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The International Meeting of Action Art at the Pumarejo (JIAAP) have celebrated it’s first edition on the 27th, January 28 and 29, 2011. They are an independent initiative from the Gallery Weber-Lutgen of Seville with vocation of continuity and annual periodicity. It’s curator is Maria AA, performing-artist of Seville with over ten years of experience in the field of the performance art.

Likewise, the performance is understood as an artistic activity that has strong affinities with the character, the forms of expressing, soul and being Andalusian. One of the aims of the days is to open a channel that allows to diminish the distance that the circumstances of the exceptional and the artistic could be , thus creating a space to show, to share, to think and to experiment the new forms of thinking of the contemporary art in which fit artists of all the ages and training. The intention has been of showing the complete range of the action art and it’s convergences with other cultural, creative and vital fields. Works for all the public and ages, having had contact with action art or not.

Performance: Anika Burton “Bajo la piel del cordero”. Foto: María AA

The organization considers performance as a living genre and therefore, having an orthodox origin that expands, experiments and diversifies in the areas of dance, sound art, interactivity, poetry, architecture, video, painting, flamenco and so on.


The long-term aims are that the action days manage to consolidate as a meeting in which the entire neighbourhood participates and identifies itself, as well as to give visibility to this zone of the city that has the particularity of having been an alternative nucleus of cultural resistance to official political from the eighties on, and it continues being in the panorama of current economic crisis.

The agenda has been completed by means of personal invitations of the curator and launching an open international summons of offers that have been studied by a electing committee formed by Jesus Algovi, Isabel Lopez Delgado and the curator of the event Maria AA: Two interdisciplinary artists and a museum conservator licensed in History of Art. The traced intention has been to achieve that there were diversity of criterion.

The programme has been laid out in two sections: live actions and video-actions. In the first partition 39 offers had been presented, 14 of which were invited and executed by 24 artists originating from Andalusia, Extremadura, Valencia, Madrid, Canaries and Italy. In that of video-performance we received 48 proposals of which we projected 27 originating from Spain, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Germany and Ireland.

Performance: Felipe Ortega Regalado e Isabel León “Te conozco”. Foto: María AA

The distinctive feature of the offers realized in the JIAAP has been that of the intensity that derives from the focussing on the work of the performer given the chastens of resources and the limited dimensions of the hall.


There have been propositions of all kind: Near to experimental and phonetic poetry, as that of Fernando Millán, to symbolic and gestural of Emilio and Franca Morandi, to the flamenco of the duo Compá_ginarnos, to dance of Anika Burton or Ana Torres, to theatrical of Paco Nogales, passing to Analia Beltrán i Janés’s denunciations as well as those of Belén Cueto, the homage of Paco Lara-Barranco, to come to the intimate of Felipe Ortega Regalado and Isabel León, the poetical of Marina Molano or the irreverent and kittenish of the Ejercito Revolucionario de Agentes Inspiradoras.

Performance: Belén León “Para ser, primero hay que respirar”. Foto: María AA

Among the selected artists for live action there were out-standing figures as the andalusian experimental poet, theoretician, commissioner and multidisciplinary artist Fernando Millán, indispensable figure in the evolution of the Spanish art of the second half of the 20th century; or the Italian Emilio Morandi, painter, visual poet, performer and commissioner with over forty years in assets. From Madrid came Analía Beltrán i Janés, Paco Nogales and Belén Cueto, all of them have been present in almost every national and internationally performance event during the last years. As already consolidated and familiar values in our ambit Felipe Ortega Regalado, Isabel León and Paco Lara-Barranco displayed their works. The bets of the edition have been the duo Compá_ginarnos and their revision of the flamenco, Antonio Alvarado and his work with new technologies, coming from Tenerife Ana Torres’s high intensity, the incombustible Inma Cunill and the butoh dance of Anika Burton. Among the video-artists we could enjoy works of Bartolomé Ferrando, Silvio de Gracia, María Marticorena and Herma Auguste Wittstock, among others.

In it’s first edition the majority of actions took place inside the gallery, in the street Fray Diego de Cádiz. As nearby collaborating spaces we relied on the Cultural Association Intr:Muros for the proposition with technological implication and the Plaza El Pumarejo for the work of Belén Cueto executed in public space. The works performed in the gallery have been streamed live on Internet.

The overall assistance has been of more than four hundred persons in two indoor locations during the three days. It should be noticed that the public’s attendance has been limited by the capacity space in the gallery, causing that in every act a considerable group of persons was remaining in the street from where they had the opportunity to observe what happened inside.

Performance: Analía Beltrán i Janés “Secuestrada”. Foto: María AA



The press covered at regional and national level. We may highlight the complete page of the Diario de Sevilla, the article in the Correo de Andalucía and the interview of two pages in the digital magazines SevillaDigital and Noton. The complete agenda could be consulted in digital publications of cultural local content: ICAS, LosClaveles, CulturaDeSevilla and Magazine Wego and of national culture ArteInformado, AtlantidaWelcome, IndymediaEstrecho, Boek861, e-Learning, Epistemologia, Performancelogia and GEIFCO.

Las Jornadas Internacionales de Arte de Acción del Pumarejo han contado con la colaboración de: El Centro Vecinal El Pumarejo, el Distrito Casco Antiguo del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, la Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza DeCulturas, la FNAC de Sevilla, el Hostal la Muralla y numerosos particulares que han ayudado desinteresadamente. Los costes de la organización, coordinación y difusión han ascendido a mil doscientos euros, teniendo en cuenta que los artistas participantes, apostando por la propuesta, no han recibido remuneración alguna por sus trabajos y que han corrido con todos los gastos que su participación les ha ocasionado.

The International Meeting of Action Art at the Pumarejo (JIAAP) have relied on the collaboration of: The Centro Vecinal El Pumarejo, the Distrito Casco Antiguo of the municipality of Seville, the association Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza DeCulturas, the FNAC of Seville, the Hostal la Muralla and numerous individuals who have helped disinterestedly. The costs of organization, coordination and diffusion arouse to thousand two hundred Euros, bearing in mind that the participating artists , betting for the offer, haven’t got any remuneration for their works and that they have covered all their personal expenses generated by their participation.

Performance: Paco Lara-Barranco “Que no te toque_F.L.G.” Foto: Isabel León

Link to the photographic and video cronicle of the event:




FRIDAY 28TH OF JANUARY 2011 20 - 21h. Sala1: Proyección de video-acciones 21.00h. Sala 1 y 2. Compa_ginarnos (Sevilla y Valencia). Arraigadas a ti. 21.45h. Laboratorio Intr:Muros: Antonio Alvarado (Madrid). Concierto para telefonía dispersa

SATURDAY 29 OF JANUARY 2011 12.30h. Plaza del Pumarejo. Belén Cueto (Madrid). Para ser, primero hay que respirar. 13.15h. Sala 2. Ana Torres (Sta, Cruz de Tenerife). Hasta 43 garbanzos. 13.30h. Sala 1. Inma Cunill y Marina Molano (Cádiz y Sevilla). Ahora me quiero yo. 18.30h a 20.00h. Sala 1: Proyección de video-acciones. 20.15h. Sala 2. Paco Lara-Barranco (Torredonjimeno, Jaén). Que no te toque_F.L.G. 20.45h. Sala 1. Analía Beltrán i Janés (Castellón). Secuestrada. 21.15h. Sala 1 y 2. Paco Nogales (Madrid). Els possibles efectes de plorar en els homes. 21.45h. Sala 2. Felipe Ortega Regalado e Isabel León (Cáceres). Te conozco. 22.15h. Sala 1. Ana Torres (Sta, Cruz de Tenerife). Camino a la aurora. 22.30h. Sala 2. Emilio y Franca Morandi (Ponte Nossa, Italia). Emotion Plus # 6.

Performance: Paco Nogales “Els possibles efectes de plorar en els homes”. Foto: Manué Reyes

20:00 Galería Weber Lutgen: Inauguration 20.30h Sala 2. Fernando Millán (Villarrodrigo, Jaén). Los Cantos Rodados. 21.00h. Sala 1: Inma Cunill (Cádiz) y GIACEC, Grupo Interdisciplinar en artes colectivas y espacios culturales. Presentación oficial del ejército revolucionario de agentes inspiradoras. 21.30 h. Sala 2. Anika Burton (Sevilla). Bajo la piel del cordero.



FRIDAY 28TH OF JANUARY 2011 Colectivo "Do it Yourself II" (Madrid) 2010

SATURDAY 29TH OF JANUARY 2011 Bartolomé Ferrando (Valencia): Inversión III. Bernard Roddy & Naifeh (EEUU): Variations III for wheelbarrow. Epi Neuraska (Valencia): Doswiadczenie. Filippos Tsitsopoulos (Madrid): Craze. Grasiele Sousa (Brasil): Cabelódromo. The New Spastiks (Irlanda): The Green Piece. Inmaculada Guerra (Granada): Ropas. Ivan Tovar (Sevilla): Mi proceso Creativo. Kuba Falkowski (Polonia): Wiping Away. Luan Mart (Burgos): Nacionalismo. María Marticorena (A Coruña): Polifonía: Dejarme las uñas. Noelia García Muriana (Murcia): Modelo bidimensional. Reyes Muñoz (Sevilla): Y se tú misma. Silvio de Gracia (Argentina): Ego. Tania Ibañez Gavilán (Valencia): Ritual de Muerte.

Performance: Emilio y Franca Morandi “Emotion Plus #6”. Foto: María AA

Juan Alcón con Ila Anna Gimein con Fernando Baena Ebba Rohweder con Nieves Correa Beatriz Carraviaggio con Hilario Alvarez Ana Matey con Luis Elorriaga Paula Noya con Analia Beltrán Johanna Speidel con Belén Cueto Antonia Valero con Yolanda Pérez Victor Bonet con Carlos Llavata

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