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Otavalo weave tale by a mishu selfportrait: webspider gods eye

My artistic process is a consequence of my relationships, not only in an interpersonal level, but also with my physical and contextual space. The exploration of the connections that exits between my environment and me, materializes in the weave, which is the medium within I construct my artwork. Ethnographies, education and art are the areas that I am interested to connect for positive social changes.

project 1 Otavalo weave tale by a mishu 2017


I had lived during six months in Otavalo- a nation which is well known for their textile and commercial productivity since centuries ago- being in contact with artisans and trading entrepreneurs to learn the traditional textile techniques not only as a theory but also practicing it through my own body. I adopt the chumbi- traditional belt used nowadays mostly by Otavalo women- to narrate again the history of weaving as an intersecOtavalo weave tale byzzz a mishu tional object in the social, economic and cultural construction of this nation. The chumbi which I appropriate changes its usual Otavalo tale byzzz mishu function andweave I replace it on a largea scale sculptural format. The chumbi combines the traditional ornamental Otavalian iconographic and figurative images of the historic process of weaving in this community. I try to inquire the collective memory and the meanings of identity through the artistic and traditional practice of weaving, which is also told through the oral tradition.

PROJECT 2 Self-portrait: webspider 2014

installation I am a result of my relationships. I cannot exist without the relationships that construct me. I am as the spider web, which exist only by the connections within it. This self-portrait was a result of an introspection which I had started with a spiritual community years ago. We are all related, we are all family.

project 3


relational aesthetics Relational experiences can change the way we perceive our life and the life of others. For this project I had took the role of an organizer and facilitator between a group of children with different risk backgrounds and workers of a private company to cause a space and time of relation through weaving. Gods eye is a Huichols typical weave which is weave for children when they born by their parents. It is used as a protection amulet during the first 5 years of live of the new kids. I used this object as a link between the children and the employees to create a time and space to recognize and to know the other.

BELEN ARELLANO BIOGRAPHY Quito, 1993. Visual artist living and working in Quito. Arellano is currently studying contemporary arts and a minor in art education in the University San Francisco de Quito. She had done curses of art education in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She attend to the 4to Encuentro de Arte Textil en el Cusco- Tinkuy 2017-, Curatorial seminary ‘Estrategias en Uso: espacios para el arte / prácticas curatoriales’ 2017 and the curatorial workshop with Martí Perán, 2017. Contact: Web site: Phone number: +593 995739048

Portafolio Belen Arellano  

American Arts Incubator Ecuador — Professional Development Workshop APLICATION: Portafolio Belen Arellano

Portafolio Belen Arellano  

American Arts Incubator Ecuador — Professional Development Workshop APLICATION: Portafolio Belen Arellano