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clothes (pl noun) things such as dresses and trousers that you wear to cover, protect or decorate your I need some new clothes. Potrzebuje nowych ubrań. Cambridge Advanced Learner's :body ubrania :;Dictionary corkscrew (noun) a device for removing corks from bottles korkociąg empty (adjective) not containing any things or people pusty 2;investigation 1 examining badanie a inquiry dochodzenie, śledstwo plum (noun) a small round fruit with a thin smooth red, purple or yellow skin, sweet soft flesh and a single lerge hard seed. Śliwka rat (noun) a small animal, larger than a mouse which has a long tail and is considered to be harmful szczur specify (verb intransitive) to state or describe something clearly and exactly sprecyzować tan (noun) when your skin is brown from being in the sun opalenizna tango (noun) 1 an energetic dance of South American origin for two people. tango a (verb transitive) to dance tango, to perform the dancing tańczyć tango tights (pl noun) a piece of female clothing made of thin stretchy material which covers the legs and She bought a new pair of tights. Ona kupiła nowe :lowe part of the body below the waist rajstopy

rajstopy. Cambridge Advanced learner's dictionary

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