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Happy Horse was a tribe and told what happened

Happy Horse fue a la tribu y cont贸 todo lo sucedido.

They had a meeting.

Tuvieron una reuni贸n.

Happy Horse would bring you food every day to his brother.

Happy Horse iba a traerle comida cada dĂ­a a su hermano.

The chief of the tribe thought and thought when ...

El jefe de la tribu pensaba y pensaba cuando ‌

made a potion of water and green leaves with rabbit legs.

hizo una pocima de agua y de hojas verdes con patas de conejo.

And it did not work.

Y no funciono.

All were sad.

Todos se pusieron tristes.

But the chief of the tribe was hopeful and made another potion.

Pero el jefe de la tribu estaba esperanzado e hizo otra pocima.

Green and red leaves, this time with boar leg and moss old pit Thailand.

De hojas verdes y rojas, esta vez con pata de jabalĂ­ y musgo del viejo pozo de Tailan.

And it worked, Bear Mountain became human and got all happy forever.

Y funcionò, Mountain Bear se hizo humano y todos se pusieron contentos para siempre .


A new end for the story with thre group of Tatiana  

Here is another ending to the story of Mountain Bear

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