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Major reasons to seek for marriage counseling Few signs for the need of marriage counselor

• Negative communication: Communication is the foundation of marriage, but if once communication has worsened, it is harder get it to back. • When a partner has an affair: Regaining from an affair is not difficult, a therapist can help to recover from an affair or you can realize that it is good to move on. • When they decide to stay together for the sake of the children: If a couple feels it is sage to live together for the sake of kids, here requires a need of objective third party. • Finance: If you and spouse are fighting over money regularly, a therapist can guide you toward resolution

• When you’re living separate lives: Becoming more like roommates than a married couple, this shows a need for counseling. • You feel alone: Feeling alone can lead a partner to look elsewhere for recognition and feelings of worth • When the only decision appears to be separation: When the dispute is out of control, it’s time to consult marriage counselor to rebuild your marriage life.

Therapist Manhattan  
Therapist Manhattan  

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