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My Employability Action Plan Name: Maria Bella Doneva____________________ Aspect of Employability

How can this be improved?/ What actions could I take?

E.g. CVs and Applications

Update it to include all my recent work experience.

Date: _____________________

How can the Employability & Enterprise Service help?

Who else can help me?

1. Run CV workshops

I want to do this by‌ End of this month

2. Check my CV / application form

3. Resources on CareerBox


Update the information all the

Run CV workshops

time- there is always something

Guide the students-

to improve

checking CVs on a regular basis and help them for improving

The tutor of course- he/she knows the standard of a CV for the particular field

Beginning of May

Covering letters

It should be personalised to the specific company; research the company and updating the information I provide for the organisation

People who already dealt Tutors for the with a huge number of degree covering letters and know what the letter should cover


Doing as much mock up interviews as I can in order to eliminate the stress on an actual interview for a job or placement.

By running workshops for improving our interview skills and organising mock up interviews

Beginning of May

My friends or End of May people who are going instantly on interviews

Contact Details:

023 8031 9427

Students Information Centre (RM050)

Online Resources:

@SSU_getajob SSU Get a Job

My Notes:

My employability action plan