasis that rests under the great big Texan sun.

Tripadvisor Miami Traveler Article: Miami Weather and When to Go Miami Florida has great weather year-round with warm and sunny days and breezy tropical nights. Miami boasts the warmest ocean temperature in the United States - making it the perfect spot for a beach vacation 12 months a year. Bring your sunglasses, bathing suite, and beach towel and youʼre ready to relax and enjoy the tropical climate of Miami. November through mid April is the most popular time to visit Miami, as this is the cold season in the rest of the United States. The warm, dry, and sunny winter climate of Miami is the playground for the rich and famous. Miami has the  warmest winter temperatures on the US mainland. High temperatures average from 75 to 77 F from December through March (though many

days see temps over 80 F) and warm nights average near 60 F. In the winter months Miami sees the most tourists, and beaches, hotels and roads are the most crowed. While sidewalk cafes and outdoor venues are common 12 months a year in Miami, they can be the most crowed in the winter months. The summer months (June – September) see hotter temps and the rainy season, so the crowds are smaller. Pack light weight and light colored clothing if traveling to Miami in most months (this is a tropical climate).  Sandals are the preferred casual footwear in Miami – heavy shoes and socks will be uncomfortable for daily activities. If you plan on heading to the trendy South Beach cafes and restaurants, pack the lightest weight dress clothes and shoes you have. If traveling in the coldest winter months (December through February), pack a few pars of long pants and long sleeve shirts (even a light sweat jacket) just in case a cool winter morning appears (below 60 F). Typical winter dress is Bermuda shorts, light shirts, and sandals in Miami.  There are shows and events in Miami 12 months a year, from the PGA Tour, to top ranked tennis events, and world class fashion shows, to the Annual Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival in March…Miami is home to dance shows, theater, film festivals, and food and wine events every week of the year.  

Hotels by the City Best Western Plus Media Center Inn & Suites 3910 W Riverside Dr , Burbank, California Best Western Media Center Inn & Suites is a full service lodging experience that plays host to all sorts of visitors. Its centralized location means that youll be within walking distance of Warner Brothers, NBC, and Disney. You´re right: you´ll be in the thick of the film industry. Universal Studios where you´ll have the opportunity of witnessing some real filming is just two miles from this hotel. Downtown Los Angeles is within access, just a short drive away. As for the hotel itself it boasts many family friendly amusements as well as various comfortable facilities to repose. Busier guests may bring their laptops and access wireless high-speed internet from any public place. Guests of this hotel can begin their days by digging into the hotels complimentary continental breakfast. Accommodations

67 guestrooms are available, all of which exhibit a modern dĂŠcor and contemporary appointments. Many of the conveniences of home are included, such as coffee/tea makers, refrigerators, microwaves, cable TV with HBO, data-ports and 30 minutes of local calling. Amenities offered Aquatic lovers can bring their trunks with them and dip into the hotels outdoor swimming pool. For a more engaging work out, an exercise facility with both strength training and conditioning equipment is featured as well. Busier guests may appreciate having a business center with fast internet and faxing facilities at their disposal. The staff at the 24 hour front desk watch over a safe deposit box. All rooms are safely connected via interior corridors. For added convenience, laundry facilities are available on-site. Does HotelsByCity recommend this hotel? This propertys greatest feature is its centralized location which offers convenient access to a variety of excursion opportunities to film studios. It is also within access of great dining opportunities. Accommodations offer plenty of space to move around and offer the same caliber of furnishings as can be found throughout the hotel. Beds are also very comfortable. Customer service is one of the highest points of this hotel as the staff is extremely courteous and informative. Although the breakfast spread is typical, it is tasty and makes an adequate meal. Inviting pool and efficient business center. Best Western Valley Plaza Resort 5221 Bay City Road , Midland, Michigan Conveniently located near Midland center, Best Western Valley Plaza Inn offers direct access to popular attractions such as Midland Civic Arena, Alden Dow Home and Studio and Dosw Gardens. Business travelers will be happy to know that Dow Chemical and Dow Corning corporate office are within easy reach of the property. Additional attractions include movie theatres and putt-putt golf.. All guests can partake in a free continental breakfast every morning of their stay, and enjoy while accessing the high-speed wireless internet that is provided throughout the property. Any questions about the area can be directed to the 24-hour front desk staff, which watch over a safe. Traveling between the airport and the hotel will be a cinch with the complimentary airport shuttle service. Rooms are connected via exterior and interior corridors. Accommodations

162 very spacious guestrooms are available, some of which feature king or queen size beds as well as most all the amenities a traveler could expect. Homey facilities include coffee/tea makers, cable satellite television, radios, irons/ironing boards and hairdryers. Dataport connections and 30 minutes of local calling are also included. Amenities offered Visiting families can take advantage of good climate to dip into the indoor swimming pool. For a more intense experience, guests can hit the spacious exercise facility which features both strength training and conditioning equipment. For business travelers a business center has been set up, and services such as faxing, mailing and photocopying are offered. Fellow guests can get together for a friendly game at the on-site basketball court. For visiting young people, a game room is also available. The hotels parking lot can accommodate trucks and RVs. If holding a get together ask to check out the meeting and banquet services. Does HotelsByCity recommend this hotel? The swimming pool is inviting, and the area is pleasant. The accommodations feature great amenities and a pleasantly flowing décor. Also the bedding is sure to accommodate even the pickiest sleepers. House-keeping also does a great job looking after them. Customer service is overall top-notch and extremely friendly. The hotel feature great amenities as bowling, gne rooms and basketballl court. Breakfast is quite tasty and features a nice selection of both hot and cold items. Reaching downtown is very easy.

AlwaysonVacation Bancroft Although known as ¨the mineral capital of Canada,¨ Bancroft vacation rentals draw in more than just history buffs. It is a site that is well known for its admirable natural beauty and proximity to a number of fun vacationing spots. Bancroft offers something for all visitors to the area, whether large families who look to make the most out of a get together, perhaps while at a Bancroft villa, or a young couple looking to enjoy some time together in a reasonably pried apartment, the Bancroft area has much to offer. For people looking to save money, they are also encouraged to check out accommodations in the eastern part of the town which features Egan´s Chute, a small gorge that boasts numerous charming apartment options.

There are also a number of cottages available for rent and all offer nature seekers easy access to Eagle´s Nest which is a lovely spot to enjoy a sunset, or sunrise, while overlooking the York River valley. If it´s your first time in Bancroft you can´t go wrong by choosing a vacation home near Paudash Lake which features an extremely popular public beach that truly comes alive in the summer and is the site of numerous fun water activities. From here one can admire the lake with ease and watch people take their boats out onto the water. If you´ve ever wanted to kayak or canoe, this is also the perfect place to give it a shot. In a way, Bancroft is a kind of vacationers paradise where families have come for generations to enjoy its natural splendors and enjoy quality time together in peace. Although it is known primarily for it´s Mineral Museum that keeps attracting tourists every year, tourists stay for it´s points of interest waiting to be explored in the great outdoors. Shediac Known to the rest of the province as the ¨Lobster Capital of the World,¨ Shediac vacation rental homes have long been known to be getaways for people on holiday. And despite being a relatively small town, it more than makes up for it as it beholds beautiful waterfront views and is strategically located between the big and historic city of Moncton and Prince Edward Island. In the summer this place truly shines and sun seekers can check out the home and cottage rentals that feature a safe slice of beach to swim in. If you don´t find a place by the water don´t worry, you can choose a place that offers easy access to Shediac ´s family friendly Parlee Beach Provincial Park where barbecuing opportunities are ample. Sea food lovers are strongly recommended to visit in July as every year the town is host of an annual festival that celebrates its relations to the sea and its corresponding bounty. However, regardless of when you do choose to visit you can rest assured that the rental home you pick for your vacation will make for an elegant and treasured site of fun and fond memories. This is in large part due to the simple fact that many rental homes in this particular area are quite new and exhibit a completely modern design, as well as come with impressive amenities. Many also come with a beautiful and rather large fireplace that is ideal for creating a homey and cozy atmosphere at night. If you consider yourself a sportsman you can also bet that you´ll be just a short drive from a relaxing golf course, and the town port where true anglers can begin their journey to catch some seriously big fish. So don´t be afraid to give Shediac a shot as this town´s unforgettable sea-derived delights are just the tip of the iceberg.

Quebec City Many of Quebec´s proud citizens pay a visit to this city for its historical significance, but they keep coming back for its almost rustic and village-like charm. Whether you´d like to stay in the heart of downtown where numerous bars, galleries and venues are just waiting be checked out, or would like the peace that a relaxed suburban setting offers, Quebec City vacation rental options are anything but limiting. Young folks and small groups of tourists may also find the local apartments rentals to be truly worthwhile as they boast convenient access to Quebec City´s biggest attractions. Among which include the frequently visited National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, the Museum of Civilization, Montmorency Falls and the Basilica of Sainte Anne-deBeaupre. Just make sure to bring your camera as at least half the fun is getting to these places. First time visitors and history buffs may also find that reaching sites of historical signficance to be rather easy regardless of where they choose to stay as many are conveniently located in relation to major streets. Numerous Quebec City accommodations also offer easy access to the Citadelle of Quebec and Ursulines of Quebec. The nearby town of Christine Deuvergne also attracts tourists and makes for a nice relaxed touring opportunity that truly allows it´s visitors to enjoy their vacation at their own pace. For this reason, the town has a number of vacation homes that exhibit a laid back decor and cozy furnishings that may leave you wishing you had stayed longer. Although Quebec City isn´t as immense as Montreal, it is the capital of the province and has a lot to teach those who are interested to learn and admire the region´s history and cultural heritage. It also has an unmistakable charm that only a city with a few stories to tell displays with such ease.

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