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NGOs for Change This is a proposal for LC to LC Cooperation

LC NKUA, Greece About the project: This project is about bringing international volunteers willing to impact non-corporate entities in order to be able to survive on a long term basis and grow in a sustainable way. The aim is for the NGOs to initiate acting in a healthier way and start being self-sustained. In this project we cooperate with 4 NGOs of Athens. The intern during the internship will work in general on the creation of an organizational plan for long term development of the NGO, creation of a network for partnering with other NGOs, raising awareness of the NGOs campaigns or activities, educating the NGOs overall management about hard and soft skills, developing and carrying out promotional activities, benchmarking on other similar organizations, fundraising support and communication/marketing plan, online marketing and management of the site of the NGO.

As it is mentioned above, the NGOs in Greece are not very developed and self sustainable in terms of finance. As a result, they are not capable of affording an intern by covering the cost of the GCDP. So, as AIESEC country it is our responsibility to support the NGOs in Greece. However, the main challenge that we have to deal with is the lack of funds in order to cover our operational cost and the accommodation of the intern.

Life Care NGO Available Positions: 3 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1389 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1388 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1387

Life Care NGO is active since 1999 in the difficult task of sociopsychological support to people with addiction problems and generally disadvantaged groups. They have developed organized actions to psychologically support and promote the social inclusion of these groups, but also raise awareness upon these issues to the society to eliminate discrimination against these groups. The interns will be responsible to conduct an organizational plan for the NGO, create and manage the site in English, prepare information and presentations for the site, conduct research about EU policies, raise awareness on NGO activities, network with other similar EU organizations.

Sun+anthropi Centre for Life Available positions: 1 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1390

Centre for life is an NGO that provides social, psychological and legal support to people who are positive for HIV/AIDS. The NGO is also dedicated to inform people about HIV/AIDS. The intern will firstly participate in some educational seminars about HIV, then physically and virtually raise awareness about HIV to the Chinese community and last but not least translate some documents to Chinese Mandarin.

Available positions: 4 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1394 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1393 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1392 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1391

Sun+anthropi is an NGO that has as its purpose to provide practical (food, clothes etc) and sociopsychological support to socially vulnerable groups (such us single mothers, poor families etc) and also to promote volunteerism in general among its own members and the society. The interns will be responsible to create management and marketing plans for the NGO, promote the NGO and its activities physically and virtually, raise funds to make the NGO more sustainable.

Dromoi Zois Available positions: 4 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1396 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1397 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1398 TN-In-GR-SO-2012-1395

Dromoi Zois is an NGO that is dedicated to support children, teenagers, women and socially vulnerable families through various activities and mostly through education. The interns will be responsible to prepare an organizational and marketing plan for the NGO, raise awareness of its activities, participate actively to the activities and present their countries to the children of the NGO.

Intern’s Profile

Backgrounds  Business Administration (Event Management, Intro to Mgmt/BA, Organization Mgmt + Planning, Project Mgmt)  Finance (Financial Planning & Budgeting)  Human Resources (Training & Development)  Marketing (Intro in MKT, Product Planning, Development & Control) 

Skills  Computer (Internet User Skills, PC/Mac User Skills)  Professional Skills (Leadership Skills, Marketing / Selling Skills, Organisational Mgmt, Project Mgmt, Training / Facilitation Skills)  Languages: English speaking, plus other languages

Reception “NGO for change� Team and buddies will be fully responsible to integrate interns into Greek reality and culture show them where they are going to live and work, organize reception activities 1-2 per week and introduce the interns to the rest of the LC. The interns are also welcome to work as Ceeders in our LC, participate in all our activities and get to know better AIESEC and our LC culture.

Timeline Realization Latest date: 15.11.2012 Duration: 6 weeks Matching as soon as possible

About Greece Discovering the soul of a Greek city is much more than a quick tour around its monuments and sightseeing. Greek cities are full of possibilities, easily accessible and visitor friendly around the year, offering a great sum of modern facilities and choices. Greek cities combine excellent conference facilities with unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife. Think of the perfect city break. And then visit a Greek city, where it will be planned and organized for you! The Greek spirit, a force of creativity and renewal throughout Greece’s long history, has yet again transformed the urban landscape. Greece is a unique destination that combines business and pleasure in the best possible way! It is one of the most charismatic locations in terms of natural beauty, with mild climate conditions, a combination of landscapes from sea to mountains and appropriate for vacation and business activities throughout the year! For more info:

About Athens Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long history, dating from the first settlement in the Neolithic age. In the 5th Century BC (the “Golden Age of Pericles”) – the culmination of Athens’ long, fascinating history – the city’s values and civilization acquired a universal significance. Over the years, a multitude of conquerors occupied Athens, and erected unique, splendid monuments - a rare historical palimpsest. In 1834, it became the capital of the modern Greek state and in two centuries since it has become an attractive modern metropolis with unrivalled charm. A large part of the town’s historical center has been converted into a 3-kilometre pedestrian zone (the largest in Europe), leading to the major archaeological sites (“archaeological park”), reconstructing – to a large degree – the ancient landscape.

Our Proposal According to your reality, we propose:  To agree on a specific number of EPs that you will provide to us  An agreement to be signed between our LCs by LCVP ICX and OGX Concerning our operational cost and the accommodation, we propose either  your LC to invest on our project and cover a total amount of 350€ per intern or  promote this project as a product and ask the interns to pay 350€ to your LC in order to participate in this project* The amount of money to be transferred to our bank account two weeks before the realization. *Life Care NGO is providing accommodation and breakfast for free so the intern or LC should pay only 150€ for operational costs. **If we manage to find hosting families or any kind of free accommodation the amount of money that are covering the accommodation will be returned to the intern.

Maria Pachou VP ICX GCDP-GIP Email address Skype name mariapachou

"NGOs for Change" booklet, LC NKUA, Greece  

Discription of our project for LC to LC cooperation

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