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3cmc─ Introduced as a Novel Research Chemical! 3cmc is basically introduced and classified as a novel research chemical. This is also sometimes called as Chlorinedrone or Chloredrone. This is also more importantly known as a 3-chlor derivative of the 3mmc. There are those researchers who find it just closer to the 3-MMC. In fact, this has its molecular weight of about 197.66. This also has its exact weight of about 197.06. And prior to its IUPAC name, it is 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) propan-1-one. This also appears like micro crystals or small crystals.

Uses It has also been clearly reported that only a minimum amount of one-hundred fifty milligrams is needed for the successful research. It is actually and basically used in scientific research by pharmacologists, chemistry students, chemists, toxicologists and all other professionals in the scientific community. In addition to that, the majority of scientists are buying 3cmc for some specific binding evaluations. They also basically utilize it as an analytical reagent in the field of chemistry. Most of the research chemical samples could be utilized as simple reference tests for HPLC, FTIR, NMR and GC/MS libraries. This is also experimented on in the newest laboratory equipment available. This even resulted in an increase in the popularity among researchers.

Complete Definition 3cmc is not usually seen and regarded as a halogenated cathinone drug. This is more likely compared to a stimulant. This is also possibly classified as an entactogen. In this regard, it is worth noting to consider that a stimulant excites the nervous system. This also increases the physiological function of the brain. The mere fact that research chemicals are considered as drugs with little or no history of human use, it is as well essential to keep in mind care. This is especially when it comes to ingesting it. In addition to that, this is a habit-forming chemical drug that might pose an even higher risk. One is more likely to cause a habit-forming behavior. One will therefore need to take care with the frequency and amount that it is taken. And the mere fact that it is regarded as a tentative drug, it means to say that there is no reliable information presented about it. This is due to the one reason that this is very new.

Dose If you will take 3cmc, you will need to consider in mind the dosage, per se. For instance, oral intake will include the following; light (30 to 60 mg), common (60 to 100mg) and strong (100 to 180mg). If this will also somehow be insufflated, you will need to keep in mind the following; light (20 to 40mg), common (40 to 80mg) and strong (80 to 100mg).

Duration As per the duration, the oral intake will include the following; onset (30 to 90 minutes), duration of 2-4 hours and after effects of 4 to 12 hours. If it will be insufflated as well, the onset will usually be ten to thirty minutes, duration of one to two hours and after effects of three to six hours.

Effects There are many various effects that you could most likely experience and feel. These include the following that you might as well need to bear in mind:         

Increased alertness/energy Euphoria Decreased need for sleep Increased Sociability Mood lift Increased Sexuality Excessive Talking Auditory and Visual Hallucinations Interactions

If you will ever experiment or try 3cmc, it will be essential to bear in mind that it is dangerous when combined with Tramadol, aMT and MAOIs. In addition to that, it will be unsafe to use with DOx. Their combined stimulating effects might result to such an uncomfortable body-load. The effects of the amphetamine will also contribute further to the thought loops. It could as well be quite anxiogenic. In addition to that, if you will combine it with NBOMes, they may result in vasoconstriction, hypertension, tachycardia and heart failure. The focusing and anxiogenic effects of the stimulants will never be good when combined with psychedelics. They could simply result in such unpleasant and unlikely thought loops. They are also known to bring stimulants and seizures that might increase this risk. Prior to combining it with 2C-T-x, expect of an increase in the anxiety levels. There might as well be some risks like the thought loops. These could therefore lead to some negative experiences. And. These could result in some severe conditions like heart failure, hypertension, tachycardia and vasoconstriction. Nevertheless, combining it with 5-MeO-xxT will bring out unpleasant and unlikely thought loops. In regard with the DXM, there might be an increase in the heart rate. Panic attacks will also be likely felt leading to some serious heart ailments. And if you will combine this chemical drug with PCP, it might result to hypermanic states.


3cmc requires much precautionary measures if you will use it. Keep in mind that the combination might lead to some negative experiences. Be careful in combining 3cmc with LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, DMT, cannabis, ketamine, 2C-X, caffeine, alcohol, MXE, opioids and GBL/GHB.

Low Risk and Decreased Effects The good thing is that if 3cmc will be combined with some other chemicals, there might just only be some low risks and decreased effects. For instance, benzodiazepines could be somehow combined with 3cmc. There will also usually be no synergy and just only low risk when you make use of it with SSRIs.

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3cmc─ introduced as a novel research chemical  

3cmc is basically introduced and classified as a novel research chemical. This is also sometimes called as Chlorinedrone. This is also more...

3cmc─ introduced as a novel research chemical  

3cmc is basically introduced and classified as a novel research chemical. This is also sometimes called as Chlorinedrone. This is also more...