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1-2 Caxton Grill

3-4 Child Care Center

5-6 6 Parallel Walls

7-8 Pop-Up Retail

9-10 Live + Work 11-12 Resume 13-14 Contact Information

Caxton Grill

Sophomore Year

Typology: Hospitality Semester: Spring 2014


Utilizing the intersection of old and new to create a diverse perspective. The complex contrast between the old historic nature of London and the building the Caxton is in with the new modern culture of London creates a space that is timeless and overall understood by all

2/24/2014 12:35:37 PM


Project Description


Plan 1/16" = 1'-0"



Elevation 1 - c


- Elevation 1 - b

Elevation 1 - a




The Caxton Grill, located in London England, is a historic four-star restaurant in the middle of the all the major tourist attractions in London. The renovation of this restaurant is important because there are many problems with the existing space. The designer need to address circulation, seating types, coherency with existing hotel space, and accessibility.


Child Care

Sophomore Year Typology: Commercial Semester: Fall 2013


The childcare center that Kaplan Inc. Designed utilizes the Reggio Emilia philosophy. All the Reggio ideals directly engage the five senses, so by combining these Connection5 was discovered. Connection relates to Reggio because of the way that people connect. Spaces connect, connection to the environment, and connection to the community and between the students. The senses come into play because Reggio encourages children to learn through their own discoveries through their senses.

Project Description

Kaplan Inc. wants a new and unique childcare center in the middle of downtown Sioux Falls. As designers we need to satisfy the physical, social and psychological needs of children alongside the functional and programmatic requirements of a business. Security is a major concern. Must allow children to interact with light and shadow, reflection, and varying floor levels. Also children must experience transparency and enclosure, sense of prospect and sense of refuge and a sense of movement.



6 Parallel Walls

Sophomore Year

Typology Model Building Semester: Fall 2013


For the model, I divided the walls in a sequence starting at 5 and ending at one and then continuing back up to 5. Next i scored the walls at an offset of 1/8 inch from center moving inward 1/8th inch each time. This helped to create the wave effect that the final model portrayed. I addressed hierarchy and place with the different heights created. I addressed passage with the uniform space that leads you through the space.

Project Description

The goal for this project was to create space utilizing 6 planes that were 15 inches long and 3 inches tall. The main ideas to focus on when building the model were entry, passage, place, orientation, and hierarchy.



Pop-Up Retail

Sophomore Year Typology: Retail Semester: Fall 2013


To create the Pop-Up Retail environment inspiration was drawn from both the model that constructed during phase one of this project and from the Jimmy Choo shoes that would be sold in the retail environment. The concept that was chosen is ridged contrast. This concept was chosen because it combined the shape that was produced in the model with the shoes that were created by Jimmy Choo.

Project Description

The site for phase two of out project pop-up retail is located in New Yorks Cities Soho district. Soho is a wonderful place to open a pop-up retail store because there is exposure to all different demographics. Pop- up retail is described as a temporary space for a brand to showcase a new product.



Live + Work

Freshman Year

Typology: Residential Semester: Spring 2013


To create the live/work space I drew my concept from the artist’s artwork, the concept that I have chosen is functional minimalist. I choose this concept because the artists artwork if from the De Stijl period, they used straight horizontal and vertical lines and the achromatic colors black, white, and gray, along with small accents of the primary colors, yellow, red, and blue. To take this inspiration and base my design on it I am going to focus on creating a space that is very functional and simple. I will only use small amount of the primary colors and focus on utilizing the achromatic neutrals. I will also utilize a modern scheme that fully utilizes the vertical and horizontal lines that are inspired form the inspiration image.

Project Description The building that we are reusing is the Jones Seed Co., because it is an old seed building there are many irregularities that currently don’t allow for a person to inhabit the space as a home. This space has unfinished walls, no food preparation area, or restroom. Another issue with the space is the lack of privacy; there is nowhere a person can feel alone. Along with the privacy issue, this space is not suited for the tasks the tenant needs to complete. This space needs to become more user friendly and add the





South Dakota State University

Major: Interior Design Fall 2012- Present Estimated Graduation: 2016


Sales Associate at Attitudes by Designers

Displayed new merchandise in a way that helped to draw customers attention 2008-present

Waitress at Minnehaha Country Club

Providing the members with customer service 2010-present

Summer Nanny for the Sanchez Family

Utilized my creativity to keep all five children entertained and well behaved




Maria Swanson

2505 South 6th Ave. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (605)759-0701


2014 Portfolio  
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