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TELENOVELA 322 x 45’

Two young girls are swept downriver by the current. Their father manages to save Inês, the older sister, but dies trying to save the younger one whose body never comes ashore. Many years later, Inês will have to fight for João’s love against Diana, the sister everyone thought dead and who has returned to take revenge on Inês, whom she blames for the accident and the poverty stricken life she has been destined to. Two Sisters Fighting Over The Same Man At the age of 33, INÊS NOGUEIRA is as dynamic and active as she was in her childhood, when, during summer vacations with the family, her father and younger sister disappeared down the river. Despite the tragedy that struck the family and the guilt for having survived while her sister died, Inês never stopped being a fighter, full of determination, kindness and generosity. She spends her days between the restaurant that she runs with her mother – on which she started working after graduated on Hotel Management – and the volunteer support to people in need, by distributing food, clothing and other essentials. During one of her rounds in the streets of Lisbon, she found a homeless man uncons-

cious, but João Caldas Ribeiro managed to save him, while serving the INEM. From the moment they met, Inês and João knew they were made for each other. However, even though they are bound by a great love, their relationship will be severely injured by Diana’s acts, Inês’s sister who everyone thought dead. Inês will witness Alice’s murder, one of João’s sisters, and later discover that was her own brother, Tiago, who killed her. She will feel divided between the truth and the loyalty to her family. When she finally decides to tell the truth it is too late. The child who had disappeared down Minho’s river, and now called by the name of Diana, was adopted by Graciete and António Silva. They have embraced her as a gift from God, once they had lost a daughter

of the same age, who was victim of meningitis. Still, Diana is someone who grew up with some discomfort towards her life. She was obliged to help Graciete at her flower stand in the market, and work at Álvaro’s coffee shop as well, and that made her facing life with nonconformity and rebellion. Diana doesn’t know that she was adopted. When Diana finds out the truth, she quits and applies to a spot at the restaurant M., whe-


re she starts working as a waitress. Unaware of the whole situation, Inês becomes her own sister’s boss. The work at the restaurant will not be the only one she is expected of; soon Diana starts working at events outside the restaurant and organized by the catering company of Gi Coutinho. One of those events is the 50th anniversary of IOIÔ – company of toys – which will be held aboard a ship. Is during this party that Inês and Diana will relive a moment alike her last as children. Inês falls off from the ship and, because she can’t swim, she is about to drown when Diana saves her. Back into the ship, Diana meets João Caldas Ribeiro, and learns he is Inês’s fiancé and one of IOIÔ heirs. Her thirst for vengeance against Inês grows deeper and deeper, and fate provides the perfect opportunity for Diana to have their way when Inês falls unexpectedly into the water. Diana saves her life, and she will use that in her favour, as a sort of eternal deft, to bind Inês forever. Deceitful and sly, Diana will do everything to destroy Inês’ life and take over all that she considers to be hers by right. Diana will develop a false friendship with Inês, and quietly turn apart everything that her sister has built, including the relationship with João, who will become one of her main targets. João has the same spirit of solidarity as her girlfriend, and that leads


him to take several humanitarian missions around the world. One of them takes place in Amazonia, where he participates in a vaccination campaign in the jungle. By the end of this mission, João asks Inês to meet him in Rio, so both can spend a week off, after being apart for months. João surprises Inês and asks her to marry him. Only on their vacation João receives unexpected news: her grandfather FREDERICO had a stroke and his life is at risk. João and Inês return to Lisbon earlier. Frederico is already out of danger, but unable to establish any communication. Under these circumstances, it is with some reluctance that João goes to the company’s 50th anniversary. His grandfather’s condition and her engagement to Inês make

João to settle down and dedicate entirely to the family. But João’s life will have another twist when, during the official dinner of his engagement to Inês at Caldas Ribeiro’s, his sister Alice, pregnant of MANEL, surprises a burglar at the office and is shot to death. The family suffers another tragedy, which will take even worse repercussions from the moment Diana discovers what really happened that night and manages to tell João about it. The terrible secret behind Alice’s murder will be the key to break João and Inês apart and to boost Diana on pursuing her goals.

All About Power The Caldas Ribeiro’s owns most of its fortune to agricultural investment, particularly to the production of olive oil, as a result of the exploitation of a large olive grove estate in Alentejo. That was how the family has built its empire. However, the following generations have grown disinterested to this area of agriculture. Frederico was the first to move safely and definitely to the city. He has dedicated all his life to a company of toys, and made IOIÔ a national and international reference in the toys business. Several multinational companies had tried to buy the company from him for years, but ‘old’ Frederico had always managed to resist. Reaching an age when he finally decided to pass the company’s management to the youngest gene-



rations, it was not difficult to find the successor in the family, by exclusion of parts. Frederico had two children: FRANCISCA, abandoned by Henrique, a virtuous and charismatic pianist who has left her wife for another woman, and ADELAIDE, married to GASTÃO, a successful lawyer dedicated to the trade law field. Francisca and Adelaide had never shown interest towards the family business, and the same goes for Francisca’s children. João only has eyes for medicine, the free spirit of RITA took her to make a career far from the company, and ALICE has inherited her parents’ passion for music. Therefore, the responsibly of managing the company fell on RICARDO, Adelaide’s son. Nevertheless, the disposal of Ricardo is everything but innocent. Urged to apply for the job by his father, he takes advantage of his position at the company to embezzle money. With the help of GABRIELA, the Financial Director of IOIÔ, Frederico soon finds out about his grandson’s fraud and confronts him with his discovering, telling Ricardo that he will deliver the evidences to the police. Their discussion is so violent that Frederico ends up having a stroke and is taken to the hospital emergency rooms. Frederico survives but, when he stabilizes, is not the same man anymore: he cannot speak, write or establish any kind of communication that allows him to accuse his grandson. In the meantime, knowing that Frederico had the evidences of his embezzlement somewhere and unaware of Gabriela’s help, Ricardo does not rest and decides

to rob the safe (of digital code) of his grandfather’s house, so he would be in possession of the only documents that proved his guilt. In order to do that, Ricardo goes to TIAGO NOGUEIRA, Inês’s brother, graduated on data processing. Ricardo and Tiago met in IOIÔ, since the computer technician is one of the company’s collaborators. Once Ricardo discovers that Tiago is a gambling addict and that is sunk in deaths, he hires him to rob the safe in exchange for the money he needs to pay off his deaths. The robbery happens, but it does not turn as expected. Tiago is surprised by Alice, gets scared and, in an impulse, fires against Alice. This moment is witness by Inês, who does not recognize the burglar right away, because he has a mask. However, there is a detail that remains on Inês’s memory and that will only be revealed later, and Inês will realize that was her brother who committed the crime. When Alice is shot, João and Manel

appear right away, but all they see is Inês trying to stanch the blood of Alice, but it is already too late. Alice is taken to the hospital, where she ends up dying. When Ricardo meets with Tiago to get the documents, he understands all of this was in vain, because the proof of embezzlement was not in the safe after all. This will slow down Ricardo’s plans, but not Diana’s. By realizing how attracted Ricardo was for her since the first moment he laid eyes on her, Diana starts feeding that passion, as she sees Ricardo as a means to have a life of luxury and, especially, to get to the Caldas Ribeiro’s. The love between Inês and João will be permanently threatened by Diana, and also for a terrible revelation. When Inês finds out that it was Tiago who murdered Alice, she falls into a dreadful dilemma, between the love for her family and the love for João. The question is: will she tell the truth about Alice’s death and sentence her brother to prison for homicide, which will break the family apart, or will she keep it as a secret and watch João suffer in silence? Inês cannot bear keeping all of this to herself and eventually tells Diana about it, when she already considered her to be a ‘good friend’. Diana will make sure João finds out the truth, and then he will be profoundly heart with his fiancé, their love will fall apart and João will let himself go by Diana’s charms.


Diana) is actually alive, and will return not to brighten their lives, but to hunt them down.

The Change

A Woman Of Strength The death of Inês’s father and sister was a misfortune for Eunice Nogueira, who suddenly and in just a few years saw herself without a husband and a daughter. Eunice fought more than she ever thought possible, all for her love to Inês and Tiago, whom she almost has raised by herself. Only her children have grown into opposite personalities. Inês is a fighter, a woman whose kindness and will are much alike her mother’s; while Tiago, despite being a good person, has a gambling addiction and accumulated debts that made him vulnerable to great schemes and some delicate situations. One of those situations will drown him into a moment of change in his life and will end with Alice’s. Eunice has raised her two children without much financial difficulties, because the couple already shared a stable and comfortable life. Plus, the restaurant and her husband’s pension have allowed the family to remain that way. Loving mother and happy in appearance, Eunice is a woman who carries the huge burden of never been mourned for Marta, whose body was never found, unlike her husband’s. Another burden that hunts her is the guilty she knows Inês carries on her shoulders. On the day of the accident, Eunice was the only person who really saw what happened. She knows it was Diana who pushed Inês down, making her fall down the river, but, even though she keeps saying it was nobody’s fault, her daughter cannot stop feeling guilty, and had developed a water phobia due to trauma, that had never endorsed her to learn how to swim. Inês sees her mother as a model of courage and strength to follow, and she will always be by her side, no matter what happens. Yet, both of them are far from imagining that Marta (know called


Graciete and António Silva are a couple strongly marked by difficulties in life. After many failed attempts to get pregnant, Graciete is finally able to give birth to a little girl. But some problems during delivery made her unable to have more children. Nevertheless, the couple was living in total happiness with their daughter Diana, until she ended up dying, victim of meningitis, at the age of five. The Silva’s suffered the hardest blow of their lives, but a month later, as if by miracle, a girl of the same age came across their path – Marta, Eunice and Joaquim’s daughter. The girl is found lost in the middle of the woods, in shock by watching her father be swept down the river. They take her as a gift from god, decide to adopt Marta and named her after their lost daughter by using the same birth certificate. Diana helps Graciete in the market, where she has a flower stand, and also works in Álvaro’s coffee shop. António is a long haul trucker and his work forces him to be away for long periods of time. The couple does not owe much but

never let something be missed by Diana, especially love. However, they will pay a price too high as soon as Diana discovers the truth. She will rebel against her adoptive parents and her common life. Gradually, Diana recovers a few memories on what happen in the river, but in a diffused and very personal version, in which clearly was Inês who pushed her down, making her fall into de water. Diana is invaded by a wish for revenge on her biological family, but more focused on Inês, whom she considers the principal responsible for everything that happened to her and for stealing her life away. Thus, Diana starts a quest against her sister, which will only end once she destroys Inês’s life completely.

A Family Of Sheepskins Like Inês, João has lost his father and lives with his mother, FRANCISCA CALDAS RIBEIRA, a talented pianist who renounced to a musical career to dedicate herself to the family; instead, she has decided to use her expertise for giving piano lessons to children and teens. Francisca is a gentle woman, and she will take care of her father with all her heart and dedication after he has the stroke. Francisca is a very cultivated and active woman, who found a way to overcome the loss of his husband, Henrique – an international and charismatic pianist, seductive and adventurous –, and take a peaceful and happy life. On the contrary, her sister ADELIDE is a miserable woman, who lives over sedatives to endure her dysfunctional marriage to GASTÃO. If the relationship with



her husband almost does not exist, with her son Ricardo is not much better. Always under a lot of influence from his father, Ricardo is obsessed about being richer and does not have the patience for his mother’s depression, which will become worse when Frederico loses the ability to communicate. Adelaide will only get through this when she finds love again. She will start an extramarital relationship with JAIME VILAR, an international food chef who unexpectedly crosses her way. This passion will give her the vigour and joy that had long gone.

Starting Over RITA, João’s sister, would be Frederico’s first choice to run the company if only she was not an independent spirit willing to take every risk just to not stay under her family’s wing. She has dedicated herself to financial markets, something that has always fascinated, and she is a very capable professional. But to be a stock broker can be extremely wearing and, at the age of 30, she starts having panic attacks due to her high levels of anxiety and exhaustion. Her professional life seems to be reaching an end, when she decides to change her life in order to recover her balance, towards which her husband will show much resistance. VINCENTE is a creative at the toys company and is not willing to leave his job at IOIÔ, but Rita ends up having her way and resolves to invest in the family’s steading in Alentejo. She hires an agronomist, ORLANDO AYRES, to help recovering the extensive olive grove. The moving to Alentejo keeps her away from her husband, once they are living miles away from each other. Despite the distance, Rita will not give up on her husband and try to make him rea-

lize they need to recover the time lost. But it will not be easy because, when Vicente finally decides to join Rita in the steading and working for IOIÔ at a distance, he will be arrested by SANDRA, the young and sexy daughter of the farmer, which will use her physical attributions to seduce Vicente. Furthermore, when the young girl understands that Vincent never thought about leaving his wife, she will show her darkest side.

The Farmers Domingos Machado is a-48-year-old-widower and farmer to the steading of the Caldas Ribeiro’s, in Alentejo. He works there for 26 years, when the previous farmers retired and the family needed someone to replace them. Domingos lives with his 18-year-old-daughter, Sandra, who helps with the house shores. Sandra is a capricious girl who longs for a change of scenery and dreams of the great metropolis (Lisbon). When she start working for the steading, Orlando fell in love with her, but Sandra is looking for a man who takes her to the city, and Orlando, passionate about nature and observing birds, is far from that reality. Domingos is tough on his daughter, but he will not be able to stop her in her attempt to destroy the marriage of their young bosses.

Charlatan Here, Charlatan There Armando Coutinho is a charlatan who has been increasing his for-

tune by schemes that turn out to be successful. A great example of that is the sausage factory “Campo Rico”, company he has earned after a litigious process in court for later disrupts its profits to their advantage, turning the factory into an unviable business. His wife Gi (her really name is Geraldina, but she is truly ashamed of it), for instance, is a pretentious women who aspires to social climbing, but hides it in the suburban way she talks. Gi makes sure her catering company, the GCC, is a successful business, although she makes her way through an aggressive marketing that she practically imposes to clients. Their son, Bernando, inherited his parents’ ambition and talent to cheat on people. He has opened a real estate agency that is having great success thanks to the ploys he uses to hide the problems of the houses to prospective homeowners.

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands The bankruptcy of the factory Campo was a tragedy to dozens of families that depended on their jobs to survive. When they stopped receiving their salaries, the factory’s employees started to think the worst and got organized into vigils in order to stop Armando Coutinho from taking the machinery facilities off. After confrontations with the police and tough negotiations between the workers’ committee, Armando grants to sell the company to his


former employees for the symbolic sum of 1 Euro. The company will then be run by the workers’ committee, among which two women stand out: the leader, FÁTIMA BRITO, and her assistant CATARINA MARQUES. But to pay out the debts to the suppliers and turn the factory into a sustainable business will not be easy, especially for two women with no experience in management.

«Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort» Fátima Brito and her husband, ÁLVARO, do not have an easy life. Fátima is an artisan in Coutinho’s factory and Álvaro has a small coffee shop in the market, ‘Escondidinho’). Its profits are only enough for covering part of the family expenses, despite the huge efforts, and unwarranted, of his employee, CÉSAR, who tries to take advantage of everything as an excuse to make profit to the shop: from using the same coffee drawing for serving several coffees, to wanting that clients pay for sweetener, or to taking the bread made on the day before. In César’s mind, all serve to tackle the crisis, despite Álvaro constantly insists that he does not do it so. César is with Marisa, and lives with her and Filipa, Marisa’s daughter that he sees like his own. Marisa has a fruit and vegetables stand in the market, and her greater competitor is Sheila who sells exactly the same products. Thus, César will see himself in the middle of a war that is not yours to fight once Sheila enjoys

doing everything to piss off César and Marisa and to interfere with their relationship. César is a quiet man, while does not take too much to make Marisa loses her head; this gives rise to constant arguing between the couple. The Brito’s go through a harder period when the factory seems to be under threat of closing doors, but Fátima does not give up and is able to get her job back, taking a new role as manager. At home, MARCO, the 14-year-old-son for whom they always made sacrifices, begins to reveal an extreme rebellion that will bring them great anguish. Due to Fátima’s intense workload at the factory and Álvaro’s work at the coffee shop, Marco grew up with a lot of freedom, spending most of his time between the streets and his father’s coffee shop, where he was spoiled by clients and neighbours.

Furthermore, his parents tried to compensate their lack of time by giving him all he wanted, sometimes at cost of much personal sacrifice. For the reasons mentioned, Marco grew used to have everything he wanted, without realizing the real difficulties his parents were in. Reaching puberty at the same time their parents were going through a financial distress and then refusing to do everything he wanted, Marco rebels not only against his parents but against the world in general. He reveals is anger in deviant behaviours such as skipping school, use drugs, and engage in petty thefts and brawls. Endowed with great intuitive power, Fátima soon realizes that the problem is serious and must be faced severely, only her husband keeps excusing the child, which will bring more tension to the couple’s life.

Forsaken Woman LUÍS and ISABEL BARROS are married for twelve years and have a nine-year-old-son, DAVID. Apparently they have a normal life, but the truth is Luís has a secret lover, Catarina, a younger woman with whom he lives a torrid romance, until he decides to leave his wife. Luís leaves Isabel in a complicated situation. She had renounced on having a career and stayed home taking care of their son. With the divorce, she is forced to start working




to survive and gets employed as Public Relations in restaurant M., where she ironically was a regular costumer. Everything will change for Isabel, who now will have to adapt to a completely different reality from the one she was used to. On the other hand, Luís’s decision surprises Catarina. At the beginning, she is pleased with the idea but, as times passes, their relationship crashes. The rules have changed and none of them was prepared for a ‘normal’ wedlock, which will lead to an inevitable gap between the two. At the same time, Catarina gets closer to Manel, Luís’s subject and rival in IOIÔ, and this will help increasing the tension in the couple. As a result, Luís considers returning home, but it might be too late by then. After suffering a lot with the change, Isabel does not look that interested in going back on time.

Cruel Woman At first sight, LOURENÇO and GABRIELA seem to be a couple like many others, with a conventional, healthy and happy relationship. He is a real estate agent and she is the Financial Director of IOIÔ, what allow them to have a comfortable life, also because they do not have children. However, this apparent normality hides a different reality. Gabriela has the tendency to be authority, while Lourenço is an extremely passive man who lets his wife lead the couple’s life. She makes every decision, and as if that was not enough, ridicules her husband by treating him like an inferior being. Besides being cruel, Gabriela is a pain, always complaining that the house is messy and dirty for no reason and forcing Lourenço to be the perfect ‘housekeeper’. This situation gets even worse with the real estate crisis, making Lourenço earn less money and be totally dependent on his wife. Lourenço reacts with normality to all the mistreatment of his wife, accepting everything in a passive way, because he truly likes Gabriela. But one day this will all change. Gabriela gets pregnant, but decides to make

an abortion against Lourenço’s will. From that moment on, nothing will ever be the same for the two.

The Toys The toys company IOIÔ keeps having success after several decades, which raises the greed of many, especially Ricardo, who is tremendously moved by and ambition. When Ricardo’s embezzlement is discovered and he is confronted by Gabriela, who originally found out about it, Ricardo is indulged to make a deal with the financial director in order to maintain control over the company. But everything will be different when Francisca decides to have a part on the management of the company, somehow replacing his father and continue his work. Ricardo will see this approach as a menace and will do everything to keep his aunt away from the company. In addition to Ricardo’s struggle to keep the company under his wing, there are also some fights for power in a lower level. The creative director, Luís Barros, will fear the competition from his subject, Manel Dantas, who is also João’s best friend. It is only natural to see Luís presenting Manel’s ideas. Manel will not have problems in confronting Luís and fighting for a position in the company; but everything will be different once Manel finds out he has a degenerative disease.

«The Multitasking Generation» ‘TREMOÇO’ is a young man of 23 that, after the death of his grandmother, whom he used to live with, sees himself alone in a big old house, full of empty rooms. Lazy by nature, although, Tremoço sees an opportunity to live with too much trouble, and decides to rent rooms. That is how he meets his two roommates: ZÉ and LILIANA. With the same age, Zé is the opposite of Tremoço when it comes to luck. Soon he had to work to survive, but that did not bring him more success in life. At the moment he is working as a pizza delivery boy, and he goes through various adventures: either he is called for an ambush, and the pizzas and money are stolen from him, suffers a motorcycle accident, or he has to ride miles in the rain because the clients give him the wrong address. Going to live with Tremoço will be the first good news in his life, especially because Liliana is very attractive and both boys will be fascinated by her right from the first moment. Like her two roommates, Liliana is drifting in life. She was born in Aveiro, she is on her fourth year in college in Lisbon, but also the forth course because every year she changes her mind. These three young people will finally do something with their lives and create a company directed to all sorts of services, kind of a ‘does it all’. The three of them will answer to the most different, complex and funny situations, providing moments of pure amusement.





Diana Chaves as Inês Nogueira (33) – Was born in Lisbon, where she lives with her mother, Eunice, and her brother, Tiago. Her father, Joaquim, died when she as seven years old, in an accident who also victimized her younger sister, Marta. Inês is a willpower woman who has always fought for her goals and for what she believes in. She is full of life, spiritual and, despite her strong personality, still a bit naive. She is kind and helps people in need whenever she cans. She graduated in Hotel Management and owns the restaurant M, together with her mother, who is her accomplice and confidant. João is the great love of her life.

Lia Gama as Eunice Nogueira (50) – Mother to Inês and Tiago, and widow to Joaquim, who died while trying to save their two daughters during summer holidays. She could get pass her husband’s death, but not losing her younger daughter, who she secretly waits to return. Despite the misfortune, she did what she could so that the circumstances did not pull her down. After all, she was expecting a son, Tiago, and had Inês to take care of. By all this, she has deeply dedicated to the restaurant. Nowadays, she shares its management with Inês. Eunice is too protective of her children, maybe even over protective due to everything that happened in the past. On the other hand, she is very close to them as their accomplice and confident. She is a very kind and cultivated woman, who never loses temper or manners.

Sisley Dias as Tiago Nogueira (25) – Son to Eunice and younger brother to Inês. He is passionate about computers, so much that he ended up graduating in Computer Engineering. He is a nice and sweet boy, who likes to make his mother and sister laugh at his jokes. However, he has always had a fickle personality, spending his time searching for new experiences, what lead him to some trouble, especially when he was young. He feels hopelessly attracted by the adrenaline of gambling, and he is habitué of illegal poker houses since he was 20 years old.

Margarida Carpinteiro as Graciete Silva (50) – A humble woman who grew up in the North, in the region of Minho. Soon she began working in the field. Married young to António Silva, who works as a long-haul trucker in the field of food distribution. Graciete got used to spend a lot of time alone, because of her husband’s trips. She has become a strong and independent woman. António and Graciete have always dreamed about becoming parents, but Graciete had always trouble getting pregnant. When she finally did it, the delivery got complicated and, in the end, Graciete was informed she could not have more children. Thus, Graciete started to live according to Diana’s needs. She followed her everywhere until, at the age of 5, the girl got sick with meningitis. Diana was still in the hospital for a month but she could not make it. Graciete and António bound together in pain, but they never could face the loss of that daughter, especially Graciete who did not even changed the routine she had with Diana. A month later, during a trip to Monção, Graciete and António found Marta. Graciete not even hesitated on taking her home. António supported her wife’s decision but was never very convinced about it. The couple took care of Marta, who automatically assumed the identity of their loss daughter Diana. Graciete and António moved to Lisbon with their new daughter, fleeing and leaving behind the life in the country side. Graciete had to find a new job, and has started selling flowers in the market. António continues to work as a trucker and his stays in Lisbon are random. Graciete never told anyone that Diana is not her biological daughter and hates speaking about it with António. Graciete is a cheerful, kind, practical woman, and remains to be the one who keeps the family together. She is an exquisite housewife. She has a close – almost obsessive – relationship with Diana. Graciete’s greatest fear is losing Diana.


Joana Santos as Diana Silva (31) – Daughter to Eunice and Joaquim Nogueira. Sister to Inês. The shock provoked by the accident made Marta lose her memory when she was five years old. There is some discomfort in her mind that she cannot explain. Diana had to assume a new identity but never doubt of her origins – she has always believed she is really daughter to António and Graciete. With her life emended, soon Diana had to contribute to the house expenses. She finished high school at the same time she helped her mother in the market. Now Diana continues to do that task and also works as a waitress in ‘Escondidinho’. She has a close relationship with Graciete, but she is often cold to her because Diana thinks she deserves more than that miserable life. Diana is pretty and she is aware of that. Despite having grown up in a poor neighbourhood and within a humble family, Diana is sophisticated and thirst for money and power. Even though she is nice to everyone, Diana despises her life and the environment that surrounds her. She feels a great revolt because she never had the opportunity to study and become someone with social status. In the tensest moments, Diana shows her real personality and she is capable of being much cruel when talking to people. She feels ashamed of working in the market and avoids getting mixed up with that people. She has a close relationship with Catarina, to whom she goes when she needs to wreak. But not even Catarina knows about Diana’s true essence, which is cold, manipulative and profoundly sly. When she will find out about her past, she will search for her family, especially her sister, who she blames for her fate. Diana is convinced that Inês pushed her down the river (contrary to what really happened) and prevented her from the life she deserves. Diana stays very angry with her adoptive parents, especially with Graciete – not only because she have given her an identity that was not hers, but also for deprived her from having a luxury life. The true purpose of Diana is revenge. She intends to destroy her sister and regain the life she was entitled to – from the money and goods to affection. What Diana did not expect was to truly fall in love by João, and that it will bring her some weaknesses and make her more human.

Pompeu José as António Silva (55) – He is a long-haul trucker at the food distribution business. António is a quiet and honest man, but a bit lazy. He grew up in Arcos de Valdevez and married young to Graciete, who could only get pregnant some years after. When Diana was born, António soon developed a paternal instinct, but his work never allowed him to spend the time he wanted near the child. He only returned to Portugal when he heard about Diana’s sickness, and stayed with her until she died. António has suffered a lot with the loss of his daughter and he was still morning when they found Marta. He got attached to the girl, who has taken over Diana’s identity. However, he has never got through the guilty of having ‘stolen’ a child. He accepted to move to Lisbon with the family, fleeing from a past he insists to never forget about. António is a sexiest man and defender of women, and he is often away on work. He has a peaceful relationship with Diana and struggles to provide her a better life, but he is aware of his limited possibilities. António likes football, and he is fond of good food and long naps.

Sinde Filipe as Frederico Caldas Ribeiro (75) – He was born in Reguengos de Monsaraz into a high bourgeoisie family dedicated to agriculture. He studied architecture, but his passion for toys made him devoted himself to the creation of entertainment pieces for children. That was how he founded IOIÔ, a company that remains in the family besides the onslaughts by major international companies. But not everything went well for Frederico. He married and had two daughters (Adelaide and Francisca) but, few years later, his wife died from a disease that doctors could never diagnose. After a deep mourning, Frederick devoted himself exclusively to the company. When he discovers his grandson Ricardo managed to forge his signature for embezzling money, Ricardo has the greatest disappointment of his life. The confrontation with Ricardo is violent and ends up with Frederico suffering a stroke and being incapacitated to communicate with the outside world. His hands start to tremble whenever Ricardo is around, and that is Frederico’s only understandable expression.


Emília Rodrigues as Francisca Sobral (52) – She is a pianist and a music lover, having studied that at Music School. She is a lively and open minded woman, familiar to musicians and people from the arts and culture. Her husband, Henrique, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and, although Francisca knows he is alive, she keeps that a secret in order to protect her family. It was not easy to hide from her children that their father had run away with another woman and stole the family’s jewellery, and Francisca had to stay away from the most famous environments to the cultural society of Lisbon. Thus, Francisca begins a confinement phase, during which she dedicates more time to the family and to her children, while slowly recovering from the shock. But her passion for music did not let her put away the piano for good, and she has started to give private lessons at home to children and young adults. Her father’s stroke will ask more of her, and she will move into a phase of more responsibility that will make her see life differently. Suddenly, Francisca becomes a mother to her own father. She uses to read him books, take him to long walks in the garden, and play him the piano.

Virgílio Castelo as Henrique Sobral (50) – Husband to Francisca. Apart from being a successful pianist and very well respected in the country, he is also a pleasing and seductive man and well appreciated in parties and other social events. At first glance, he leads the perfect life in the company of his wife, Francisca, and their two children, Rita and Alice; only the reality is very different. Henrique lives a double life. He is blinded by a woman who has seduced him and convinced him to steal Francisca’s family jewellery. The robbery was intended to pay that woman’s debts and to start a new life with her in some other country. After the robbery, Henrique mysteriously disappeared, for his family’s despair that sorrows his loss for seven years.

Diogo Morgado as João Caldas Ribeiro (33) – He graduated from Medical School. Soon he was more worried about helping other people than building a reputation in the field. He flies frequently around the world in humanitarian missions with the Doctors without Borders. At the beginning of the telenovela, he is in Amazon within a team of indigenous vaccination. His life was at risk when he saw himself involved in a shootout trigged by timber traffickers. However, the danger does not weaken him. His mind only turns the other way when her girlfriend, Inês, comes to Brazil and they have a few days off to themselves. João loves Diana so much that, in an act of impulse, asks her to marry him, and she immediately says yes. Their immense happiness is quickly shattered by the news that João’s grandfather suffered a stroke. They immediately interrupt their vacation and return to Lisbon to help João’s family. But the worst was still about to happen: there is a robbery during the official dinner of their engagement, and João’s sister Alice – who was then pregnant with her first child – is deadly shot by the burglar. After such tragedy, João will seek her bride’s support. Yet, when João finds out that it was Inês’s brother who has killed Alice and that Inês have found out about it before, by a schemed arranged by Diana, he will have the greatest disappointment of his life and break up with Inês for good. Diana will see that as the perfect opportunity to get closer to João, and he will eventually believe she is his last change for happiness. What João does not know is that Diana is Inês’s deceitful sister, capable of every scheme to take over everything that belongs to Inês, including her own groom.

Maria Botelho Moniz as Alice Caldas Ribeiro Dantas (31) – Daughter to Francisco and Henrique, sister to Rita and João. Alice is a sweet, sensitive and intelligent woman. Her shyness led her to take refuge in music. Like her parents, Alice started to play the piano and to express herself through music. She has studied at the Advanced Music Conservatory, having specialized in piano. Alice is a perfectionist, but her insecurity makes her being afraid of chasing an international career. João introduced her to Manel, she dated him for three years, and they got married two years ago. When the telenovela starts, Alice is 5-months-pregnant with her first child. She has suffered from her father’s disappearance and leaned on João, who has turn into a paternal reference for her. Alice married for love, and she is radiant by the prospect of being a mother. She is madly in love with Manel.


Joana Seixas as Rita Ribeiro Fonseca (30) – Sister to João and Alice, and married to Vincent Fonseca. She was soon marked by the weight of her family name. However, soon she has shown the necessary independent and strength to pursue her own course. By that reason, she never accepted to work in the company founded by her grandfather, and she has chosen a different path, making her way as a stock broker. She was always flawless in her profession, but paid for it with much psychological strain: the extreme stress made her start having panic attacks, which will force her to put her priorities back in place. This situation gets worst when Alice is killed. Rita seriously considers moving to the family’s estate, in Alentejo, producing quality olive oil, and then recovering the olive grove that is currently careless. She eventually gains some piece of mind, long gone. To make her way into this business, Rita will have to live apart from Vicente. Although they keep seeing each other over the weekends, their physical distance will turn into emotional distance, and it will also bring some martial disputes. Aware of this situation, Rita and Vicente decide to move both to the estate, but the setbacks will not stop there: Vicente gets involved with Sandra, the farmer’s daughter.

Manuel Wiborg as Vicente Fonseca (35) – Married to Rita. He is a designer and works in Caldas Ribeiro’s company. Devoted to work, he is teammate to Manel Dantas, also a friend of his. Vicente is a bon vivant, a city boy submerged in creative and trendy environments. That is the reason why he sees the move to Alentejo with some distaste, even when is to solve her marital problems with Rita. Vicente resists until the limit. Ahead in the story, Vicente will give in and join Rita in the state. In fact, not everything is as bad as it seems: technology allows him to work in a distance. Rita and Vicente find some harmony and for a moment rediscover the greatest joy of their relationship, up until the day Vicente gets involved with Sandra, the irresistible farmer’s daughter.

Sofia Sá da Bandeira as Adelaide Carvalhais (55) – She married young to Gastão and has never done anything with her life, once her husband’s salary was more than enough to not having to work. Initially, Adelaide had an easy life, full of what she considered to be happy moments; but nowadays she is a depressed woman. Her unhappiness is due to the dysfunctional marriage with Gastão, a distant husband and more devoted to his profession and less touched by a love that had never really felt for Adelaide. Adelaide’s disappointment over her marriage started on the day she realized that Gastão would not be a made for life, as she has always dreamed of. She drinks a lot and takes too many pills to help her distance herself from reality and live through another day. Sometimes, she even puts her life at risk by trying dangerous combinations of pills and alcohol. However, when she meets Jaime, her happy days will come back. The feeling of being desired and loved makes her get over the depressive state she was in for years. Adelaide will not have problems in including Jaime into her life nor worrying about Gastão. Her own happiness will be her first priority, and Jaime will follow her everywhere: either it is romantic gatherings, family meetings, or even having dinner with Adelaide and her husband, who is now left to second place.

Alexandre de Sousa as Gastão Carvalhais (57) – He has studied law and works in the field with his eyes on profits. He has no qualms about defending less honourable causes if he gets well paid for it. The same wrath by money makes him a father who looks at his son as a synonym of profit. Gastão has always seen at his only son Ricardo a great potential to continue and increase his influence and personal profits. He has always pressed his son to take a chance into the area of management, handing him his values and urging him to fight for taking control over Caldas Ribeiro’s company. He married Adelaide because he failed to win Francisca’s heart, the sister who he truly loves. He got used to a flameless marriage, that keeps standing up for lack of initiative to change and, although unconsciously, for his hope of getting closer to Francisca and one day win her heart.


Carlos Vieira as Ricardo Carvalhais (30) – He has never loved a woman, that will only happen when he meets Diana. Ricardo will fall madly in love and begin a secretive relationship with her. He will end up being stabbed in the back, because Diana only wants to use him to destroy the life of her sister, Inês. Ever since college, Ricardo eagers to run over the grandfather’s business, and two years ago he was nominated head of management. From the moment he started his new responsibilities at IOIÔ, he embezzled money for his profit and, especially, to finance his own ambitions and lusts. But everything will change when his grandfather, Frederico, finds out about the embezzlement.

Ricardo Carriço as Jaime Vilar (45) – He was born into a traditional family with some resources. At the age of eighteen he went to São Paulo, where he studied to become a chef. He worked in Toronto, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Despite his wide experience and enviable curriculum, he decided to come back to his country, after ending a relationship of many years. He will be the new chef of restaurant M. Jaime loves the creative process, which makes him get up very early to work on new flavours and textures, always listening to jazz music in his turntable, object that follows him everywhere he goes and know is placed at the restaurant. His passion for music takes him to stores every afternoon break, not only to buy new and in second hand vinyl CDs, but also to catch up with an old friend who owns one of those places. Jaime and Adelaide meet on the street while fighting over a taxi. Jaime immediately fancies her outspoken and political incorrect way of speaking. Adelaide begins having lunch in the restaurant. Soon their friendship will turn into romance, with Adelaide showing her lover off in front of Gastão, who will pretend not to care in spite of feeling some discomfort to have been officially replaced. Jaime will live this affair intensively, always in a funny and relaxed way. Only when Adelaide starts to get on Jaime’s nerves, he will eventually end it, leaving Adelaide even bitter than she used to be with her husband.

João Ricardo as Armando Coutinho (55) – He was born in Lisbon. He is a charming and good-looking man, but a scammer who knows how to play the most imprudent people. Armando started from ‘below’, but ended up winning in life. In his essence, Armando is tacky, but does not care about it, because he thinks money frees him from being accepted by other people. Only his wife Geraldina Coutinho (now ‘Gi’) tries to convert him into what she believes to be the ‘ways by which rich people behave’; but deep down she also ignores them. Armando Coutinho’s main source of income is a former quarry, now used as landfill. In addition, he is constantly involved in bad businesses and he owns Campo Rico, the factory that he exploited until the limit, carrying less about investing or and modernizing the company. He was just interested in using its profits to his own advantage. Now the factory is in a hard situation and on the way to bankruptcy. Armando will only start to worry when the workers take over the factory in order to stop him from selling the machines, which will compel him to negotiate the sale of the factory with the committee of workers. Even though Gi is always arguing with him, Armando cannot live without her. They had a son together, Bernardo, of whom he is very proud of for their resemblance when it comes to business.


Custódia Gallego as Gi (53) – She hates her name, Geraldina Natércia, and wants to hide it by all means, that is why she has forced people into call her by her nickname, ‘Gi’. In fact, ‘Gi’ was born into a humble family who lived in Madragoa. Her father owned a drugstore in the neighbourhood and her mother worked at the canteen of a private school in Estrela. In that school, Gi could watch closely the habits and tics by the students whom were born into wealthy and traditional families. Her envy and fantasies on the future made her wish to socially stand and, in order to achieve that, she will get inside the circles of wealthy and famous people. When she met Armando Coutinho, he was already a young man full of ideas and with an employee predisposition. He has seduced her by his optimism and will of winning in life. Gi and Armando get along well because they have different ways of behaving in life that end up complementing each other. Both are very ambitious, but while Armando thinks mainly about making money, Gi gives priority to social status that comes from it. When it comes to careers, Gi has also become a business woman, owning a company that organizes events. There, her thirst for profit makes her be very persuasive with her clients, leading them to pay more as they choose programs and menu much more glamorous and expensive than they intended to in the first place Gi is an active woman, who struggles to be well surrounded, and cultivates what she believes to be called good manners. However, she blows her plans often, either with the people she tries to impress, either with her husband, to whom she tries to give lectures about sitting at the table and what kind of conversations he should have. Gi is frivolous but not a bad person. Sociable and outgoing, Gi repeatedly manages to include she and her husband in social magazines over and over again. She will stay very angry at her husband over the crisis at the factory, since, for her, the most important thing is to keep appearances. Running an events business, she often asks for restaurant M. services, propriety of Inês and Eunice Nogueira, of whom she likes and envies, and tries to copy from. Gi spends her days inducing Armando into have dinner at M, because she believes it’s the best place for them to be seen, but Armando always embarrasses her as he hates that kind of food, that he considers to be presumptuous.

Hugo Sequeira as Bernardo Coutinho (26) – Only child to Armando and Gi Coutinho. He was always too spoiled as a kid, what made him into an egocentric adult, only worried about satisfying his own needs. Her father’s example – who made a life with no studies at all – made him leave school at tenth grade, after failing two years in a row. The problem was not his lack of intelligence or apathy, but his two great goals as a teenager: women, cars and lots of parties. Bernardo’s grin and easy talk helps him to win people over, which is crucial for a devoted owner of a real estate agency. What most clients do not understand is all of that is nothing more than a mask of a seller, who practices in front of the mirror for long hours, and that his talk as if he was an adviser or best friend is, in fact, a scheme to high the prices or to sell unqualified houses. His will of increasing profits and feeding his vanity will make him wish to become the guru of sales and marketing in Portugal, and devoted himself to writing books about sales technics. These books will then serve as a basis for the lectures Bernardo will be giving with Lourenço’s help, the submissive employee who is constantly exploited and humiliated, not because Bernardo is evil, but due to his belief on being better than that miserable man. Basically, Bernardo is the perfect figure of a real estate agent, a spoiled and capricious playboy who treats women like toys and employees… as retarded people.

Pêpê Rapazote as Luís Barros (40) – He has graduated on Marketing and Publicity. He is married to Isabel and they have a son, David. Luís is a very successful creative designer. He was in some well-reputed publicity agencies and won several national and international prizes. He was invited to become the new Creative Director of IOIÔ, where he now works for seven years. He is ambitious and a little arrogant, and he feels his place in the company can be at stand, especially to young and daring designers, like Manel. Luís has leadership skills and adopts an authoritarian position in his team. From an emotional level, Luís got crazy about Catarina, who he had met through a social network on the internet, and started dating her. Luís is vigorous, ironic, and likes people who lift his ego. He lives his passions intensively and has the need for freedom. Also, he is selfish by nature, and he gets angry easily.


Gracinda Nave as Isabel Barros (35) – She is married to Paulo and they have a nine-year-old son, David. She grew up with less freedom, but went to study in Lisbon, where she met Luís. When they got married, Luís was already making his way into a promising career as creative designer in publicity field, which lead him to become creative director of IOIÔ. Isabel has never worked in her life, and she has always lived under her husband’s shadow. She is a devoted wife and flawless mother, living completely for the family – fact that makes her seem a totally dependable woman. Only when Luís decides to leave her, Isabel stays alone with a son to raise, so she will find the strength to overcome it all. Despite her grief, the priority will be protecting David from the consequences of his parents’ divorce. Furthermore, by the first time in her life, Isabel is forced to find a job to survive. However, she overcomes the difficulties and gets a job as public relations of M, being in charge of reservations and other services to customers. She is Inês’s best friend, being both confidants of one another.

Bernardo Oliveira as David Barros (9) – Son to Isabel and Luís Barros. He is a very joyful child and, because of their great connection, he will feel deeply for his parents’ separation. He likes playing PlayStation with friends and any other competitive game that allows multiple players. He gets along well with Filipa, his friend and colleague from school.

Rui Santos as Manel Dantas (30) – Manel is a designer at the company of toys IOIÔ and works directly with Vicente, under the authority of Luís Barros, the creative director. He is João’s best friend. Manel was born into a family of writers and journalists, which is probably why he has become a bookworm and a hopeless traveller. When the telenovela starts, Manel has been married with Alice, sister to João, for two years and they are expecting their first child. Manel is an innocent, intelligent, upfront and relaxed young man. He will suffer one of the greatest heartbreaks of his life when Alice is killed. Manel turns into a young widower, trying to overcome the loss of the great love of his life. Manel is a nice and admirable co-worker. The only hard relationship he shares in the company is with his boss, Luís Barros, who is constantly taken over his ideas to shine. Manel keeps a ‘safe distance’ from Luís but, as a free and noble man, he is not afraid to look Luís in the eyes and confront him.

Carla Maciel as Gabriela Miranda (30) – She was born in Lisbon into a humble family that always found work and education of greatest importance. Soon she revealed her intelligence at school and took a high degree in Management. She is in IOIÔ for five years, where she was promoted to Financial Director. She is the one who will find out about Ricardo’s embezzlement and then tell Francisco. Only when Francisco suffers a stroke, Ricardo takes over the company, and she will have to keep it as a secret. She is a high skilled professional, secure and active, and this strong personality will also reflect itself on her personal life. She is married to Lourenço, to whom she has absolute authority. Therefore, is she who has the authority at home, often imposing her view and leaving no choice to Lourenço when it comes to lead a life together. She is the typical feminist, who defends equality between men and women to such an extreme that herself becomes a way to that difference. She is a modern and attractive woman who likes to dress up well, and she never misses out a fashion magazine so she can always be updated on the last trends regarding clothing and interior design. Also, she still has some aversion to germs clutter and by clutter, especially at home, which give rise to funny and absurd situations.


Jorge Mourato as Lourenço Miranda (34) – He has always been a humble and shy boy. With no great talent to studies, he finished high school and then tried his luck out here, jumping from one job to the other until he settled down as a real estate agent. For Lourenço, it is a torment having to lie to customers who want to buy or rent homes that he knows are in no condition to be negotiated. Bernardo always tells him about how important it is to negotiate homes regardless of its problems, but he is an expert on the subject. For Bernando that is as easy as stealing a candy from a child; but Lourenço always falters in front of costumers. For that reason, Lourenço decides to surround himself with self-help books, among them Bernardo’s. Bernardo sees him as the perfect guinea pig to test their own teachings. Lourenço is married to Gabriela, but their relationship relies on everything but equality principles. On the contrary, Lourenço is completely dominated by his wife, who treats him with great authoritarianism and extreme feminism. He does everything his wife tells him to do, and he is still subjugated to her aversion to germs and by clutter. As times passes, Lourenço will feel more and more frustrated about his life, and that will lead him to enter into a new virtual world. There he will be able to be someone else. What starts from a talk in a chat, will in time turn into a bigger escape, with Lourenço communicating with other people without showing his face or revealing his own identity.

José Carlos Garcia as Domingos Machado (48) – Father to Sandra. Domingos is farmer to Caldas Ribeiro’s homestead for twenty-three years. He is a strong but calm temperament man, a good neighbour, and an honest worker. Domingos is admired by all villagers around the Farm. As a good hunter, his sharp aim is envied by every man in Alentejo. He is a widower and has invested much to raise Sandra. Despite having a quiet life, he is constantly worried about his daughter’s will to leave the country side for pursuing a better life, far from there. He is always attentive to Sandra’s moves, as she takes advantage of her beauty to seduce visitors to the homestead.

Juana Pereira da Silva as Sandra Machado (18) – Daughter to Domingos. As soon as she finished ninth grade, she has started working as a maid in Caldas Ribeiro’s homestead. But, unlike him, she won’t think she will find happiness in the homestead. Sandra wants to leave and to expand her horizons, which makes her father being afraid of what she might do. Rita’s return and will to recover the olive grove will take Sandra by surprise, and it will also bring her a new purpose. When Vicente moves to the homestead, Sandra will fall in love with him and try everything to seduce him. In her mind, Vicente is her great chance of going to the capital and change lives.

Ângelo Rodrigues as Orlando Ayres (24) – He is an agronomist. He was born in Reguengos de Monsaraz, in Alentejo, and he loves living in the country side. He has never left Alentejo nor intended to. He has a passion for birds ever since he was little, and that makes him run miles and miles with his binoculars to observe the rarest species – he devotes a great part of his time studying and observing birds; so by now he already knows a lot on that subject. He is in total balance with nature, and is commonly found walking through the fields of Alentejo and taking canoe trips at Alqueva. When Rita moves to her family’s homestead, she hires Orlando to help her to retrieve resources from the farming property. Then, Orlando meets Sandra and falls for her. Despite his very effort to catch her attention, this will be an unreturned crush, as Sandra is not interested in a man whose goals begin and end in Alentejo.


Teresa Tavares as Catarina Marques (28) – She is Diana’s best friend and neighbour for many years. Her life would end up being harder than she had imagined, but she has still managed to keep a small house, where she lives alone, after a lot of struggle and hard work. She works in the factory since she was eighteen, and has a close relationship with Fátima, an older co-worker who she admires a lot and to whom she goes to ask for advice. When the factory bankrupts, she will be Fátima’s first ally to buy the company and rise it up from the ashes. She met Luís Barros six months ago in the internet and has fallen in love with him. Catarina is very outgoing, spontaneous, impatient, good-humoured and upfront. She always says what she thinks in a very honest way, which sometimes results in certain constraints revolving her.

António Cordeiro as Álvaro Brito (46) – He is a humble and hard-working man. He masterly manages both the house expenses and charges on his coffee shop, ‘O Escondidinho do Álvaro’, and his purpose in life is to provide a good future to his fourteen-year-old-son, Marco. The expenses are balanced with the coffee shop profits and her wife Fátima’s salary while working in Campo Rico factory. Álvaro loves a good game of domino or cards during the less crowded afternoons at the cafe. Above the financial problems there is his son’s indiscipline, as a result of Álvaro’s greatest regret in life. Due to the intense professional obligations of the couple, Álvaro and his wife has not been spending enough time with their son, who spends most of his time by himself and ended up becoming a very rebellious teenager, of whose parents are not able to control him. When Álvaro finally realizes his son has turned into a criminal, his disappointment will be even bigger.

Sílvia Filipe as Fátima Brito (44) – She is one of the oldest employees at the factory and everybody there knows who she is. Only later she and the rest of the understood what kind of manager Armando Coutinho truly was. In time, his negligence over the factory’s management is noticed. The situation is getting worse by the day, up until Armando Coutinho stops paying his employees’ salaries in time. The workers see the sign, and Fátima decides to lead them into demanding what is rightfully theirs. The factory eventually goes into bankruptcy, but Fátima does not give up. With Catarina’s support, she buys the company for the symbolic amount of one Euro in order to save the factory. Despite all sacrifices, Fátima still finds time to help Álvaro out, even if only on the cafe’s maintenance. But the greatest difficulties will happen into the family, when her fourteen-year-old son, Marco, starts revealing signs of indiscipline. Endowed with great intuitive power, Fátima soon realizes that the problem is serious and must be faced severely, only her husband keeps excusing the child, which will bring more tension to the couple’s life.

João Maria Prates as Marco Brito (14) – He had a happy childhood, spending most of his time at his father’s café, where he was spoiled by clients and neighbours. Reaching puberty at the same time their parents were going through a financial distress and then refusing to do everything he wanted, Marco rebels not only against his parents but against the world in general. He reveals is anger in deviant behaviours such as skipping school, use drugs, and engage in petty thefts and brawls. He will eventually rob his own parents, both at home and at the café, and engage in trouble with the police.


Pedro Diogo as César Martins (30) – He works at Álvaro’s cafe. He is the nicest person and one born talker. He is constantly forgetting about his function: serving clients and not chatting with them. He loves showing up his knowledge on all areas of life, from politics, to agriculture, science, and even emotions. César loves catching the conversations in the middle – he first listens, then intervenes – and mixing the things he just heard to others he remembers at the time. By this attitude, he begins a conversation with Marisa on the day they met, but he soon becomes speechless, completely dazzled by her. César falls madly in love with Marisa. From the moment they start a relationship, César spends his days running away from his other ‘candidate’, Sheila, because he doesn’t want to have problems at home. But he cannot always avoid her, which will bring him a lot of trouble with Marisa. César wants to be a successful man to provide more to his family, so he struggles beyond reasonable to help the house, even if that means to deceive customers.

Dânia Neto as Marisa Pereira (25) – At the age of sixteen, she left home to go after Paulo, an older boyfriend of whom she got pregnant. When Filipa was born, Paulo went to work in the construction of a highway and their relationship began to die due to the distance. Paulo started going home less, and one day he just showed up to tell her he wanted it to be over. Marisa got back to her parent’s with her daughter, but that did not go well either, so she would eventually rent a small apartment in the suburbs. She found a job in the Market of Ribeira, as a fruit and vegetable seller, and that was where she met César. In the beginning, Marisa was afraid of opening herself to him because of Filipa. But soon César manage to win over both mother and daughter, and now they are a family. Marisa is a very practical woman and she is always in a rush. Maybe because her pregnancy forced her to grow up early, she is a very lush woman and has the need to enjoy herself and have much fun. She loves to go out, especially clubbing. As a good fruit and vegetable seller, Marisa makes use of that lush to interact with costumers in a funny and cheerful way, known by every regular in the market. Despite this unworried appearance, Marisa is a present and attentive mother, who takes good care of her daughter. Her dream is to go to the altar and marry César, but as the money is poor, she wants to apply to the brides of Saint Anthony. However, Sheila, another seller in the market, is willing to do wherever it takes to put an end to it.

Daniela Marques as Filipa Pereira (8) – Bright, lively and inventive. She is very attached to César, who sees as a father, and she is afraid he leaves her mother by some reason. She likes school, but she is lazy when it is time for homework. She prefers ludic and creative activities instead of subjects taught in school. She often controls dreams, and then likes to describe them, always with great enthusiasm, to everyone who is around. When she wakes up in the middle of a dream, she usually grabs a notebook and writes what she remembers, like she was writing a collection of short-stories. She has a lot of dolls, which were given to her over the years, but she rather talks to them and share her worries than playing with them. She also loves speaking and playing with David, her best friend.


Débora Ghira as Sheila Baptista (24) – She was born and raised in Mouraria, although she has Indian origins. She has a fruit and vegetable stand at the market, so she is Marisa’s direct competition. Sheila does anything to difficult Marisa’s life, in and outside the market. She has no real interest over César, but she enjoys seducing him every time she cans, just to get into Marisa’s nerves. A natural parish, Sheila defends Mouraria till the end. She knows all the big words, and creates some more just to attract customers. Sheila is a lively and upfront woman, who purchases a good arguing with a hand on her waist. She is dashy and, as a strategy, she invents recipes at the time to induce clients on taking other kinds of fruit, usually the most expensive ones which, according to her, are essential to the receipt. Another technique she uses is either to observe clients and say how bad they look or, if they complain about something, she promptly makes a list of fruits and vegetables with healing properties, foisting them immediately. She is a fan of Fado and Saint Anthony’s Marches, in Lisbon. Sheila dreams of being famous, and she even thinks her calling is to make carrier as a model.

Tomás Alves as ‘Tremoço’ Gameiro (23) – He lost his parents when he was young, and he was taken into the care of her grandmother’s from his mother side, who also passed away. He lives at his old grandmother’s house that now belongs to him. Thanks to his ingenious, he remodelled the house and managed to rent two rooms to Zé and Liliana. Unexpectedly, this will bring a dispute between the two young men over Liliana’s attention. Despite this healthy dispute, the three of them will eventually reach success in life. The instinct to survive and to overcome the daily difficulties of young people trying to make a living will turn them into enterprising people, always in search of new ideas, and they end up setting up an original and successful company. A company where there is not a job that is refused, whatever it may be. Tremoço has leadership core, but not the discipline – that will be taught by Liliana. Since it is his house, Tremoço will always have the last work, especially if it is to make Zé feeling smaller in front of Liliana.

João Baptista as Zé Gonçalves (23) – He is a hard-working boy but unfortunate in life. He could only finished ninth grade; then he went to work as some labourer at several factories in the area. After a long period with no more than a sub-job, he got some stability working as a pizza delivery boy. However, in addition to the extensive workload and low income, Zé has faced other difficulties, like pizza robberies and motorcycle accidents. His lack of luck is also felt on the places he lives him, usually in cheap guesthouses. When the opportunity of renting a room at Tremoço’s happens, he does not think twice. He is very responsible, logical, and has the eye for business.

Ana Guiomar as Liliana Pimentel (21) – She was born in Aveiro and is a very unstable and indecisive girl, who still does not know what she wants to do with her life. Daughter to a famous manager, Liliana inherited her father’s skills, but she insists on renouncing to her natural talent and applies to a Literature degree. Her need to free herself from her family name has also taken her to Lisbon. It was in the capital that she started studying Sociology, but, as she did not like it, she changed to History. Again, this degree was not for her so, a year later, she switched to Philosophy. That means that, in three years of college and three degrees later, she is still on her first year. And, worst of all, without her parents knowing. When they do find out, they stop giving her an allowance and Liliana is forced to find a job to survive in Lisbon. Then she will finally say yes to the idea of starting a business with her roommates. Being very attractive, Liliana will use her position as an advantage over Tremoço and Zé. She will seduce them simultaneously by playing games to keep them both interested and by that gaining something from both of them. In that company, she will eventually have to make use of her skills on management.










































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