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Mohannad Barakat is Passionate about Water Surfing and Mountain Climbing

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is an expert Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon who has successfully completed several surgeries varying from simple to intricate ones. Whenever he gets some leisure time from his busy schedule, Dr. Barakat loves to pursue his hobbies.

His hobbies include travelling to various places, playing volleyball, football, cricket, mountain climbing, water surfing, cooking, etc. But mountain climbing and water surfacing fills him with the thrill and he never drops the opportunity to do these activities.

Barakat thinks that water surfacing is an outstanding way to unwind body and mind. It is an exciting game that tests strength and tolerance power of an individual. Dr. Barakat has taken a training course to become skilled in this sport.

He takes every type of safety equipment with himself while doing water surfing. Due to his busy schedule, he hardly gets free time, but when he does, Dr. Mohannad Barakat loves surfing with his family members and friends so that he can spend some time with them.

Dr. Barakat is always excited to do mountain climbing and considers it as a thrilling activity. He has climbed famous mountains that are the Andes, the Everest Mountain and the Alps. He learnt mountain climbing under the guidance of professional climbers.

He recommends the beginners to join a training course prior to start mountain climbing and it should always be done with precise equipments. Moreover, the mountain climbers must also have deep knowledge of the area they wish to climb.

About Mohannad Barakat GMC Mohannad Barakat GMC is a well-known trauma, spine, and orthopedic surgeon who have been offering his proficient services as a doctor. He has been in the profession from many years, and has handled many cases on his own. He loves to travel to different places to know more about their customs and traditions.

He is a successful businessman with a host administrative, and delivery companies. worked for several oil companies including ADNOC and BP. He was responsible for planning, product management, and sales.

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Mohannad Barakat is Passionate about Water Surfing and Mountain Climbing