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Unit 3: The UK as Destination

The needs of inbound and domestic visitors and the features and facilities that attracts visitors to UK destinations In this e-book, I will be choosing two types of inbound and domestic visitors with different inspirations by describing the needs in terms of access to information, accommodation, transport, accessibility, customer service, value for money and activities Part 1 Inbound visitors 1) A couple (40s) from Japan visiting all the capital cities of the UK; they will fly in and would like to travel by train. They do not speak English. 2) A family (children aged 5 and 7) from France on holiday: they are driving their own car. They speak some English between them Domestic visitors 1) A family (children aged 10 and 12) wanting a day visit to a theme park; they would like to use public transport 2) A couple (20s) wanting a weekend break in the UK; will use their own car. Inbound visitors There are many travellers coming into this country to visit a lot of places and have fun with their friends or family. From 2007 until 2008, there were 1 000 000 visitors from oversea in the UK. This means the Gross Domestic product have increased extremely because there was a record of ÂŁ16.3 billion that is 2.3% more than the previous year which is amazing as this country have to offer so many beautiful places to make them enjoy. It is good to find out the visitors needs in terms of culture or food because international people normally come here

Access to information: The internet is a source that will help them to have access to a lot of information such as the price of the train ticket, website that have language facilities for this Japanese couple as they don't speak English. Although, it is very helpful because they need information about transport, accommodation and many other attractions to visit the UK as they’re coming to enjoy the beautiful country. However, websites such as Visit Britain are very supportive because it has got a local language website facility which makes it easy for this couple that are on their 40s. 2nd Inbound visitors--> This family comes from France and wants to spend time in the UK with their children. In order to get access to information what they have to do is look up online to get so many information because the website will help them as they can find their journey with the help of google maps and know what route they have to do as well as knowing how long they will take by car because nowadays technology is very advanced which is an advantage for everyone.


The couple will need a hotel in all four capital cities in the UK such as London which is the capital city of England, Edinburgh which is the capital city of Scotland, Cardiff which is the capital city of Wales and Belfast which is the capital city of Northern Ireland. They’re expecting a good customer service from the hotel they’re staying overnight because they’re on the 40s as well as having their room cleaned without the need to be spacious because they are only 2 people. However, in the hotel restaurants they'll expect to have the menus translated from English to Japanese because they're struggling with the language which will help them to understand what food the restaurant is offering and choose what they like. They could stay in a 3* or 4* star hotel with spa included because it will make them have a relax time as they deserve it. 2nd inbound visitor--> Since they are 4 people, they will need a bigger accommodation which means it will be better to rent an apartment for them, especially for children because they have to have their own space and make noises without disturbing other people such as elderly. The apartment would be a benefit for them to stay because the family have their own space for all of them. As well as the couple, in a restaurant, they will expect to have menus translated to French because they can understand better, even though they know a little bit of English. This means the hotel will meet their needs and give them the opportunity to choose whatever they like to eat. Since they have their own car, they will need a private car parking included in the prince of the rent which makes them have a less chance of getting a fine.

Transport: This couple will use 2 types of transport to travel because from Japan to London, they will get a flight, once they’re in the UK would like to travel by train in order to get to know all the capital cities of the UK which is very interesting and quicker. As soon as they arrive to the airport in the UK, their expectation is to have clear information about services across transport systems from the tourist information centre or a travel

agency because they could give the couple brochures . The internet will help because there is a website called www.transport that gives everything they need to know about transportation around Great Britain but the problem is that they’re on the 40s and might have some difficulties to navigate on the internet because technology has improved a lot. An employer of the hotel could help the Japanese couple with travelling around the UK. It would be helpful if the hotel could provide someone from Japan. 2nd inbound visitor--> Their transport is their own car which means they won't have any problem to find out what bus or train they have to get which is a benefit for them as they have this facility and it is also comfortable as they have children and they won't get lost easily in public transport, just because they have a car. However, they need to consider the fact that google maps will help them a lot to find out the routes they have to do. This is the reason why internet is very helpful and improving always more as well as making everyone satisfied. Having their own car it is an advantage because they have children and could move easily around the area they want to visit but the disadvantage is that everytime they would like to stop and park their car, it will be a problem because is not always easy as there's a certain amount of time that the car can be parked, unless they pay a lot for many hours.

Accessibility: This is when both tourist facility and attraction is available to so many people without having any restrictions towards them which makes them have the freedom they've always desired. The only problem this couple have is that they don't speak English, to sort this problem out, it will be a good idea to provide them with a private interpreter to translate for them for any information they're willing to know. 2nd inbound visitor--> Since they are a family, it is easy to have access to attractions because children will want to have fun when they arrive to the country.

Customer service: As a couple they expect to receive great customer service because they're paying for the journey to visit all the capital cities in the UK which means that they must get information from transport and travel services they will use. In order for the staff to provide with excellent customer service to all travellers, they need to be trained so they get a good reputation for the company and they will be more than happy to travel to the UK once again. Welcome Host and Welcome all are customer service training which empathise the importance of excellent customer service in the travel and tourism industry because it is essential. 2nd inbound visitor--> This family expect a high standard customer service because they have children that need to be educated and get to know more places in the UK. In order to get to know more London, they need to refer to a

Value for money: If this couple feels that they have got a good customer service from the staff that works within the industry, it means that the value is good, value for money doesn't really mean

price of something, e.g if it is cheaper or not. The value for money is good for them because they had an amazing experience by visiting all the capital cities of the UK 2nd inbound visitor: Since the first inbound visitor appreciate the products and services that is been offered to them, the second inbound visitors are in the same position because value for money means how good the service is towards them which is a benefit for this family.

Activities: The tourist providers have to know what the traveller tends to do. In this case, the couple wants to visit UK and since they're on their 40s, the tourist board might give them the opportunity to visit events in each capital city they arrive to make them have a knowledge of various places in the UK. In London, the couple can go to take an afternoon tea at the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair as well as joining a free art tour at the National Gallery in Trafalgar square as they will be interested about the history of the country. There are many attractions in London they can visit. An example of this Westminster Cathedral which is one of the most eye-catching from visitor. 2nd inbound visitor: Children would have fun by going to Theme parks which will be a great and new experience for them because the tourist board will organise everything for them. They have an advantage because they speak English and can communicate with anyone for information.

Domestic visitors Access to information: This family have children age 10 to 12 and would like to go to a Theme park in the UK which means that they can have access to information via the internet because they can find out the price of the tickets for Thorpe Park for a family as there are many discounts this attraction make. However, they can have access to information by asking a travel agency brochures about the time of public transport and more. 2nd domestic visitor: This couple will get access to information with the help of google maps because it will guide them by showing what route they have to do as they have got their own car.

Accommodation: This family will expect a high standard accommodation for them and their children. An apartment would be an option where to stay during their holidays in the UK because they will have their own space and children could be as loud as possible without any complaints from other people. If they stay in a hotel, it would be much harder and uncomfortable for their parents because children like playing a lot

2nd domestic visitor: the young couple will expect to have an accommodation in a hotel because is more romantic for them. They will expect to have 24h reception opened, cleaned room and good attention in the hotel because they're paying for it and would like to enjoy as much as possible.

Transport: In order to have a day in a Theme park, the family have to use the bus which is important and it is their needs, they expect to have a good transportation system which means that they will be very pleased as in the UK there is a good public transport system because both buses and underground comes every 2 min which will be a benefit for them. 2nd domestic visitor: they will use their own car which means that they won't need public transport and avoid information about the time of the bus and more. They'll expect the instructions on the road are correct because they will have to follow it to get to their desired destination.

Accessibility: Accessibility is very important for both visitors because it will help both of them to have the accessibility anywhere they would like to in the UK

Customer service: The family will expect excellent customer service because it is essential as they're coming to visit the UK and need to get information about places to visit such as museums, attractions and more to make them feel satisfied.

2nd domestic visitor: as well as the family, the young couple expects a very good customer service from the staff that works in the travel industry

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Value for money: this is the importance of the service that is been offered to the family and the young couple because value for money is not necessarily about the price of something,

Activities: the family with their children will want to go theme park to let them have fun and make them do aa lot of activities getting new experience The young couple could go to visit places and theme park to have fun together. They'll expect a good place so that they could come again. The activities they could be doing is having excursions together and visiting places such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, going to some outdoor activities such as Newquay Activity centre where they can be experiencing how to surf and learn new skills together having an amazing time.

P3- Choose 3 destination and talk about them • • •

Coastal resort Countryside area Historical or cultural town or city

For Coastal resort, I chose Northumberland coast and the features include Alnmouth, Bamburgh, Beadnell, Budle Bay, Cocklawburn beach, Craster, Dunstanburgh Castle, the Farne Islands, Lindisfarne and Seahouses. They all lies within the natural region of the North Northumberland Coastal Plain. It is a beautiful coastal resort as it is located in Northumberland, north east of England and regarding accessibility is very easy for visitors to get there because there are trains and buses that will take them there, people are most likely to get trains because are quicker and will get to the destination before. This location have got built attractions such as piers, give the opportunity to visitors to play arcades and tuck into fish and chips while they enjoy the sea view such as SeaHouses. There is also Bamburgh Castle in the Northumberland Coast which is amazing as the view will make tourists come once again. Tourists can easily swim at Holy Island and have fun together. In order to attract more visitors, they can introduce water parks and fairgrounds at the seaside resort so more people will visit the destination. Even though, there is not a UK cuisine, tourists still like to visit because they have international restaurants where they eat any food from any country.

For countryside, I chose Cheshire because tourists like exploring its sweeping vistas, cosy country inns and The castle on the rockBeeston Castle and Woodland Park that are set to a hill in this countryside. This countryside is located in North-Ovest of England. Cheshire is full of museums to visit and hidden gems. Museums are built attractions as well as castles, historic houses theme parks and cathedrals. Eating out is essential for some tourists which means restaurants and bar are available for them so they have the opportunity to 1 what they like.

For city, I chose London because is a well known place from eryone and it has got so many popular destination where tourists can visit such as Losndon Eye, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Oxford street where there are a lot of shops for people that are passionate in shopping and enjoying the beautiful view London has to offer, they can visit O2 arena and try cable cars which is an amazing experience for them. It is situated in England and it has many facilities to offer because there are many restaurants around. An example where is full of restaurants is China Town because they have a wide range of options where to choose. One of the most popular restaurants in London is Michelin

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P2 and p3 mimis assignment