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ADVERTISEMENT “We Are All Human“ Design one page campaign advertisement for “Anti-Stereotyping ____ in the Media.” I chose a campaign that is very close to my heart. The Human Rights Campaign strives for equal rights for those in the LGBT community. I stuck with a simple design to convey a strong, important, and clear theme. Created in Photoshop CS6



POSTER “Grand Prix� Design a poster with no graphics. I chose a very simple design. With the triadic color scheme the vibrant colors highlight the simple text. Created in Photoshop CS6




MARIA TRIDAS The color profile, at the time seemed to be the hardest assignment to complete. The assignment was to create a color scheme for a neighborhood near me. Fairly new to the Adobe Suite I was nervous about taking on the incredibly intricate design tools. I seem to be a professional “doer� rather than a creator so finding my subject and picking a color pallet, quickly became a hard task. I decided to use an artist who has no trouble with creativity. I took a picture outside the Chihuly Glass Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Capturing the red glass sculpture in the front of the museum along with the rich color of the wood and the blue sky were easy colors to pick up from the photograph. The clean designs and good use of color to match the photo make this what I believe is one of my most aesthetically pleasing pieces. I decided to go with a triadic color scheme I chose works well to highlight the photo even though the colors are not bright and vibrant. Picking the beige color was the most difficult of the colors because I was unsure where to include the color in my simple text layout. I decided to chose this color and make it the background because it is not overwhelming or does not distract the viewer from the photograph. To identify the colors I decided to use I held the photograph next to a detailed color wheel and tested countless colors on Photoshop to identify their relationships in order to pick the right colors. Once I found the right colors I went to the Chihuly site and chose an event to create an advertisement.




These are some samples of a 6 page newsletter spread discussing breast cancer. I stuck with variations of pink because of the relevance to the cause. Created in InDesign CS6





LOGO This is my concept design for a made up dentist “John Doe” for the dentist office called Florida Dentistry. The concept is a pillar, like one that supports a home with a toothbrush replacing one of the “ribbed” edges of the pillar. It gives the practice an elegant look. The will accompany the name of the Office as seen above, pictured on letter-head, business cards and promotional material as well. The font I chose is a bit antique looking and corresponds nicely with the logo. For the color scheme I chose colors that are not overwhelming. They are analogous colors and create a comfortable and serene tone to the logo. Created in Photoshop CS6 and InDesignCS6






istock photo


The job market for graduates of the nation’s journalism and mass communication programs showed signs of improvements in 2011 and 2012, continuing the trend from a year earlier. But the gains were modest, and 2011 graduates faced job prospects still much more limited than did graduates four years earlier. The 2011 graduates were more likely to report having a job upon graduation, more likely to report having a full-time job, and more likely to be working in communication than were graduates a year earlier. While most graduates reported having an in-person job interview, the percentage was unchanged from a year ago.



This assignment was designed to create two layouts telling a story using charts. The charts are supposed to be simple and easy to read in order to enchance the story. Learning how to create charts in InDesign CS6 helps to tell a story in a different and at times more effective way.


Maria Tridas Portfolio  

This is a portfolio flipbook presenting all the projects created in this course.

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